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How to Upgrade Seats on WestJet Airlines?

Have you booked your flight on WestJet Airlines and are willing to change seats? Then, you need to know about the WestJet seat selection policy with which you can change your seat as per your suitability. Moreover, passengers can enjoy more comfort, extra legroom, and more luxurious amenities in their seats during flying.

Further, you can choose your desired seat 24 hours before the flight departure with the help of a managed booking option. You need to follow the process below to upgrade your WestJet seats.

WestJet Airlines Seat Selection Policy

  • According to the seat selection WestJet policy, the passengers can upgrade their seats from only one class to the upper class.
  • However, you cannot change your seats from business to economy class.
  • Besides, passengers should try to select their favourite seat at the time of flight booking. Because they can acquire a better chance to get the desired seat as the seat availability is higher then.
  • The seat selection during check-in can be made when the seats are available on the flight.
  • Passengers can select seats on WestJet one to two hours prior to the planned departure for domestic flight routes.
  • On the other hand, you can select your seats one to three hours before the flight’s scheduled departure for international flight routes.
  • If you want to select a seat from one flight class to another, you must make the flight rebooking for this.

Few Important Points to Select the Seat on WestJet Airlines

  • For Basic Seats

These types of seats provide an emergency exit to choosing the seats prior. You must follow a standard process to select this seat, and you might be charged more.

  • For Economic

Moreover, these WestJet seats also offer the same service as Basic. However, you can select this seat in advance without paying any extra charges.

  • For EconoFlex

It is a bundle of standard seat selections and offers preferred seat options with an emergency exit without any fee.

  • Family Seating

Besides, if you booked more than two flight tickets, you can select your seats to sit together. However, you need to provide the personal info of all passengers.

Steps to Upgrade Seats on WestJet

Passengers who want to upgrade their WestJet seats can look out for the instructions below and upgrade their seat hassle-free.

  • To upgrade seats, you need to go to the official website of WestJet Airlines.
  • Then, move to the option of “Check-in” and share your booking details.
  • Now, move further and choose the “Seat upgrade” option.
  • Next, you can check availability and choose the class in which you want to upgrade your reservation.
  • At last, you have to make an online payment to confirm your seat upgrade.

How to Select a Seat on WestJet Airlines?

If you are a new flyer, booking your flight tickets for the first time, and want to know the WestJet seat selection procedure, then you should learn the below steps to book your preferred seat on the flight.

  • To book your preferred seat while booking, navigate to the official site of WestJet first.
  • Now, you have to choose “Manage Trip.”
  • Next, click on the “Manage flights” option.
  • Then, you have to login into your account to get your flight details.
  • Afterward, choose the “Seat Selection” option.
  • Further, you will see a seat map to reserve your seats from the available seats.
  • At last, follow the further instructions and complete the seat selection process.

How Much Does Westjet Charge For Seat Selection?

Passengers can choose their favourite seats at the time of check-in or booking by using the “Manage Trips” section. However, if they don’t pick the seat while booking, the airline will automatically allocate any seat for free.

Moreover, passengers can reserve their preferred seats by paying the WestJet seat selection fee. To do this, you should understand the charge criteria for seat selection.

Take a look,

  • The seat selection charge for the basic fare at the time of check-in is 5-118 CAD.
  • The standard seat selection charges for the basic fare are 5-59 CAD.
  • Moreover, the seat selection charges for the exit row and preferred for the basic fare is 10-118 CAD.
  • For the Econo fare, the standard seat selection charge is 5-59 CAD, and the preferred and exit row seat allocation fee is 10-118 CAD.
  • Further, the charges for preferred seat selection are available at a discount for Basic or Econo fare.
  • The seat selection fee for the exit row of EconoFlex fare is 10-118 CAD.

Does WestJet Have Free Seat Selection?

  • For select seats on WestJet, passengers can reserve their flight at any time or up to a day before planned departure with the help of the “Manage Trips” option.
  • The seat selection fee on WestJet depends on the ticket type.
  • Besides, if you do not select your seat in advance, your seat will be allocated for free at your check-in.

What Does Prefered Seating Mean On WestJet?

As we know, WestJet Airlines offers a preferred seating option for its passengers. Now, passengers with basic fares can pre-reserve their WestJet seats. These seats are usually settled at the front of the aircraft. Similarly, you can select seats on WestJet so that you can have the flying experience of multiple types of advanced seats. i.e., Exit row seats, standard seats, and preferred seats.

Is WestJet Seat Selection Refundable?

  • With WestJet Airlines, seat selection charges are non-refundable up to a day of planned departure with the mentioned expectations of the flight cancellation.
  • It should be made around 48 hours before the scheduled time declaration.
  • Moreover, paid seats are non-refundable.
  • However, a refund can be made through multiple methods if you can modify your seat allocation on the same aircraft to a low-cost or free seat.

Bottom Line!

With the above steps, you can simply select your desired seat on WestJet Airlines. If you still have doubts, you can call WestJet Airlines customer service 24/7.

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