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Aeromexico Cancellation and Refund Policy

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How do I make Aeromexico Cancellation and ask for a refund?

Did you book an Aeromexico Flight, and there’s a change in plans? Do you want to cancel your flights and don’t know how? You can take a look at the Aeromexico Cancellation Policy and obtain a refund easily. 

The airline is always offering its passengers excellent flight options. So, just follow the terms and conditions for your fare type and get it done! In the coming subsections, you will see all the information on the Aeromexico flight cancellation and refund process.

Passengers from USA and Canada looking up Aeromexico Cancellations and Refunds can dial Aeromexico Refund phone number 1 800 237 6639 to make the requests.

What is Aeromexico 24 hours ticket cancellation?

When canceling flights, the ground rule says you gotta have your money back at any cost. But what if you could get it back for free? 

Yes, you read that correctly; with Aeromexico 24 hour cancellation policy, you can now get a full ticket refund for free given that:

  1. You cancel flight tickets within 24 hours of the booking
  2. The departure date is at least seven days from the initial booking.

If these two conditions withhold, you will get your booking amount to the original payment form without any extra costs for any fare type.

Aeromexico Cancellation policy applies for flights canceled after this 24-hour risk-free period, and you have to pay the penalty per the airline’s fare rules.

Aeromexico Airlines Cancellation Policy –Beyond 24 hours of Booking

Below you will find certain conditions that you need to fulfill before you move on to make flight cancellations after 24 hours of the booking:

  • The Aeromexico airlines cancellation policy only applies to the flight tickets made with the airline’s official booking channels like the website, customer service, or ticketing office
  • There is no cancellation charge for tickets canceled within the first 24 hours of reservations; there is no cancellation charge. But after that, you are liable to pay a penalty amount.
  • The cancellation fee is calculated as per the fare conditions and fare type. Also, your destination, route, and time of cancellation have a great impact on this fee.
  • Aeromexico has eliminated the ticket cancellation fee for Their Business, First, Premium Economy, and Economy Short-haul flights. This applies to both domestic and international tickets.
  • For a change of plans, the Aeromexico cancelation policy allows the passnegers to cancel flights and preserve the value of their ticket. But the fare difference fee will be there if the new flight costs more than the initial one.
  • The airline does not allow free cancellation of your seats. So, your refund amount will be after deducting the seat charge.
  • The ticket cancellation policy on Aeromexico flights is applicable for both restricted and non-restricted tickets.
  • Tickets canceled after 24 hours are subject to a $200 flight cancellation fee in order to ask for a refund from the airline.

Passengers can also decide on making Aeromexico Flight Change instead of cancellation if they think they’ll be traveling again soon enough and have a new date in mind.

How do I cancel my Flight with Aeromexico?

If the cancellation policy is clear in your mind, let’s move to Aeromexico flight cancellations and process. You can cancel your Aeromexico flights at the airport, over the phone, or online via the website. 

To cancel an Aeromexico flight online,

  • You need to visit the official website of Aeromexico and log in to your account.
  • Now, find the Manage reservations page and provide your record locator with the last name.
  • You’ll now see the Change or Cancel trip next to your flight details.
  • After that, you can click on the Aeromexico cancel flight option.
  • Here, select the flight segment you want to cancel and review the cancellation policy from the pop-up.
  • The new page will first reflect the refund value which you will get.
  • Confirm your cancellation and complete the process.

Finally, the airline will send you a confirmation email with the refund status by checking the link to your registered ID.

Offline Cancellation of flights

Passnegers can also cancel their Aeromexico Flight Booking offline via the airline’s contact number. To delete your reservation from the airline’s system, follow these steps:

  • Call on the Aeromexico customer service phone number(toll-free).
  • Select your preferred language and follow the instructions from the automated voice.
  • Choose the right option, and an agent will respond soon.
  • Explain the ticket information and verify your identity.
  • Choose the trip you wish to cancel and give the relevant flight details with a valid reason for cancellation.
  • Confirm the cancellation with the agent’s help and choose the method to pay for the cancellation.

Ultimately, the agent will cancel your flight from his side and send you a confirmation email. The refund amount will, however, depend on the Aeromexico cancellation policy.

Important Highlights of Aeromexico cancellation and refund policy!

  • Under the risk-free 24 hours period, Aeromexico offers a free ticket cancellation.
  • As per the Aeromexico Cancellation refund policy, passengers can get a full refund for their premium or flexible tickets.
  • The penalty is your full ticket cost if the flight cancellation is made within three days before the departure.
  • For tickets canceled due to natural causes, there won’t be a cancellation fee or penalty.
  • The ticket refund date is as per your booking payment method.
  • Passengers must complete an online refund form to process their refunds from Aeromexico.
  • If you are a no-show for your flight without prior notice or cancellation, you can not get any refunds.

This is all about the Aeromexico refund policy; if you thoroughly follow the rules above, you will definitely be able to claim your refund.

How do I request a refund for my Aeromexico Canceled flight?

To request a refund for an Aeromexico Cancelled flight, you have two options; online and offline. You can follow the Aeromexico ticket refund policy and fill up a refund request form, or simply call the Aeromexico refund phone number.

To make a refund request online,

  • Go to the Aeromexico official website and log in.
  • Enter the Refunds section and select the country you are flying to/from.
  • If you are from Mexico, click on the refund form link under the country name.
  • Move to the next page, where you must enter your ticket number with its supposed prefix.
  • Click continue to complete the refund request.
  • The airline will review your request and provide a refund as per your payment method.

The online refund request form option is only available for totally unused refundable tickets purchased in Mexican pesos using a credit or Debit card and has a less than 12 months repayment date from the booking date.

In conclusion,

Passengers can check the Aeromexico Cancellation policy and refund rules to request a refund for any fare type as per the fare conditions. However, for refund requests other than Mexico, you can directly call on the Aeromexico Refund phone number and speak to the airline experts for help.

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