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Hawaiian Airlines Cancellation Policy

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Hawaiian airlines cancellation policy refund- Now Cancel your flights with Comfort

Plans change often, and sometimes they lead to flight cancellations. Do you also feel that you should cancel your Hawaiian Airlines flight because the plan doesn’t suit you anymore? In order to cancel your Hawaiian flights, you need to call 1-844-762-0089 and learn about the Hawaiian airlines cancellation policy refund from the experts.

Hawaiian Airlines lets you cancel your flights with ease; you just need to know the airline’s ticket cancellation rules and comply with them properly. With this, you may even enjoy additional benefits. The airline will apply the unused value of your ticket for the new future ticket purchase.

Let’s know the detailed cancellation policy and process of Hawaiian Airlines booking flights and make plans swift.

What does Hawaiian Airlines flight cancellation mean?

As per the Hawaiian airlines cancellation policy, on canceling your flight tickets, the airline will not charge you a cancellation amount or penalty. Besides, the airline will also apply the ticket’s unused value to the new ticket purchase for the future until the ticket gets expires.

You can check with the Hawaiian Airlines ticketing department to understand the expiry dates of the ticket. However, once the ticket cancellation is complete, the airline does not allow you to rebook the flights using the online website.

So, if you are ready to rebook tickets, connect with Hawaiian airlines flight cancellation phone number  1-844-762-0089 before the ticket expires. The airline will then waive off your change fee and charge you the difference in fare, if applicable.

How do I Cancel my Hawaiian Airlines flight tickets?

To cancel Your Hawaiian Airlines flights, you can only use the online website in case you have not already canceled them anywhere. Suppose you have already canceled your flights; follow the Hawaiian airlines flight cancellation policy details provided to you over the email.

Follow these steps to make a swift flight cancellation:

  1. Go to the Hawaiian Airlines official website and log in.
  2. Enter the My Trips section to access the current details of your reservations.
  3. Enter your last name as per the booking details and provide the six-characters confirmation code. You can also enter the ticket number in the email,
  4. Click on the “View My Trip” button.
  5. After you see your reservation history, find the cancellation instructions given in the blue box on the front page of the itinerary.
  6. Go through the instructions to click on the button that says, “Cancel reservation now and rebook later.”
  7. Agree to the cancellation terms and conditions by clicking on the “Yes, cancel my reservation” option.
  8. Complete your Hawaiian airline cancellation policy requests

Note: Suppose your flight reservation is not eligible for the online cancellation process under the COVID-19 fee waiver policy. In that case, the online option will not even appear.

  1. After the successful cancellation of your reservation, you will see the confirmation screen. This will contain a confirmation code as well as a 13-digit number for your E-Ticket.
  2. Save these details to your records; otherwise, they won’t be accessible in the future.

Pro Tip: You need to follow cancellation rules to get the Hawaiian airlines cancellation policy refund on your canceled flights. Let’s know about it in detail below!

What is the Hawaiian Airlines cancellation policy?

In an attempt to cancel your flights on Hawaiian Airlines, comply with the detailed Hawaii airlines cancellation policy and get an easy moneyback guarantee. The airline will let you consider several things before you complete the cancellation process. Lets’ read on and find out different scenarios for flight cancellation!

Online Ticket Cancellation (COVID-19)

  • Passengers can now cancel their flights and rebook tickets using the travel waiver option later. 
  • As per the Hawaiian Airlines trip cancellation policy, the airline will not charge you a cancellation fee.
  • The unused value of your flights applies to the new ticket purchase.
  • Visit the official COVID-19 travel waivers page for more insights on this topic.

Also, if you are ready for rebooking, contact the Hawaiian Airlines reservations department and waive your change fee. The airline will not allow you to rebook online after such cancellations. But you have to pay the difference in fares.

