Aegean Airlines Missed Flight Policy

Aegean Airlines Missed Flight

What Happens If I Miss My Flight on Aegean?

It may sometimes happen when you miss your flight due to any reason. Aegean Airlines Missed Flight Policy comes up to cover the passenger in these situations. This policy enables the passengers to rebook their flight to the upcoming available flight. Also, you can claim a refund in some specific situations as per your eligibility.

Besides, it is good to inform the airline about your missed flight to get alternate options to cover the cost of your ticket. Passengers who do not notify the airline about their missed flight will not get any option to complete their journey. This blog will help you to learn about the missed flight policy of the airline and process to rebook your ticket.

What is the Aegean Missed Flight Policy?

There are some terms and conditions set down by Aegean Airlines for the passengers who skipped their flight. Go through all the following points carefully:

  • Aegean Airlines will not provide any refund to the passengers who missed their flight.
  • The airline may provide a complete refund/ a new reservation on the next flight for free when the airline is responsible for missing their flight.
  • A passenger can claim a new flight reservation at Aegean Air flight connecting with customer service.
  • You can also apply for compensation, but you must show the relevant documents to the airline when you miss your flight due to severe health issues and inform the airline in advance.
  • The airline will cancel your remaining flight when you missed the first leg of your connection flight under the Aegean Airlines missed connecting flight policy.
  • Similarly, you can take advantage of the Flat Tyre Policy. You can ask for compensation when a passenger is unable to reach the airport on time due to the breakdown and inform the airline as per the policy.
  • Similarly, you can ask for compensation when you have booked your flight with Aegean Airlines, along with travel insurance.

Procedure To Rebook a Flight on Aegean Airlines

Passengers can directly call the airline to rearrange their Aegean missed flight. This process is convenient for domestic passengers or those who are located near the airport.

Via Phone Call

  • Visit the official website of Aegean Airlines.
  • Scroll down and move to the Help Centre.
  • Here, click on the Phone Call icon.
  • You will get various phone numbers.
  • Pick one as per your current region and dial the number.
  • The agents will guide you through the rebooking process.
  • You must share your reservation details with the agent on the call.
  • Then, you need to share your preference for your new flight.
  • Pay the applicable Aegean missed flight fee when required.
  • The airline will send you a confirmation email.

Via Visiting At The Airport

You can also go to your nearest airport to reschedule your flight. Similarly, it is only possible when you are available physically at the airport and have sufficient time to rebook your flight. Passengers must contact an Aegean Airlines agent here and request them to rebook their Aegean missed flight.

The agent will tell you to share the flight-related or other documents. After that, they will initiate the process to rebook your flight. You will have to pay the penalty when needed to confirm your new reservation. You will acquire confirmation from the airline once you complete the payment process on your end.

What is the Aegean Rebooking fee?

You have to reschedule your flight when you miss your flight on Aegean Airlines. However, you will have to pay a fee to do the same. The agent will tell you the Aegean Airlines Rebooking Fee once you complete the rescheduling process. Similarly, it will be based on the type of ticket chosen by the passenger.

Also, you will have to pay a fare difference if applicable. Moreover, you will not have to pay any charges to rearrange your flight in some cases when you miss your flight. You can contact the airline agents to learn the exact charges.

What is the Aegean Air No-Show Policy?

Aegean will make you a no-show when you do not show up for your flight at the airport on time and miss it. It is advisable to get in touch with a live person as early as possible. Otherwise, the airline will put you on the no-show list. Also, the airline will automatically cancel the upcoming flights as per the Aegean no-show policy.

It is important to avoid being a no-show even though this airline has this policy to assist the passengers. Similarly, it will help you to reschedule your flight. You must pay the applicable fee to use the policy benefits.

Does Aegean Charge a Fee If You Miss Your Flight?

No. Aegean Airlines does not ask you to pay any additional fee when you fail to board your flight and miss it. However, the fare amount and the taxes will be waived by the airline. Also, you will not obtain any refund for your Aegean missed flight.


This is how one can rebook their flight when they miss it. It is important to notify the airline after missing your flight to get the advantage of rebooking. Otherwise, the airline will apply the penalty and will forfeit the value of your ticket. You can ask additional information about Aegean missed flight policy by contacting our Skycoair Experts anytime. You will get instant assistance at the same time.

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