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Are you an animal parent looking up ways to take your little friend on board with Hawaiian Airlines? You can take dogs, household birds, and cats under the Hawaiian Airlines pet travel, but there are some restrictions and rules for that. Even if you are with a trained service animal, you need permission and eligibility requirements.

So, if you are looking forward to taking your pet along, you should clearly understand the underlying conditions in detail. This article covers complete details on pet travel with Hawaiian Airlines.

Does Hawaiian Airlines Accept Pets in the Cabin?

Hawaiian Airlines allows you to take your pets to the passenger cabin, but you need to know the Hawaiian Airlines pet travel policy for in-cabin pets. Here are the details:

  • The airline only allows pets on inter-island flights or flights to and from Hawaii and North America except BOS, JFK, AUS, and MCO.
  • They only allow dogs and cats on the flights.
  • Your pet carrier must be in the carrier that fits comfortably below the seat in your front.
  • Passengers can book their pets in the cabin at the time they make their own reservations which is subject to an application fee with the availability of space.

Call on the Hawaiian Airlines phone number to ask about the fees and seat availability for your pets.

Pets as Checked Baggage

To take your pets as checked baggage, you need to call Hawaiian Airlines pet travel phone number and also know about these major key points in detail!

  • Your pet and the kennel’s weight should not be over 70 lbs.
  • If the total weight exceeds this weight limit, you can transport the pets via Hawaiian Airlines cargo.
  • Your pet as checked luggage travels in the luggage compartment of your flight.
  • Passengers should book their pet as check-in luggage at the same time you book your flights which is yet again subject to the availability of space.

You can also call the Hawaiian Airlines customer service team at 1-800-367-5320 for additional details to make the total arrangements for your pets.

Hawaiian Airlines pet Travel Policy

  • Pets are only accepted if the space is available.
  • Your pet should be at least eight weeks old to travel.
  • The airline does not let any interline transfers for pets.
  • The TSA should approve your pet carrier.
  • You must possess an Animal Health certificate from the medical vet experts.
  • Passengers should check the state of Hawaii rules for any animals arriving at the Big Island.
  • Birds can only travel as checked baggage and should be at least two weeks old.
  • You can take pets for 35 USD to travel within Hawaii.
  • For travel between Hawaii and North America, it is 125 USD.
  • Your pet should be odorless and harmless and may not make any noise whatsoever on the plane.
  • The pet carrier should be large enough to fit your pet, and he should be able to move around easily.
  • You can not feed your pet anything while onboard the airline.

If you comply with all these Hawaiian Airlines pet travel rules, you do not have to worry about anything.

Can I take Emotional Support pets with me on Hawaiian Airlines Flights?

Passengers used to bring their ESA with them on your Hawaiian Airlines flight. Emotional support Animals are meant to provide affection, comfort, or companionship to fulfill a particular task or assist persons with a disability.

However, as per the Hawaiian airlines pet travel rules, from 11 Jan 2021, passengers can not take emotional support animals with them on the flights. The US airlines department of transportation has, however, quoted otherwise. You can take your ESA onboard if they travel as pets only after they fulfill the pet travel requirements.

In conclusion,

Hawaiian Airlines passengers can travel with their pets onboard if they comply with all the pet travel rules. To know more about the transfer of pets, dial the Hawaiian Airlines pet travel phone number and connect with an expert.

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