Westjet Unaccompanied Minor Policy


Guidance on WestJet Unaccompanied Minor Policy

Are you going to send your child alone to any destination with WestJet and worry about him/her safety? Then, you do not need to be worried. WestJet’s Unaccompanied Minor policy has been designed especially for minors who travel alone. Moreover, the policy provides peace of mind to the parents and guardians by giving their minors a safe and enjoyable journey.

The airline will ensure to reach your child at the destination safely. For this, your child will get a special staff member who will be him/her until they board their flight. On this page, you will learn the important aspects of travel.

Know About WestJet Unaccompanied Minor Program

The Unaccompanied Minor WestJet program is made to ensure the safety of minors who are flying alone on the flights. Moreover, WestJet is pleased to provide an unaccompanied-minor service for children aged 8 to 17 who are traveling alone. Only allowed on direct and non-stop flights.

In addition to this, all children should be accompanied by an adult on the flights until they are 12 years old unless they travel.

An Overview of the Eligibility for WestJet Unaccompanied Minor Program

If you wish to let your child travel under the unaccompanied minor program of Westjet Airways, then your child must be eligible as per the below criteria. You can also opt for the Guardian fare program, which allows you to send your child at discounted prices.

  • The age of the child should be up to 8 years.
  • Also, children who are eight years old and travel alone but have not turned 12 need to use this service.
  • Besides, this service is optional for minors who are flying along and aged 12 but have not yet turned 18.

Further, the unaccompanied Minor Policy of the airline is not applicable for the

  • Passengers who have hearing or visual impairments or they need WestJet special assistance.
  • Or the passengers who already get a WestJet pet travel service.
  • Those who face where they have to carry an epinephrine auto-injector during travel.
  • Similarly, people who require assistance with important medication.
  • Unable to speak in English or French.

Note:- Parents or guardians must go through the age criteria of the unaccompanied minor policy to make a flight reservation for their child hassle-free.

How to Reserve a Flight for WestJet Unaccompanied Minor?

Customers can book the unaccompanied minor program in multiple ways, Online and Offline. Furthermore, you will find the step-by-step guidance for both ways below.

Book WestJet unaccompanied Minor Program through the Online

  • You need to visit www.Westjet.com (the official website) to start the process and click on the “Book A Flight” tab from the menu.
  • You have to enter some travel details such as arrival and departure destinations and the number of passengers.
  • Then, consider the further instructions to complete the reservation, including selecting your desired flight and seats.
  • You must choose the “Unaccompanied Minor” tab from the dropdown menu on the other page.
  • After that, you need to mention the minor’s age traveling alone. Ensures that the airline accepts children between 8 to 17.
  • Again, you need to consider the upcoming directions to book your child while choosing their flight and seat.
  • Next, you must complete the documentation and make a payment for the WestJet Unaccompanied Minor fee during the reservation.
  • Ensure that the charge may differ as it depends on the destination and time of the travel.
  • Further, parents or guardians must check in at the airline counter and provide the documents for them and their minors once they reach the airport. Also, they have to complete the paperwork and sign a waiver.
  • Then, the airline staff will guard the child with security at the gate. A flight attendant will be allocated to care for the child during the trip.
  • The minor will be escorted off the plane and handed over to the person who picks up the child from the destination airport.

Book WestJet unaccompanied Minor Program Through Offline

  • First, you must call the WestJet Airlines phone number at 1-888-937-8538. Besides, you will have to acquire the number from the airline’s main site.
  • Then, you must request a WestJet unaccompanied minor to notify the representative that you wish to book that program for your children.
  • After that, the airline representative will ask you to share the trip details, such as the preferred date, the number of passengers, and the arrival or departure cities.
  • Now, you must verify the age of the child you are booking an unaccompanied minor program for. Ensure the airline will only allow children aged between 8 to 17 as accompanied minors.
  • The representative will let you learn the entire process to finish booking with the process of reserving the seats and flight.
  • He will ask you to provide additional details, such as the person’s contact information. These details are for the person who will pick up and drop off the minor at the airport.
  • You will need to pay an application fee, which may fluctuate based on some specified factors.
  • The representative will inform you about the required airport documents, the check-in process, etc.
  • Parents must reach the airport early for the check-in process on the day of departure. You need to also confirm your identity for both your child and yours.
  • The airline staff will guard the child with security at the gate. A flight attendant will be allocated to guard the child during the trip.
  • The minor will assist off the plane and hand it over to the specified person who picks up the minor from the destination airport.

Note:- You may have to pay for additional service if you book the tickets for your unaccompanied minor by taking the assistance of the airline’s customer service department.

What are the Restrictions for Minors to Fly Alone with Westjet?

The airline allows the children to travel solely under the unaccompanied minor policy for Westjet Airlines. It will be subject to the mentioned below restrictions:

  • Unaccompanied Minors services are applicable for children aged between 8 and under 18 years and traveling alone on domestic flights within Canada. They are non-stop or direct and require no change of aircraft.
  • The flight should be marketed and operated by WestJet.
  • Minors are not allowed to travel for connecting flights.
  • Similarly, minors cannot arrive after 10:00 pm and leave at 5:30 pm.
  • Consequently, unaccompanied minors are not permitted to travel on red-eye flights.

Understand the Travel Journey of an Unaccompanied Minor With Westjet

WestJet offers a program especially for unaccompanied minors (Between 5 to 11) who travel alone. Below is the explanation of the entire journey of your minor with the respective airline.

