Terms and Conditions

Sky Co Air is non-stop working to offer you what’s best, and therefore, we always try to maintain a certain amount of transparency between the customers and services. Therefore we aim to provide every bit of comfort and never step back from what we claim. We have listed some of the terms and conditions that you must comply with while booking services with us. This may help everyone understand the way Skycoair works and how you can help make it better.

We become you; when booking with the airline.

We participate in your journey by offering hundreds of options to choose from, but we handle all orders on your behalf. Therefore, we will organize and trade with the airlines you choose to fly with? When you use our website to make a purchase, we will also make all reservations. However, if you are not satisfied with the staff’s or partner’s service, we will not take any responsibility.

In order to give a clear impression, suppose you have booked a hotel or flight from our website. At the moment you purchase the service, we will start processing it and provide all updates and notifications related to that particular airline. But we are not correct about any type of loss or damage that is caused to you by the airline or hotel.

Always provide correct information.

When you book the service, you have to provide the appropriate information in order to process the order smoothly. In contrast, if you provide any wrong information, that may cause problems while you are processing payments. Therefore, remember to always provide the appropriate information and remember to cross-check it. Always use the information on your government-issued IDs or passports for booking travel itineraries without a hassle. This may help you avoid any mistakes or mishaps like booking denials from the airlines.

Data Security: We value the privacy of customers.

We will protect any type of data you enter into our website with the ultimate care. Suppose you want to purchase services from our website. In that case, the system will ask you to provide some detailed information, such as your name, date of birth, phone number, email ID, and the details of your credit/debit card. This helps us to complete your transactions. We further use the collected information only for these service bookings and will not share it with any third party. Except for the partner you booked with and us, no person will have this information. Besides, have a professional team responsible for processing your data.

As mentioned earlier, we do provide your data to public authorities when requested, in which case the airline will not tell you to share data.

Always read this before planning your vacations with us.

We urge you to carefully check every line before making any type of payment or ordering any type of service because we are not responsible for any type of loss or damage caused by viruses or any type of misleading code.

Changes in Information or Terms

If we happen to make any updates and changes to our website, not only will the service change, we will also update you about this change. We do our best to notify the customers about the updated deals and offers. Therefore, we request you to check them out ahead of time before you continue and grab the best ones.

And when you begin reservations, do not forget to check whether your name and other details are correct or not. If there is any mistake, you can immediately contact the SkyCoAir booking desk, and we will help you out. 

Things to Note

  • You can just make changes by absolutely dropping your current ticket. You can’t alter names or change any information once you reserve a spot. 
  • Also, You can’t reserve any spot for somebody without their authorization. 
  • You should deal with your visa and related travel reports as you will require them all through your movement. 
  • Try not to tell your client id and secret key to anybody. 
  • Also, try not to do any suitable exercises that upset the movement site. 
  • Skycoair can take out your info in case it is upsetting some other buyer. 
  • Kindly let us know how you feel about the administrations while good input gets us more clients and negatives helps us in fostering the administrations. 

For instance, note that there may be some external site links on Skycoair.com. In any case, we won’t assume any liability for any sort of buys you make with that specific site.

Payment and Extra Fee-related Terms

Each aircraft has its own standards and guidelines concerning charging travelers. In the event that a carrier charges you extra for stuff or some other assistance, they furnish kindly connect with the aircraft. 

As referenced before, we will be accountable for any additional expense charged by any assistance you set up for our site. You need to counsel that specific partner and question them concerning what and why you are paying. 

It is proposed to be in the air terminal no less than 3 hours before the takeoff as your flight may not discount for “not appearing.” 

In the event that you have any issues while booking a ticket, get in touch with us through a call or email. We will first resolve it, and after that, assuming there is no issue, we will send your ticket to you at the earliest opportunity.