Las Vegas to Florida Flights

Las Vegas to Florida Flights- Plan Your Ideal Vacations

Do you wish for an exciting holiday from Florida or Las Vegas to vice versa? Are you waiting for the most suitable flying options by a prominent air carrier? No issues, you can easily find Las Vegas to Florida flights on major air carriers and enjoy your long-awaited vacays. No matter why you travel, you can find the best options for your ideal holidays. Many air carriers such as Southwest, Delta, American, and Spirit, offering amazing flying options for passengers. And if you are also looking for the one that will suit you the best, decide your destination and start looking.

Moreover, you can compare the airfares for flying Las Vegas to Florida by several major airlines. Further, many online tools allow you to compare the fares on different airlines, and you can find the one you desire. Besides, if your travel dates are not fixed, you can opt for the best flights using your airline’s Low fare calendar tools. This way, you will enjoy low-cost flights to your favorite destination with ease.

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Airport, Flight Duration, and Distance on Las Vegas to Florida flights.

If you wish to fly on a particular airline and are fully sure about your vacay, you only need to know the basic information about your flights. Before you book flights from Las Vegas to Orlando Florida, you may know the airport’s name, total flight duration, and the distance between flights. Because before you fly, you may be familiar with your destination completely. Below are a few points that you should know about your flights:

  • The total distance from Las Vegas to Florida is around 3294 Km, which is 2047 miles.
  • Las Vegas Mccarran Airport or LAS international is the only airport that serves flights to and from Las Vegas.
  • Florida is also served by only one airport that is Orlando International(MCO).
  • The average time taken by Las Vegas to Florida flights is 4 hours and 31 minutes direct. Furthermore, flying with Frontier takes 4 hrs 8 minutes, and with Spirit Airlines, it is 4 hrs and 35 minutes.

However, you must be prepared as the time of flight can change based on several internal or external factors. Therefore, factors like wind speed, flight path, weather conditions, and air congestion affect the flight by 30 minutes or more. 

Are there any indirect Las Vegas to Florida flights?

Though flying direct is always the best option, there are still exceptions. Many people wish to save more by booking a connecting flight. Whereas, some passengers need to make a stop for some work and then fly to their final destination. But the question us will you find such indirect flights to or from Florida? Yes, the passengers can find indirect flights for flying Florida to vegas or vice versa. Here are a few flights that help you take connecting flights and fly to your final destination with ease:

  • Passengers can find a flight from Las Vegas to Florida via Seattle. They will take a 2 hrs 41 min flight from Las Vegas to Seattle/Tacoma International and then wait for approx 6 hours for their connecting flight. After that, they will fly to Florida on a 5 hrs 24 minutes flight. However, this way is not convenient as the entire journey will take 14 hours and 4 minutes to complete.
  • There is yet another route that takes you on Las vegas to Florida flights via Minneapolis St Paul. The first flight to St paul takes 3 hrs and 3 mins, and the connecting flight wait time is 1 hr and 38 min. After that, you take a 3 hrs 10 minutes flight from Minneapolis to Florida. The total journey will take around 7 hours and 51 minutes.
  • Even when you are looking for flights from Florida to Las Vegas, or vice versa, you can get both direct and indirect flights. The other indirect route is via Maidson. Here, you take a 3 hrs 22 min flight from Las Vegas to Madison and wait for the connecting flight for 46 minutes. After that, you will find a 2 hrs 49 min flight from Madison to Florida. The total journey will take 6 hours and 57 minutes to make you reach your final destination.

Furthermore, make sure that you are prepared for a long journey when taking indirect flights. Since you need to make a stop and it will take you more time to reach your destination. 

What is the cheapest month to fly from Florida to Vegas?

As per the several flight fare comparing sites, the cheapest month to fly from Florida to vegas is August. Travelers have usually found the flight fares around 196 US dollars for that month. However, they can even find one-way flights for lower up to 76 US dollars. However, as December is the festival month and people tend to travel a lot during this season, prices will increase. Therefore, if you yet haven’t booked your flight from Florida to LAs vegas, start preparing yourself for comparatively higher airfares. 

Furthermore, there is no cheapest time to buy the ticket. Usually, the flight fare remains around the same. Therefore, you may book your flights as and when required. Still, we suggest you book at least a month in advance or else be prepared for higher prices. 

Besides, you may be able to find good deals on flights for less than 100 USD fares on taking Las Vegas to Florida flights. Therefore, you can look forward to flying direct without any connecting delay on flights with major US airlines. Also, do not forget to opt for fare alerts and use Low Fare Calendar tools from the airlines. This way, you will get the earnest flight offers on flying to Florida or Vegas and enjoy your most-awaited holidays.