Turkish Airlines Cancellation Policy

Turkish Airlines Ticket Cancellation Policy

Turkish Airlines’ cancellation policy ensures that passengers can experience a hassle-free flight experience and refund requests. Take a look at the below guidelines to know more about flight cancellation policy:

  • The airline’s cancellation rules may differ in group booking and are subject to group contracts.
  • However, the airline does not provide a refund policy after confirming your booking.
  • Moreover, it applies to those who booked their flights with local fare rules. But, customers can avail refund in the form of future travel credit.
  • On flight cancellation, the airline will reserve the money as the travel credit for a new flight reservation.
  • Also, you can redeem this value within 365 days from the time of cancellation.
  • If the passengers avoid rebooking their flight to another one offered by the airline, they can claim a refund.
  • Regardless of the fate type and class, the rules for Turkish Airlines ticket cancellation will apply for the restricted and non-restricted fares.

Terms & Conditions: Turkish Airlines Flight Cancellation

Suppose you cancel or change your booking or not using your flight ticket before it expires and early. Then, it would be best if you understood the rules and policies before you cancel your flight reservation with Turkish Airlines. The rules as per the cancellation policy are listed below:

  • Passengers could rescind their flight booking and ask for a refund if they purchased flight tickets directly from turkishairlines.com. In that case, you can claim a canceled flight refund on the refundable flight tickets.
  • Moreover, customers who cancel their non-refundable flight tickets will only get taxes as a refund. The said refund will be credited into their account directly. They have to pay cancellation fees in this situation.
  • Therefore, the airline cannot refund the Turkish Airlines penalty fee due to any circumstances.
  • If the passenger rescinds their flight booking after the outbound flight, it will dedicate the refund fee to the cost of the flight with the refund fee.
  • Consequently, some flight reservations are not eligible for cancellation. Therefore, passengers can make requests for flight changes. It includes promotional ticket fares, gifted vouchers, future travel credit, etc.

Turkish Airlines 24 hours Cancellation Policy

The best part about booking an itinerary while being unsure is that the Turkish Airlines cancellation policy for 24 hours allows you to cancel without hassle. As per this policy, you can cancel the flights within 24 hours of the booking absolutely for free. But in this case, your scheduled departure should not be before seven days after the booking.

The basic rules related to ticket cancelation after 24 hours are:

Passengers with a refundable ticket can get their money back after the deduction of cancellation charges from their original ticket price. For non-refundable tickets, the airline will offer you a refund only for exceptions. However, for a majority of reasons, there is no provision for a refund in normal circumstances.

  • Except for the Turkish Airlines 24-hour cancellation there will be no ticket refund under any circumstances.
  • If there’s less than one hour left for the flight’s departure, the airline does not allow any ticket cancellations or refunds.
  • Suppose your scheduled flight is less than one to twelve hours away, the airline will not offer any refund.
  • In case, the scheduled flight departure is over 12 hours from the time of cancellation, the airline will allow you to cancel and get a refund. You just have to pay a TRY 200 fee as a penalty. The airline will refund you the remaining amount after subtracting the ticketing service fee.
  • L/V/P/W/U Ticket classes do not allow any refunds.
  • Also, for TRNC-Ercan flight tickets with less than one hour left before the departure, there is no provision for cancellation or refunds.
  • Suppose your scheduled flight is less than one to twelve hours away, the airline will not offer any refund.
  • In case, the scheduled flight departure is over 12 hours from the time of cancellation, the airline will allow you to cancel and get a refund. You just have to pay a TRY 300 fee as a penalty.
  • If you are a no-show. The airline won’t offer any refunds after the flight but provide you with the landing charges.

How do I Cancel Turkish Airlines Flight Tickets?

In order to get your Turkish Airlines flight cancelled, you need to go to the official Turkish Airlines website and follow the on-screen prompts. Then continue to confirm your changes from the airline.

Consequently, there are many ways to cancel a Turkish Airlines flight ticket:

Method 1: Steps to Cancel Turkish Airlines Tickets Online

Once you have information on Turkish airlines cancellation policy refund, you can follow these steps to cancel a ticket online:

  • Go to the Turkish Airlines official website.
  • Open the My trips/Bookings section.
  • Provide your reservation number and last name to review your booking details.
  • Select the flight that you wish to cancel.
  • Click on the “Cancel Flights” button.
  • Now, follow the on-screen instructions and confirm your cancellation.
  • Finally, you can cancel your tickets with the airline and request a refund.
  • The airline usually credits your refund amount for Turkish Airlines cancelled flights in 7 to 10 business days. The refund will be credited into the account you used for payments of the same tickets.

