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Allegiant Airlines Flight Booking

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Allegiant Airlines Booking: Plan your Holidays with Allegiant

Do you want cheap airline flights to your favorite destination? Don’t hesitate and go for Allegiant airlines booking. Firstly, Allegiant Air is a major US airline serving low-cost flights to over 150 destinations across the globe. Secondly, they have all your favorite flying options and better flight amenities for exciting flight experiences. 

Finally, they provide affordable travel services between both domestic and international cities with the most notable inflight amenities. Therefore, you can look forward to your most-awaited holiday with Allegiant Airlines and enjoy your time in the air.

Where does Allegiant Airlines fly?

The best part about making an Allegiant Airlines booking is that it flies to over 150 destinations around the USA. Further, it mostly flies to smaller regional airports that are non-hub. 

And to talk about their key state, it has Florida, where three airports fall under the airline’s top 5 busiest airports. (In terms of passengers)

  • St. Petersburg/Clearwater
  • Punta Gorda/Fort Myers
  • Orlando/Sanford

How to make Allegiant Airlines Booking Online?

What can be the cost-effective method to book Allegiant Airlines tickets? Nowadays, all major airlines allow passengers to make their flight bookings online via the website. Also, few of the airlines allow flight booking via mobile applications. Therefore, the passengers can also reserve their tickets from their android phones.

Here are the two methods to book Flights with Allegiant Airlines online:

Book flights using the Allegiant Mobile Application

When a passenger wishes to book allegiant airlines flights, they can download the official mobile app of the airline. They have the application available on both the android play store and iPhone apple store. Further, the airline also allows you to enjoy exciting flight deals on the booking.

Book flights via their official website

The most efficient and time-saving way to book Allegiant Airlines flight tickets is to book them online via the official website. Passengers can simply visit the Allegiant Airlines official site and follow the booking procedure to confirm their flight reservations.

Firstly, this process is an easy approach to booking your flights. Secondly, Allegiant Airlines publishes timely deals over the site to allow you to book flights affordably. Therefore, you can visit the official website whenever you need to travel somewhere by air.

How can I contact Allegiant Airlines?

Do you need any help with the flight booking service? In that case, you can simply dial allegiant airlines phone number 1 (702) 505-8888 and connect to an airline expert. This number will first connect to an automated voice prompt where you will get all the customer service instructions. 

Further, you can select the option to speak to an Allegiant Airlines representative and book your flights easily. Also, note that you first have to listen to all the instructions given by IVR carefully in order to avoid any misunderstandings while communicating. 

Besides, The airline agents are available 24/7 to offer you flight-related services. Now, lets’ read more and find out about the inflight amenities and services provided by Allegiant Air.

What is the Allegiant Airlines baggage allowance policy?

After confirming that you wish to plan your travel using allegiant airlines book a flight, you next need to know how much baggage they allow you to take onboard. Therefore, you must be familiar with the airline’s baggage policies given below:

Carry-on Allowance

Allegiant Airlines allows its customers to take one personal item for free as their carry-on luggage. This item can be a briefcase, purse, or a small backpack. The maximum allowed dimensions are 7 in X 15 in X 16 in. Hence, you can not exceed this limit; otherwise, you have to pay extra baggage charges.

Checked Baggage Allowance

Though carry-on bags are free, you can not take checked baggage along on Allegiant Airlines flights without purchasing. Resultantly you may pay for the checked luggage. The airline allows you to take four bags per passenger under checked luggage. However, each bag’s weight may not exceed 18 kg in weight and 80 inches overall in size.

What is the baggage fee?

The baggage fee with your Allegiant Airlines flight booking varies depending on the route you fly. Further, the airline allows you to check the prices and add the luggage while you make a booking. You can even add extra baggage to your flights by paying more amount.

For instance, If booked in advance, the fee for the first two pieces of checked baggage is 35 USD (if not booked, it is 50 USD), and the subsequent baggage fee is 100 USD per piece. Bags weighing more than 40 pounds will be charged extra.

What are the Allegiant Air inflight facilities?

  • Ticket prices for Allegiant are lower than most airlines.
  • Allegiant Airlines flights mainly provide nonstop airlines flights and all-inclusive flight services, providing a relaxing experience.
  • Allegiant Air’s full cabin configuration also offers the passengers comfortable leather seats.
  • Besides, the airline provides refreshing drinks and delicious snacks (on certain flights) for you to purchase.
  • Passengers can use laptops, portable movies, music players, and other small devices allowed on the flight.
  • Allegiant’s inflight magazine Sunseeker provides insights into some of the most exciting destinations served by the airline.

