Privacy Policy

We value your security the most!

We generally regard and focus on your protection and worry about your Privacy Policy and your security. Our make exact strides with regard to gathering your information and utilizing it. In any case, we will give an Outlook regarding the reason why your information is gathered and how we use it and every one of the preventive measures that we take to get it. 

Yet, to keep your information secure, you need to work with us by disapproving of all the dos and don’ts that we notice in this protection strategy. 

What sort of information do we gather? 

The User will be asked for the accompanying information when you are reserving a departure from our site. 

  • Name
  • Gender
  • Date of birth 
  • Contact number 
  • Email id and so forth

NOTE: If you ended up reserving for someone else under your record, we would request a portion of the necessary subtleties of that specific individual. 

For what reason do we request your information? 

We can’t handle your request without gathering your information. We wanted your information to give you every one of the updates and warnings in regard to your flight. The report helps us in following your request and illuminating you about your request. If you rolled out any abrupt improvements, we illustrate and alert you with the assistance of the information. Not just that, we help you in recollecting the unbooked ticket that you endeavored and neglected to book. Your information also helps us keep up with your record. It offers what your flight has & summarizing your information is the way to offer extraordinary support.

How do we secure your information? 

We utilize very good quality security procedures to guard your information. Our professional tech works on getting your information by using progressed firewall innovation. 

Under any conditions, we keep your information incredibly secure and private we do impart your information to our partner to give you the administrations that you requested. Nonetheless, we enquire and ensure the information that we imparted to our partners is secure. To realize more, continue to understand where we give you reasonable thought, with whom, and why we share your information. 

To whom and why is your information shared? 

As referenced above, Skycoair Privacy Policy will impart your information to our partners. To make it even clearer, suppose you booked a flight and hotel accommodation from our site. In that case, we will give your information to the airline and the hotel that you booked. Further, Skycoair will enlist your request, and you will get specific assistance related to the request.

Things you should remember to get your information 

While we speed up our security framework to protect your information, there are sure things that you should remember to keep up with the Privacy Policy of your information. 

  • Never share your secret password with an outsider. 
  • Continuously log out in case you are signed in to another PC 
  • Try to change your secret password if you happen to leave your record open any place. 

Cases where we will share your information

Certain situations where we share your subtleties. However, it doesn’t occur on the majority of occasions there are as yet specific situations when we share our own subtleties. 

  • We might share our own subtleties to be lawfully mindful. On the off chance that the law requests your subtleties, we will share your subtleties. 
  • We give your information as a reaction to any sort of legal and lawful cycle. 
  • In the previously mentioned cases, one won’t be refreshed or alarmed with any sort of warning. 

In certain situations where we are not Liable

There are certain situations where we don’t take any sort of liability, & our protection strategy, won’t be relevant to these specific circumstances. 

  • There can be many organization sites that are connected to our site to finish your request. Yet, we don’t assume liability if your security is upset by that specific site that is associated with us. 
  • Allow us to make this more understandable in the event that you end up landing on an external link. After, if that extern link takes you to a specific organization site, you need to assume liability for your own usage. Our site won’t guarantee you the security of your information if you provide your data to another site.