Method 2: Steps to Cancel Turkish Airlines Tickets Offline

To cancel your flight tickets over the phone call. You can call the Turkish Airlines cancellation policy phone number and connect to the airline experts. This phone number is available for passengers around the clock, and agents are there to assist with your ticket cancellation.

However, ensure to call them at least 24 hours prior to your departure because once there are only 24 hours left, the airline stops any cancellation request except for emergencies. The on-call agents may offer you alternate options, but it’s not always the case.

Cancelling an Award Ticket on Turkish Airlines

You can cancel your award ticket over the phone, and the miles will be credited to your account immediately. The airline will charge you a Turkish Airlines cancellation fee of 50 TRY for domestic and USD 25 for international flights on each transaction.

Some Points to Recall before Canceling your Award Ticket:
If the companion ticket, award ticket, or upgrade award has no route, you are eligible for a refund for a small fee.
Miles credited to your account will have the same expiration date as before.
The refund procedure for airport tax is the same.

  • The Award Ticket Refund Fees are as Follows:
  • Domestic flight 50 TRY
  • $25 for international flights
  • No-show fees are as follows:
  • Domestic flight 100 TRY
  • $50 for international tickets(per transaction.

Turkish Airlines Flight Cancellation Fee

As we know, passengers might change their itinerary at any time. Therefore, the cancellation charges may differ also. So, Turkish Airlines facilitates you with the facility of ticket cancellation and receives a refund on your canceled ticket, depending on the ticket type.

If you rescind your flight booking within a day of the flight reservation, you do not need to pay a fee. Customers can also modify it up to 7 days before departure.

  • If customers fail to cancel their Turkish flight booking within a day, they must pay a nominal fee.
  • Passengers with restrained fares must pay $400 in the form of Turkish Airlines flight booking cancellation fees.
  • If customers have booked a flexible flight ticket, they can save them from paying cancellation charges.
  • As a result, the airline charges 40% of the booking amount if the passenger cancels a flight ticket under twelve hours before departure.
  • If a passenger cancels their reservation before the departure, the airline charges 20% of the reservation value.

Turkish Airlines No Show Policy

The No-Show Policy of Turkish Airlines is applicable to all types of flight tickets. The airline does not provide any refund based on fare types and class of travel. Consequently, it may cause forfeiture of the travel funds.

According to Turkish Airlines’ cancellation policy, if a customer needs to avail of the value of a purchased flight ticket, they must inform the airline regarding cancellation before the scheduled departure.

To minimize the risk of a No-Show, the airline says:-

  • Make sure your customer no longer requires it to be canceled as soon as possible.
  • Refer to the airline’s guide, as customers must comply with the flight cancellation request before check-in.
Here are the rules applicable for No-Shows on destinations and ticket types. It may include:-
  • No-show charges and flight change charges after a no-show
  • A no-show charges and cancellation fee after a no-show
  • Non-refundable fare after a no-show
  • Customers can claim a refund only on the taxes and airport fees.

What is the Turkish Airlines Refund Policy?

According to the Turkish Airlines refundable policy, passengers can easily cancel their flight for a refund. Here are the basic key points that relate to your booking cancellations:

  • If customer rescind a flight ticket that’s scheduled to depart after seven days within a day of the booking time, you obtain a full amount to your account.
  • For passengers who cancel their flight just a few hours before the flight, the airline asks them to pay a penalty fee set as per the fare type and route.
  • The refund amount also depends on the route, the number of stops, and the time of cancellation.
  • Customers can also claim a refund if Turkish Airlines cancels or delays their flight because of any external or internal factors.
  • However, if a customer wants, he can also opt for a new flight with no penalty, but a refund is also an option.
  • But if passenger rescinds your Turkish Airlines non-refundable tickets, you can only get the refund amount for the tax portion of the total fee as a ticket refund.
  • Also, according to the refund policy, Turkish Airlines processes the refund within 20 business days to credit it to your account.
  • The time for Turkish Airlines to process your refunds is between eight to twenty-one days as per the method of payment you used to pay for your flights.

How Do I Apply For a Refund On Turkish Airlines?

When you already know the refund policy, it’s time to get a refund for your Turkish Airlines refundable or non-refundable tickets as per your itinerary. Below you will find the correct steps to ask for a refund from Turkish Airlines.

  • Go to the official website of Turkish Airlines and locate the My Bookings tab.
  • Here you need to review the booking details that you just canceled.
  • So, enter your booking reference code and the last name as per the ticket, then tap submit.
  • After that, you’ll see your flight details.
  • Here, you need to find the “Request refund” option for your Turkish Airlines booking that you canceled.
  • You need to fill out a refund request form with the necessary details on the screen.
  • Finally, save it and submit it.
  • Soon after, a Turkish Airlines specialist will get in touch with you, or the airline will send you an email confirmation. You will keep receiving updates on the refund process until it finally reaches you.