Cancellation terms for the Online ticket cancellation

You even need to review the Hawaiian airlines cancellation policies and agree to the following terms before you proceed with the ticket cancellation online:

  • On selecting the cancellation option, you terminate your entire booking for all the guests and all flight segments.
  • The unused value for your canceled ticket will get applied to the new ticket purchase until the ticket expires. (Note: This includes Extra comfort and Prefered seat upgrades.
  • There won’t be any cancellation charges.
  • You must contact the Hawaiian Airlines cancellation phone number to request a rebooking.
  • On rebooking, the airline will waive off the flight change fee but charge you for the difference in fare of the new flight.
  • You need to have the original ticket information to rebook your flights.

Important Note: If you had a hotel, trip insurance, accommodation, car rentals, airport shuttle service, or lei greetings purchased along with the ticket, you must contact them directly and ask for assistance

Does Hawaiian Airlines have a 24 hours Cancellation Policy?

Hawaiian Airlines have flexible flight change and cancellation options for every traveler. So, if you want to retain the value of your ticket for future travel, you can review the Hawaiian airlines cancellation policy 24 hours for assistance.

According to the airline’s 24-hour cancellation, the passengers can get a full refund on canceling their flights with Hawaiian Airlines. However, the condition remains that your departure must not be within the next seven days of booking. Only in this case can you get your booking amount back to your original payment form.

Also, the canceled ticket after 24 hours of the booking will be subject to some additional terms and conditions. Read on to find out about each term in detail!

You’ll receive a refund for your flight if, 

  • The airline denied your boarding.
  • Your Hawaiian flight has been canceled by the airline itself.
  • The arrival or departure times have been affected for over two hours, and you do not wish to rebook your flight for a different time.
  • Either you, your immediate family member or a co-traveler under the same itinerary has got hospitalized. (In this case, check with the airline and let them agree to the refund.)

What are the Hawaiian Airlines flight cancellation fees?

If you want to receive a travel credit, the Hawaiian airlines cancellation policy refund will be in full amount and you can rebook your flights later. But this depends on the cancel flight waiver mentioned above.

Henceforth, if your flight ticket is not eligible for a refund, you must clear the ticket cancellation fee. Below are the details:

  •  If your flight was meant for air travel within the Hawaiian Islands, you must pay a $25 cancellation fee.
  • For continental US travel, the fee is $100 for ticket cancellation.
  • For flights between the US continent and Hawaii, the same $100 Cancellation Fee applies.

But if you are a military or on-duty government official, the airline will waive off any cancellation amount.

How much time will Hawaiian Airlines take to process my refunds?

In case you have canceled your Hawaiian Airlines flights over the official website online, the airline will put you in the category of refund eligibility.  In that case, the Hawaiian airlines cancellation policy refund applies under the following conditions:

  • For Credit Card Purchases, the airline refunds your amount in seven working days.
  • For tickets on cash or other payment options, the minimum time for refund is 20 business days.

Upon canceling tickets purchased at the office or over the phone, immediate repurchase is necessary. Besides, you can make cancellations within 24 hours of the initial ticket booking for a better refund option. If you need additional information, connect with the experts in our team. They will offer you immediate solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Hawaiian airlines have a 24-hour cancellation policy?

Hawaiian Airlines have flexible flight change and cancellation options for every traveler. So, if you want to retain the value of your ticket for future travel, you can review the Hawaiian airlines cancellation policy 24 hours for assistance.

As per this rule, you can cancel your flights within 24 hours of the booking totally free of charge. But your travel may not be scheduled within the next seven days.

Do you get your money back if you cancel a flight?

Any passenger will get a refund on canceling their flights regardles of the reason they have. However, there are some fare rules and conditions that decide the amount and type of refunds they get. So, check the Hawaiian Airlines cancellation policy rules to be sure.

How can I cancel my flight without fees?

To cancel your flight without a fee, you need to make cancellation requests within 24 hours of the original booking. If you do not wish to travel anymore this 24-hour risk free period is your best shot to cancel flights without a penalty. However, the travel may not be scheduled within the next seven days.

What happens if one leg of your flight is Cancelled?

Suppose one leg of your flight is canceled. The airline may cancel your whole package. This always applies to any multi-leg flights around the USA and major carriers in the state. You can legally demand a refund in full in case this happens. Make a call at the Hawaiian airlines flight cancellation phone number and learn additional options.

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