Before Departure

  • Parents or guardians need to book the unaccompanied minor program while booking the flight ticket for their child.
  • However, the airline imposes a fee that may differ depending on the flight route.
  • Additionally, parents need to fill out a WestJet unaccompanied minor form in which they must provide the required information about their child and contact details for both parties.
  • Also, your child must carry essential travel documents and a passport when traveling to an international destination.

At The Airport

  • The parents and the child must reach the airport up to 90 minutes before the planned departure time.
  • In addition to this, the parents will be required to provide the government-approved legal photo ID and sign the UM form at the WestJet check-in.
  • After that, the airline representatives will give a wristband to the child to wear during the whole journey for their safety.
  • At last, security will handle your child to the gate through a representative.
    While Flight
  • Based on the flight, the child will be seated at the specified plane seat, either at the back of the plane or near the front.
  • After that, the unaccompanied minor will acquire a special UM kit which includes games, snacks, and other things to keep the child occupied during the journey.
  • Likewise, the flight attendant will timely check the child while flying and assist them if they need something.

After The Flight

  • The child will leave the plane and will be brought to the arrival gate when they reach the arrival destination.
  • After that, the airline agents will check the legal ID of the child and verify it with the information given by his/her parents.
  • Similarly, the person whose name mentions on the UM form and government-approved photo Id should meet the child at the arrival gate. He also needs to sign them out from the agent.

Note:- Remember that the UM service is compulsory for children between the ages of 5 – 17 and flying alone with WestJet. On the other hand, children aged between 12 -17 can travel alone and do not need to use the UM service.

What Documents You Must Have to Book WestJet Unaccompanied Minor Program?

The unaccompanied minor program is introduced to enable minors to travel alone, and the age of the children to use this service should be 8 -11. Moreover, Parents must have the following documents to book their child using the program.

  • The gender, age, and name of the children.
  • The contact information of the parents or guardian who assign to drop the child at the airport and pick them up.
  • The airline required a copy of the birth certificate of the child.
  • Also, WestJet ID requirements for unaccompanied minors include a legal government-approved identification that shows the date of birth and gender of the child.
  • Likewise, the complete flight information includes the date, time, and flight number.
  • Similarly, the payment for the WestJet unaccompanied minor fee.
  • In addition, a complete unaccompanied minor form contains emergency contact details about the child’s travel arrangements.

Moreover, WestJet also required identification for the child and the person who picked up and dropped the child. It may contain a legal government-approved photo ID like a driver’s license or Aadhar card. Besides, it is advisable to connect with the help department of the airline to confirm the requirements for the unaccompanied minor service. It may fluctuate as it is based on the destination and other factors.

What Is the Fee to Book WestJet Unaccompanied Minor Service?

You must pay the airline a fee when booking WestJet unaccompanied minor programs. Under the minor program, you have to pay $100 per child per flight to the fare. In addition to this, the fee ranges from 100-118 CAD (75-85 USD) for each passenger in each direction. By calling, you have 24 hours to confirm your booked flights by paying the fare cost of the $100 Service fee per route.

Some Useful Tips for the Unaccompanied Minor Checklists with WestJet

WestJet Airlines specifies that the minor needs to reach the airport up to 90 minutes before departure. The child’s current age must be between 8-17 years old when he/she is going to travel. The airline may be denied boarding when he/she reaches less than 90 minutes prior to the planned departure. Below is the checklist for flying alone with the airline.


The following items you should pack in the personal carry-on of your child.

  • Sunglasses or other essentials.
  • Or the complete details on how to reach the pick-up person.
  • Also, provide headphones, a toy, an iPad, or other electronic gadgets.
  • Snakes when allowed by the security.

Prior Reach To The Airport

You should note the things mentioned below before you arrive at the airport.

  • Keep needed identification with you.
  • All the luggage should label with your child’s name and contact detail.
  • Also, you have to complete the WestJet unaccompanied minor form.
    Similarly, meet the demands of the person who will pick the child, and that person’s age should be more than 18 years.

Prepare The Child For Traveling Alone

Parents must let their children know about their journey and other things. Some of them are as follows:

  • Adhere to the directions all times provided by the flight crew.
  • Besides, ensure that the Honorary WestJetter and lanyard cards are always visited when the child wears them.
  • Sit when you reach the flight attendant who will assist you in leaving the plane.

Note:- you can give your child a smooth and hassle-free journey by considering the above checklist when they are flying alone as WestJet unaccompanied minors.


WestJet Unaccompanied Minor’s request is to ensure the comfort and safety of the children traveling alone. You must follow the guidelines set down by the airline for your child’s protection in your absence. You can also navigate to the airline’s main site and connect with its representatives to get any assistance regarding this service 24/7.

People Also Asked Questions(FAQs)

Q. Does WestJet allow unaccompanied minors?
Yes, WestJet Airlines permits children from 8 to 17 to fly along as unaccompanied minors. Besides, the airline can accommodate up to four on each flight.
Q. What are the airline rules for unaccompanied minors?
Most airlines allow children who have reached their fifth birthday to travel as unaccompanied minors. Besides, kids aged 5 to 11 traveling alone must usually travel according to the special procedure.
Q. How much is the unaccompanied minor fee?
WestJet Airlines charges a nominal fee to travelers wishing to send their child alone as an unaccompanied minor. Additionally, the airlines generally charge $50 for each way service charge from the travelers.
Q. Can minors fly alone in Canada?
Yes, a child and teen require the permission of their parents to travel alone. You need to also connect with the airline to know the complete information. Similarly, you can contact airline representatives to get help booking to travel alone in Canada.
Q. What age do Kids fly free WestJet?
Generally, children under 14 years of age can have family seating at no additional cost. However, children two or older than this require a ticket to travel.

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