Passengers can also directly access the Turkish Airlines Refund and Change Request form and follow the above steps for refund requests.

How to Check if I am Eligible for Turkish Airlines Flight Ticket Refund?

When you cancel your flights with Turkish Airlines, or any other airline, the only thoughts you get are how to get a refund and if it is even possible. So, if you have also canceled your flight before you go on and check refunds, learn the Turkish Airlines refund policy in detail.

Refund eligibility and amount on Turkish Airlines depend on your final destination and your fare type.

Cancelled Flight Policy of Turkish Airlines

Sometimes, the airline can cancel the flights of its passengers for some reason. Issues with take-off planes can be one of the reasons. Turkish Airlines inspection advised that the airline cannot put the itinerary of its passenger difficulty. Therefore, the cancellation of a flight booking can be the wisest difference.

The other possible reasons for flight cancellation are given below:
  • At times, computer faults may happen.
  • If the flights are overbooked. Thus, customers fail to go ahead with boarding.
  • Besides, there can be a technical problem that causes Turkish to cancel flights.
  • Moreover, the airline can cancel flight reservations due to unexpected weather.
  • Reservations can be revoked as per the Covid-19 guidelines.
  • One of the main reasons for delayed or canceled flights is security screening delays.

Turkish Airlines Cancellation Compensation

Turkish Airlines compensates its passengers for the inconvenience that delays have caused them. According to the Turkish Airlines flight cancellation policy, the passengers are eligible for a refund if the booking is longer than three hours.

Go Through the Below Points to Gain More Information:
  • If a passenger reaches their location more than three hours later, they are eligible to obtain $700 compensation.
  • If the passengers refused to take the reimbursement, the airline rebooked your flight to another same flight.
  • However, a customer can cancel their flight booking and obtain complete compensation. Moreover, it depends upon the cancellation policy for two or three hours of delay.
  • Besides, a passenger can be scheduled to travel through a European port subject to full reimbursement. In such examples, airlines may not be able to deliver an adequate substitute.
Range Compensation per person ($)
More than 3500 km, non-internal European flightApprox. $700
Non-internal European booking of 1500 to 3500 KmApprox. $500
More than 1500 Km inside European flight reservationApprox. $500
All planes of less than 1500 kApprox. $300

Wrap Up!

Hopefully, the above information regarding Turkish Airlines’ cancellation policy will also assist you in canceling your flight or claiming for refund. Feel free to connect with us! If you still have doubts about the cancellation policy, you can speak to a live person by calling our customer service contact number on our website.

People Asked Questions(FAQ)

Q. Do Turkish Airlines have a free cancellation policy?
Customers can avail of free cancellation if they cancel their flight 24 hours before the scheduled departure.
Q. Can I get a full refund from Turkish Airlines?
You must cancel your flight booking within 24 hours to get a refund. Remember that only refundable tickets can be refunded after 24 hours of booking.
Q. How much does it cost to cancel a Turkish Airlines flight?
If a customer cancels their flight reservation 24 hours before the departure, they have to pay $100 to $400 as a cancellation fee.
Q. Is it possible to cancel Turkish Airlines?
Turkish Airlines provides risk-free cancellations if they are done within 24 hours of booking.
Q. How long does it take to get a refund from Turkish Airlines?
The airline provides the refunded amount within five working days.
Q. Do Turkish Airlines have a 24-hour cancellation policy?
Yes, you must complete flight booking cancellation within 24 hours of the booking before the flight’s departure.
Q. How much does it cost to change a flight date with Turkish Airlines?
Customers have to pay 30% as a flight change fee if they make a change 12 hours before the departure.
Q. How long can you wait to cancel a flight?
Passengers can change or cancel their flight booking up to 10 minutes before the planned departure.
Q. How much will it cost to reschedule a Flight?
With Turkish Airlines, the flight change fee depends upon the time of change. For instance, INR 2750 or Airfare charges plus fare difference will be chargeable.
Q. How late can you change a Turkish Airlines flight?
Customers cannot modify their flight booking before one hour of the flight departure time.
Q. Can I change my flight dates?
Yes, customers with Turkish Airlines can reschedule or cancel a flight.
Q. How do you cancel a flight?
You can cancel your flight reservation online if your ticket is fully refundable.
Q. Is it better to cancel the flight or not show up?
It is better to rescind your flight booking than to be a no-show.