Asiana Airlines Seat Selection Policy


Does Asiana have a Seat Selection?

Making a seat selection is the important part of your trip that makes your journey comfortable and memorable. To keep this in mind, Asiana Airlines seat selection policy allows you to pick your seat as per your choice. You can select the seat you want or change your seat.

Similarly, you will be able to choose seats once you book your flight. Asiana will provide you with a separate Asiana Airlines booking reference number. Passengers traveling with Asiana Airlines can pick their seats free/by paying a fee. One can select from the available seats during check-in without any money.

In this blog, you will be able to learn the policy/process/and fee for the seat assignment process on Asiana Airlines.

Highlights of Asiana Airlines Seat Selection Policy

Here are the terms and conditions that every traveler needs to follow when performing seat selection at Asiana Airlines:

  • If you wish to choose your seat on Asiana Airlines, there are a few key policies you should be aware of.
  • You can select the seat of your choice on your Asiana flight reservation.
  • The airline will assign you a seat based on availability when you do not choose your own seats.
  • Changes to the seat selection Asiana Airlines must be made at least one day prior to the scheduled departure.
  • This much time is required by Asiana Airlines to handle the modifications.
  • You must log in to the airline’s official website and navigate to the My Asiana area in order to choose your seat online.
  • You can choose your preferred seats by calling +1-888-978-0366 or visiting the Asiana Airlines Preferred Seat Assignment page on their official website.
  • Similarly, carry-on pets are not allowed under the first ten rows of the Asiana Airlines flight.
  • You will not acquire any refund for your seat assignment within 24 hours of take-off time.

Seat Categories Offered by Asiana Airlines

There are various types of seating options available on Asiana Airlines flights.

Business Suite: Passengers who need comfort and wish to have flat beds like seats in the business class cabin. Moreover, passengers can even enjoy all the premium advantages and in-flight activities in this particular seating class by paying a small Asiana Airlines seat selection fee.

Business Smartium: One can enjoy flat-bed-like amenities in the Business Smartium cabin class. However, you will not get private space such as the business suite class.

Business Class: Comfortable seating options with bed seats and open space. Besides, passengers will not acquire separate TV amenities such as the Business Smartium.

Economy Smartium: These types of seats offer additional legroom than the basic economy Asiana seating.

Economy Class: It is the basic main cabin seat that comes under the Asiana airline seat assignment policy.

Note: The Asiana Airlines seat modification process gives you the opportunity to change your seat when you use the web check-in process. The airline allows you to choose the seat within 24 hours of the booking with no further charges.

How do I Choose My Seat on Asiana Airlines?

If you want to make an Asiana Airlines Advance seat selection, you can do it through the below steps: Follow the below steps as mentioned:

  • First, visit the official website of Asiana Airlines.
  • Enter the credentials to log into your account.
  • Here, click on the Advance Check-in option available under the check-in terms and conditions.
  • Click on the Preferred Seat Assignment tab.
  • Pick your desired seat for your itinerary.
  • Here, select the auto check-in tab.
  • The system will ask you to enter your personal and flight details.
  • Click on the Save tab to confirm the changes.
  • Finally, you will get the confirmation about your Asiana Airlines seat assignment.

Note: Passengers can select a seat on Asiana Airlines when you check-in for your flight. You will get the chance to choose your seats as a passenger under the policy.

Can I choose a seat on Asiana Airlines?

Generally, you are able to choose your seat while checking in on Asiana Airlines. If you booked your travel in advance, you have the option to choose your seat under Asiana Airlines check-in seat selection policy. Because last-minute bookings are made on available seats and don’t provide many possibilities, they don’t get this facility as widely.

Is it Worth Paying for Your Seat Selection at Asiana Airlines?

In any case, the value of paying for seat selection varies from person to person and depends on the circumstances.

  • When you want your family to sit together, it may be advantageous.
  • Selecting precise seats for your business class trip is important to you.
  • You have miles to make the payment of your pre-selection of your seat assignment.

Asiana Airlines Seat Selection is a waste when:

  • Passengers are flying alone in Economy/Economy Smartium classes.
  • Almost all seats are the same.
  • Travelers do not have any certain choice for the seats.
  • Have not any miles. In this case, you must pay an additional fee for the same.

Benefits of Select Seats on Asiana Airlines

Passengers can enjoy various benefits when selecting their seats with Asiana Airlines. Check out the below points to learn them.

  • One can enjoy the view of out the plane while traveling
  • You can even choose window or aisle seats.
  • Passengers can sit with their family members, friends, etc.
  • Making a seat selection enables you to make your journey comfortable and enjoyable.
  • Passengers flying with their pets will obtain the additional space.
  • Passengers who have additional luggage will acquire the extra luggage.

In Conclusion!

With the above information, you can easily make the advanced Asiana Airlines seat selection to pre-select your desired seats. You will get the right to select desired seats as a traveler as per the policy when you have made your flight reservation.

Passengers can pay for Asiana Airlines, which offers seat selection numbers +1-888-978-0366 and seat upgrade numbers 1-888-978-0366. The preferred Seat assignment shoud be completed before arriving at the airport! A trip starts with a comfortable seat.

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