How to Upgrade on Southwest Airlines?


What to Know About Southwest Airlines Upgrade? Process & Fees 2024

Suppose you want to replace your seat with a better one on Southwest Airlines. It is possible now. Southwest Airlines Seat Upgrade Policy enables the passenger to upgrade their seat with another one and enjoy their journey. Similarly, the upgraded boarding can be bought only within 24-hour of a take-off time of the flight, and sales close 30 minutes prior to the departure.

Moreover, Southwest Airlines offers various options for its passengers who want to upgrade their seats to enhance their flying journey. This blog enables you to learn all types of upgrades available on Southwest and the process for them. Take a closer look at the information below.

An Overview of Southwest Airlines Seat Upgrade Policy

It is important to learn all the guidelines regarding a Southwest Airlines Upgrade Ticket to avoid any trouble. Otherwise, the airline may neglect your request and not permit you a seat when you apply for a seat upgrade. Therefore, read all the points carefully that are as follows:

  • Southwest Airlines has the power to not assign you a seat.
  • You must pay the fare difference applicable between the two classes.
  • Moreover, the airline will not charge any fee when you request a Southwest seat upgrade within 24 hours of reservation.
  • Passengers cannot change the cabin class once they complete the check-in.
  • An upgrade in any cabin class will be subject to a fee within 24 hours of reservation.

How to Upgrade on Southwest Airlines?

The upgraded boarding on Southwest Airlines can be easily added to your flight reservation at the time of check-in. There are online and offline options available to enhance your travel experience.

Through Online Mode

One can use the official website or Southwest app to upgrade their ticket online and buy upgraded boarding when available for their flight. Follow the below steps to upgrade online:

  • Firstly, visit the official website or open the Southwest app.
  • Choose the Check-in tab.
  • Enter the booking number and verify the flight information.
  • Locate the Upgraded Boarding option and select it.
  • Add the upgraded boarding to one or more flight segments under your reservation.

Through Offline Mode

Passengers can opt for the offline option when they are unable to use the above method to upgrade their flight seats. Similarly, you can also contact a Southwest Airlines customer service agent at the airport check-in counter when upgraded boarding is available for your reservation.

Points To Remember:-

Travelers can only buy the upgraded boarding within 24 hours of departure time based on seat availability.
Similarly, Southwest Airlines upgraded boarding sales to close 30 minutes prior to departure. You can connect to a Southwest agent at the departure gate to know about the availability when you are unable to use the Southwest official site/app.

Southwest Airlines Boarding Pass Upgrade

Passengers can upgrade their boarding by paying an extra fee on Southwest. Upgraded boarding offers you a power to upgrade your boarding position to A1-A15 up to 24 hours before the flight based on the availability. It allows you to get to the plane as soon as possible.

Flights must be within 24 hours of departure to be eligible for upgraded boarding. Moreover, Southwest Airlines allows passengers to upgrade their seats even after booking. The Southwest Airlines Boarding Pass Upgrade permits you to reserve a position in the A1-A15 boarding group by paying only $32, $42, or $53 per flight based on the flight. One can contact the airline anytime to upgrade their boarding pass.

How Much does It Cost to Upgrade on Southwest?

Passengers must pay a Southwest Airlines Upgrade Fee that starts from $30 per segment per customer when they want to upgrade their seats. However, this cost may fluctuate as per the duration and the popularity of every flight segment.

You can also use your credit card to complete the transaction to facilitate the purchase of a boarding upgrade. This feature enables you to secure your desired boarding position and makes your travel experience more comfortable.

Can I Upgrade to Business Class on Southwest Airlines?

Yes, you can upgrade to Business class on Southwest, but it depends on the seat availability under this particular cabin. It is called the highest fare class on the airline. Moreover, you can update your Wanna Get Away fare or Anytime fare flight ticket with Southwest Airlines upgrade to Business Class.

Additionally, you can enjoy the various exciting perks when traveling with this class, from Standard Economy to Business Class. You will be able to earn 12 rapid rewards points for each dollar with the Southwest Airlines Business Select ticket. You can enjoy a bundle of benefits, some of which are as follows:

  • The Priority check-in
  • Fly By lane access
  • Refundable flight fares
  • Free premium drink
  • Flexibility on refunds
  • Two checked bags for free
  • 12 Rapid Rewards for each dollar spent
  • Priority boarding (A1-A15 boarding positions)
  • Increased Southwest Airlines Upgrade Cost of earning Rapid Rewards points
  • Same-day flight changes without any additional charges

How is Southwest Airlines Business Select Seating?

