Southwest Airlines Change Flight

Can you Change your Southwest Flight For Free?

Stressed out due to the sudden change in plans and can’t seem to find a solution for your air travel bookings? Why fear when you are flying southwest? The Southwest Airlines change flight service allows you to forget all the stress and gives you many benefits. In short, you can change your schedule with ease.

However, little do you know that Southwest even offers you maximum flexibility when it comes to such situations. You can change your tickets, and there will not be any fee ever for the flight change. Sounds amazing, doesn’t it?

Let’s dive in and find out the airline’s flight change procedures and policies in detail. Read below to grab all information you can about Southwest Airlines flight changes and grab extra benefits.

Southwest Airlines No Change Fees

The best part about flying Southwest is its neverending customer facilities. Therefore, when it comes to your decisions to make Southwest Airlines change flight, you are never at a disadvantage. The airline assures passengers at the time of booking that there won’t be a change flight fee.

So, even when those plans you sought-after the most need changes, Southwest will not disappoint you. You can choose a new flight only by paying a fare difference. The icing on the cake? In case your new flight costs less, you get the difference in fare credit on your original payment form.

What is Southwest Airlines Change Flight Policy?

Southwest understands that plans change, so it offers you a generous policy for flight changes or plan modifications. Southwest Airlines change flight policy below will let you understand how and when to change your tickets in detail.

  • The Airline recommends you make changes to your flight within 24 hours of the original booking if you wish to avoid any additional hidden charges.
  • The 24-hour window is available to allow you to make early decisions.
  • Though Southwest does not charge you a flight change fee, there is still some charge applicable for choosing a new flight.
  • Therefore, it’d be great if you make your decisions sooner. Because the quicker you act, the better chances you have of getting a flight under the previous budget.
  • You may have to pay the difference in ticket fare while using the southwest airline change flight process.
  • If your new ticket costs less, the airline will give you the fare difference back to your original payment form.
  • However, they sometimes offer travel credits as well. It depends on certain terms and conditions.
  • Moreover, you have the eligibility to make changes to your flight ticket up until 10 minutes before your original flight’s departure.
  • Ensure that you must take a new flight within the coming 24 hours in the above case.
  • Suppose you forget to make changes at least 10-20 minutes prior to the ticket departure. In that case, you will not receive any air travel points.

How do I Change my Flight on Southwest Airlines?

Do you want to make quick changes to your Southwest Airlines Flight Booking? If you have a clear idea of the airline’s flight change rules, the flight change process does not seem complicated at all.

Changing flights with Southwest is equally simple as flight booking. So, if you have a change of heart while planning air travel with the airline, you need not worry. The steady and simple process can lead you to a better experience. And you don’t have to worry about wasting your entire booking costs.

However, there are multiple ways to change flight on Southwest Airlines. Let’s find out more about them in detail below:

Flight Change 10 Minutes Before Departure

When you follow Southwest flight change policy thoroughly, you know that the airline has no change fee benefits. As a result, in most cases, there is not any penalty for changing flights. However, this will be applicable up until 10 minutes before your flight departure. After that, there can be consequences that lead to hidden or extra charges.

Two Cases Arise in This Situation

Case 1:- For Southwest Airlines flight change of tickets booked over the phone, you need your phone and mobile app. The online flight change does not apply to mobile bookings.

Case 2:- You can change your flights for free multiple times as long as there are at least 10 minutes left in the flight’s departure.

Use Southwest Official Website For Flight Change

Once you’ve made up your mind to make flight changes to your Southwest flights, follow the process below by using the online website.

  • Visit the Southwest Airlines official website on your favorite web browser.
  • Next, initiate the flight change process by logging in using the right credential.
  • Enter the username and password of your southwest account and click, “Login.”
  • Suppose you don’t remember your login details clearly. In that case, simply select the “Need Help?” button on the bottom right.
  • Otherwise, follow the instructions one by one to move to the Southwest flight change section.

Open the Southwest Change/Cancel Flight Tickets

You can either change your flights or use the Southwest Airlines cancellation policy to make ticket cancellations. To do any of these, head to the Change/Cancel tab. Here is the other process to make ticket changes:

  • After logging in, you can see the main screen having several things to do with your southwest tickets.
  • Tap on the Change/Cancel option on the right of this page.
  • Now, continue to provide the flight details.
  • Enter the correct information, including your reservation code or confirmation number.
  • Now, provide the ticketed passenger’s last name. This should be someone who booked your flight.
  • You can also find the flight confirmation number in your Southwest account or in the booking confirmation email that the airline has sent you.

Review your Ticket Details & Choose a Flight to Change

  • After you have input all the correct details, you’ll see a page with the details of your booking under the same name.
  • Here choose the booking you wish to use Southwest Airlines change flight option for and continue.’
    Now, the page will redirect you to a new one.
  • Here you need to choose a new flight schedule as per your changed plans.
  • So, properly navigate and review your flight offers.
  • Select a flight that suits you the most and pay the difference in fare.
  • You can also select a low-fare ticket and receive the fare difference amount back.

This is how you can easily make Southwest Airlines flight changes and schedule a new flight within your expected budget. However, if you want to make cancellations or changes to a Wanna Get Away ticket, note that you will receive flight credits instead of a refund. For more details, contact the airlines specialists team and get the answers that you desire.

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