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You can never guarantee travel arrangements will go on smoothly. So, no matter what you fly which airline, your travel plans can change abruptly. But the passengers with WestJet need not worry. The Westjet Change Flight option permits the customers to make changes to their flight schedules without a hassle.

In today’s busy world, you can not be sure what happens next. So, making foolproof plans with a 100% no-failure guarantee is out of the question. However, a little bit of modification doesn’t hurt, does it?

If you are ready to keep going no matter what, make changes to your Westjet flights by calling 1-888-937-8538. The airline ensures that your sudden change in plans does not affect your itinerary for cancellations.

Wondering How do I use WestJet change flight service? Read more and find out about it in detail.

What is Westjet Flight Change Policy?

Before you dive too much into the process of changing your flights, it’s much necessary for you to know the policy for flight change WestJet. The airline has set some specific rules that permit you to change your flight tickets as per your requirements.

Below You May Find the Change Flight Policy

  • Customers who make WestJet change flight service more than 60 days before departure will pay less. This is in comparison to passengers who change flights less than 60 days prior to the departure.
  • Make necessary adjustments to your flight reservation without overpaying. In accordance with Westjet’s change policy, there is no fee for change requests made within 24 hours of booking.
  • Passengers with basic fare tickets can not make any changes after the risk-free period.
  • According to Westjet’s flight change policy Econo Flex tickets, passengers can make free changes when traveling within Canada.
  • Those who bought their WestJet Booking tickets through OTA’s or third-party cannot make changes through the official website. To make any necessary changes, they must contact the agent directly.
  • The flight change policy also requires passengers to contact a customer service representative to make changes after check-in.

Risk-Free Flight Change

Westjet Passengers who want to change their flights on the same day as the book do not need to pay anything. Like many other airlines, WestJet also believes in a risk-free 24-hour period for the customers. That’s why passengers who successfully modify their flights within this time do not require to pay the WestJet change flight fee. Also, the risk-free period is generally beneficial for every fare category.

Still, this service benefits the most for passengers with basic fares because, after 24 hours period, no one allows them to change flight tickets free of cost.

Moreover, you do not even have to pay any WestJet change flight cost when the airline cancels flights due to some unforeseen situations. The airline will also offer you alternatives for the inconvenience caused. And if you feel unhappy with the airline’s proposal, feel free to contact WestJet experts.

How do I Change My Flights with WestJet?

If you wish to use WestJet change return flight or your departure one, the process will remain the same. However, you should know it in brief to make the desired changes. Below you will find the detailed steps to change your flights online as well as offline.

Steps to Westjet Change Flight Online

  • Open the official website of Westjet.
  • Now, log in using your name and password.
  • After that, enter the airline’s manage booking page.
  • Here you will see your booking details.
  • Else, provide the ticket booking number.
  • Also, enter the last name on the ticket.
  • Click “Search” to find the change flight option.
  • Now, follow the details online and change your flight to a new one,
  • Once selected, enter the payments section.
  • Clear the WestJet economy flight change fee or other as per your selection.
  • The flight change will complete after the payment.

The airline sends you a confirmation email to your registered ID on the successful flight change procedure. If you do not receive any mail, contact Westjet’s phone number for information.

Change a Westjet Flight Offline

You can also make changes to your WestJet flights offline. For this, simply make a call on the WestJet flight, change the phone number to 1 (888) 937-8538, and get in touch with the experts.

However, if you worry about the long waiting and hold timings, you can find Westjet on hold change a flight online, and locate alternate options anytime. But it’s sure that Westjet will tend to your concerns and help you make the flight changes with ease.

Here are the Steps:

  • Open the Westjet official website and find its WestJet Customer phone number 1-888-937-8538 or +1-888-978-0366.
  • Make a call using your mobile phone.
  • Follow the IVR instructions to connect to a live airline expert.
  • Wait until the call connects.
  • Now, speak to the agent and ask for a change my WestJet flight service help.
  • The agent will ask a few questions about your reservations,
  • Explain them, and the process will begin.
  • The airline expert will now offer you flights as per your new schedule.
  • Confirm the flight and complete the procedure by making payments.

Note:- If you bought the flights from an OTA, the phone call/offline flight change method wouldn’t work. You need to contact the agency to make possible changes.

Can I Change the Name on Westjet Tickets?

Westjet Change flight offers you many perks. And each perk has its own characteristics. So, if you are having some trouble with your tickets and wish to change them, there is no need to worry; WestJet will take care of everything. So, making name changes is also not a hassle now as the airline permits you to do so.

If you want to change the name on your WestJet booking, it is possible up until 2 hours prior to the flight’s departure. Moreover, the name change is possible on all your fares except for the basic tickets. You even need to clear the name change fee, which can be one of the following:

For Travel Tickets within Canada
  • Economy and Economy Flex Cabin- 100 to 118 CAD
  • Premium and Business Cabin- 118 to 150 CAD
For Travel Tickets from Canada to anywhere(Not in Europe)
  • All ticket change costs 100-118 CAD
From Canada to Europe Air travel
  • All ticket changing fee ranges from 150 to 177 CAD.

Note:- When you have a flight ticket with Westjet, you can make changes or modifications with ease. Simply follow the process mentioned above and you can go on with your air travel plans as per your new schedule. However, if you face any trouble, no worries. Connect with our specialists for clear guidance on Westjet change flight service and other available options.

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