What will be the cheapest day to fly on Southwest Airlines?


Are you a budget-savvy traveler? Do you want to know the cheapest day to fly on Southwest Airlines? Well, there aren’t such clear criteria for figuring out the cheapest day to fly. However, there are still speculations about the cheapest flying days as per the US airlines department.

Besides, on following the traveler trends of using the Southwest Airlines services, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday these three are the cheapest. This way, you can fly with the airline at an affordable fare. And if you follow simple tips and tricks, you can find out more about it.

Do Southwest flights ever go down in price?

Well, Southwest Airlines has been known for giving budget prices often, and that’s why it keeps changing the flight prices. The multiple studies on what is the cheapest day to fly on southwest airlines have made us conclude that you may know these:

  • It shows that the safest way to find the best flight deal on Southwest is booking at least nine weeks prior to departure.
  • However, there may still be a 50 percent chance that you may find the best prices even prior to seven weeks of departure.
  • Prices can go up and down, and you can check Southwest Airlines low fare calendar for detailed flight price information.
  • This way, you can find a cheaper fare later in the week until your final day of traveling has been confirmed.

What is the best day of the week to book a flight on Southwest?

The cheapest day to fly on Southwest Airlines is Tuesday. So, if you wonder, Are flights cheaper on Tuesdays? The answer is yes. While the exact best day may vary a little, there is still a chance you may get the best price for the said day. 

However, you can follow the general thumb rule to book flights on Tuesday around 3 in the afternoon. Plus, Southwest Airlines is always a prominent choice for passengers who want budget travel booking.

Hence, if you’ve been looking for flying on the Cheapest day southwest airlines may be the best to help. Also, do not forget to set the airfare notification alerts. This way you can get a notification when there are affordable fares available.

Does a Southwest fare get lower when the departure is close?

As per the studies on Southwest Airlines flights and their fares, you can see that the airline allows every passenger to get cheap flight tickets. You can really find Southwest airlines cheapest day to fly and good fare options.

Moreover, if you need extra knowledge about the exact prices of a flight, you can use their official website or visit the online app. However, you need to complete the booking details in order to know the details of cheaper travel.

And when you find the cheapest flight on Southwest, it will be better to book flights right away, and then you can choose your other benefits onboard. Additionally, you can even book Southwest Airlines Group Travel at the lowest fares and fly with your peers without a hassle.

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