The Priority boarding option is available for the passengers when traveling in this particular class. You are able to sit anywhere on the plane when your desired seat is not available on the plane. The upgraded boarding under the Southwest Airlines upgrade ticket permits you to reserve a secure boarding in the A1-A15 boarding group.

Can you Upgrade to First Class on Southwest Airlines?

Yes, passengers can upgrade their Southwest seats to First Class to make their travel more luxurious. Similarly, Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards allows for valuable changes such as quick access to the elite status and a cash-plus-points booking option. You can change your flight by connecting with the Southwest Airlines customer service team through the phone call option.

It is important to learn when you implement a Southwest Airlines upgrade to First Class to check the availability of the seats on the plane. For this, you can view a seat map that helps you see the occupied and blank seats on the flight. Therefore, you can book your seat at your convenience.

How does the Southwest Seat upgrade Work?

Southwest Airlines offers a unique approach to upgrade tickets that can only be done through Southwest Airlines upgraded boarding. Read the following points for additional information:


Passengers will acquire a Southwest Airlines open seating policy where they can easily select a seat depends on their specified boarding position. The earlier, the best:

  • The boarding procedure kicks at the Southwest Airlines check-in counter.
  • Every passenger has a boarding pass that tells you which you are in, such as Groups A, B, and C.
  • The airline will assign you a boarding number, depending on your boarding place, from 1 to 60.
  • This number is not your seat when you board.

Note: The timing is crucial when it comes to Southwest Airlines Seat Upgrades. So, you must request check-in up to 24 hours before the departure to get the best opportunity to enjoy early boarding.

Can you Upgrade Southwest Tickets After Purchase?

Yes. Passengers can upgrade their tickets after completing their reservation. A seat upgrade enables the passengers to move from their standard seats to the additional premium on the plane. It may contain additional legroom, seat reclining options, or proximity to the front for instant exit upon arrival.

Southwest Airlines Upgrade to Extra Comfort is easy as the airline offers an online seat upgrade tool for the convenience of its passengers. You must visit the official site of the airline and mention your flight details along with the booking confirmation number.

How does Southwest Airlines Decide the Boarding Priority?

Travelers must have complete knowledge of why upgraded boarding is important to acquire the best seat. Here’s how the airline confirmed the boarding list:

Boarding FirstIndividuals with some specific needs, disabilities, or requiring assistance
Boarding SecondBoarding order from 1 to 60 for passengers falling under Group A
Boarding ThirdFamilies with kids under 6, military personnel, A-List, and other preferred members
Boarding FourthBoarding in numerical order from 1 to 60 for group B
Boarding FifthBoarding in numerical order from 1 to 60 in group C

How Many Upgrades do You Get with Southwest Credit Cards?

There are two upgraded boarding areas available with Southwest Airlines Credit Card Upgrade: a personal and a business version. One can upgrade boarding per card member each year with both credit cards. For example, passengers will obtain 4 upgraded boarding credits to use over the upcoming 12 months when they open a card in October 2023.

Customers of Southwest Airlines can buy the Upgraded Boarding is available 24 hours prior to the local departure time of their flight. Upgraded boarding is another option to the EarlyBird Check-In as it enables one to enjoy a more guaranteed boarding position.

What is Bid Upgrade on Southwest Airlines?

Southwest offers bid upgrades that enable you to bid for a seat in the higher cabin classes. Passengers can enjoy the amazing perks of an upgraded seat without paying the entire fare when their bid is accepted when they make the process of Southwest Airlines Bid Upgrade.

Passengers must have the membership of the frequent flyer program of the airline to enjoy these perks including seat upgrades or bid upgrades. Moreover, you could be eligible for complimentary upgrades as per your membership stage.

Who is Eligible to Purchase a Southwest Airlines Upgrade?

Travelers who bought the Anytime Wanna Get Away, or Wanna Get Away Plus airfares are able to acquire upgraded boarding. Moreover, the anytime fare is refundable and also comes with various perks, including same-day standby for free and priority boarding.

Besides, the Wanna Get Away fares are non-refundable tickets that are less expensive but come with various restrictions such as no cancellations and changes are allowed. Similarly, the Wanna Get Away Plus Fare is similar to Southwest Wanna Get Away Fares. However, it allows the passengers to modify their flight at no cost, subject to availability.

Bottom Line!

We hope that the above information will be useful to you and help you to make the process of Southwest Airlines seat upgrade easy. We have acknowledged various kinds of upgrades in the prior discussion for your convenience. Please contact the Skycoair team for additional help or to resolve any query.

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