How can I check-in for my Allegiant Airlines Booking?

Online check-in

The online check-in on Allegiant Airlines is open 24 hours prior to the scheduled flight departure time and closes 45 minutes prior. Therefore, if you wish to check-in for your flight, you can visit the allegiant airlines official site during that time. Further, you only need to provide the basic flight details and complete the check-in process.

Airport Check-in

If you wish to use the conventional check-in method for your Allegiant Airlines Booking, you can simply visit the airport. The airport check-in desk will close 45 minutes prior to your flight’s scheduled departure. However, the time can be extra if you have checked baggage, so make sure you reach the airport at least one hour before the flight.

How many Travel Classes does Allegiant Airlines offer?

If you wish to go forward with making Allegiant Airlines flight booking, you may have another question. What is their travel class option? How many travel classes do Allegiant Airlines offer? Well, the answer is only one. Yes, Allegiant Airlines only have the Economy class option on their flights.

Moreover, there is no entertainment facility on Allegiant Airlines planes, nor do they provide Wifi onboard. However, the airline allows you to take your personal electronic device with you, which you can use on the flight. But on a condition that it may fit under the permitted carry-on baggage limit.

Economy Class Amenities and seats

The Allegiant Airlines Economy Class has an online check-in and seat selection facility allowing the passengers to feel at ease while flying. Besides, they even allow you to purchase food and drinks on board with a variety of snack options and a choice of beverages.

Furthermore, the Allegiant Airlines seats are a 3×3 formation and 17 inches wide with a pitch of 30-34 inches. 

For instance, note that the airline only offers Economy Class, and there is no other extra option for travel classes or cabins.

Make Your offline flight bookings at the airport ticket counter

Allegiant allows you to make reservations at the counter or by calling (702)-505-9270, or you can even book tickets online through the Allegiant Airline booking Center from a comfortable place and start your journey at any time. The following are the conditions required to book tickets at the counter.

  • Go to the airport in person and go directly to the ticket counter at Allegiant Airport
  • Fill out the form to request details of the flight, such as date, destination and class, and the number of passengers.
  • Pay after you get the ticket and you are ready to go!

How to Cancel Allegiant Airlines flight tickets?

Many unfavorable circumstances may cause flight changes or cancellations, so Allegiant makes it easy for you to manage your flight reservations. Customers can easily change and cancel flights without paying any additional fees.

Furthermore, all Allegiant tickets can be canceled and fully refunded within 24 hours of the original ticket purchase. Besides, there won’t be any penalty for the cancellation. 

Canceling a Standard Ticket

If you want to cancel your Allegiant Airlines reservation and it has been more than 24 hours since you booked your ticket, you will be charged an additional fee of $75 per passenger. The remaining funds will be used as a non-refundable credit line, which can be further used for future purchases. Points will not be awarded if the flight is not shown or canceled within seven days after the scheduled flight departure.

Canceling a Trip Flex Fare

All tickets can be canceled and refunded in full within 24 hours after the initial purchase, at no additional cost. Trip flex tickets allow you to change the date, flight, and destination booked on Allegiant Airlines at one time. Trip Flex customers can change an itinerary or even postpone their itinerary without having to pay a cancellation or change fee of $75 per passenger one way. You can modify your flight services up to 1 hour before the scheduled flight departure.

Award Tickets Cancellation

Cancellation of Allegiant Airlines award tickets follows the same fee structure as the cancellation of cash flights. Therefore, if a passenger has bought a Trip Flex fare using their award tickets, the airline will not charge any cancellation amount from them.

Steps to cancel Allegiant Airlines Flight Booking
  • Firstly, visit the Allegiant Airlines official website and enter the manage travel section.
  • After that, access your flight details which you wish to cancel.
  • Now, click on the “Cancel Flight booking” button and follow the onscreen instructions.
  • After that, provide your confirmation number and last name and continue to request the refunds.

Are you up for making an Allegiant Airlines ticket booking now? Well, then hurry up and plan your holidays with Allegiant. Further, if you need any additional information, you can connect with the airline experts at our site. So, dial our given contact numbers and speak with the respective experts for quick help. If you need more help so you can visit allegiant airlines Wikipedia.

Allegiant-Airlines FAQ’S

Well, if you need to purchase affordable flight tickets, the best way is to visit the airline’s official website and find the right deals. However, you can also save money by purchasing Allegiant Airlines tickets at the airport. For instance, you can save 13 USD per person in a segment with airport booking at Allegiant Air.

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