Alaska Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Policy


Alaska Air is aware of the concern regarding children who need to travel alone. To keep this in mind, the airline has introduced Alaska Airlines unaccompanied minor tickets for the ease of parents who wish to send their child alone by air. This policy will ensure that they will be safe while traveling so that they can enjoy their journey. In the below article, we will discuss every piece of information that you must understand to use this unaccompanied minor program in Alaska.

An Overview of Alaska Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Rules

Alaska Airlines allows children aged five to twelve flying without parents, guardians, or an elderly person of at least 18 years old to travel as Alaska unaccompanied minors. For this, the airline charges a fee that covers the additional service provided to the child and the supervision offered to the minors. Further, we will discuss the important guidelines made by the airline for unaccompanied minors. Read all the points carefully that are as follows:

  • The children who are below five cannot travel to Alaska as Alaska unaccompanied minors without any adult.
  • Besides, unaccompanied minors between 5 and 7 years old can travel on direct flights. Also, they cannot travel between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. as per the rules.
  • However, you need to check the baggage permission prior to leaving your child at the airport.
  • Moreover, children ages eight to seventeen years old can fly alone as UM on Alaska for international flights.
  • Besides, the carrier will ask you to fill out the complete contact details on the Alaska Airlines unaccompanied minor forms about the person who will pick up the child at the destination airport.
  • You can use the Alaska Air Unaccompanied Minor program for children between five to seventeen years old.
  • Children aged 13-17 years old do not need to fly as UM in Alaska. This service is voluntary for children under this age group.
  • Alaska Airlines designed Unaccompanied Minors for all children younger than 13 years who need to travel without their parents, guardians, or other responsible adult up to 18 years old.
  • Children aged five to seven years are required to journey on nonstop flights only.
  • Unaccompanied minors in Alaska cannot travel with their pets.
  • Similarly, parents or guardians must escort their child with the gate pass to the gate.
  • You need to inform the airline when someone will come to meet your minor at connecting airport.
  • Likewise, the guardian needs to wait in the area of boarding till the flight of minors departs.
  • On the other hand, the children have to carry a required consent letter when they are traveling on international routes.

Alaska Airlines Unaccompanied Minors Age Restrictions

The considered age of Alaska Airlines’ unaccompanied Minors is 5 – 12 years, and it is the lowest age of UM who travel alone with an adult whose age is 18 years old or above. However, this service is voluntary for children whose ages are between twelve to seventeen years old. Besides, parents need to fill out a form before sending their child alone as per the Alaska Airlines rules for minors.

Further, the airline allows the children to fly on the day only on direct flights. Because minors who fly alone between the ages of 5 and 7 can travel only on direct flights. On the other hand, children whose age group is between 8 and 17 are able to fly on connecting flights.

Unaccompanied Minor AgeConnecting FlightsUMNR Travel Policy
5-7 YrsNoPermitted
8-12 YrsYesPermitted
13-17 YrsYesOptional

Important Documents Needed For Unaccompanied Minor Travel

Alaska Airlines requires some documents for the safety of the minors. Parents or guardians need to send the following documents with their unaccompanied minor flying on Alaska Airlines to provide a hassle-free journey to their child.

  • Birth Certificate
  • Passport
  • School ID
  • Federal ID card
  • Unaccompanied minor form along with the complete all the required information of those persons who will be dropped off and picked up by your child at the airport.

Note: The airlines also required you to fill out an Alaska Airlines Unaccompanied Minor guardian form, which mentions the needed details correctly to avoid any hassle.

How To Book Unaccompanied Minors Program With Alaska Airlines?

Unaccompanied minor flight reservation on Alaska Air is an easy process. Moreover, it can be done through the main website, through call, or by the airport. Moreover, you can easily make your unaccompanied minor booking by dialing an Alaska Airlines Unaccompanied minor phone number at 000 800 100 1051 to connect with its customer service. Further, you can easily book a UNMR ticket online with Alaska by following the easy steps:

  • First, navigate to the Alaska Airlines’ official website.
  • Then, choose the number of children and mention the ) adults while booking unaccompanied minors.
  • After that, add the complete passenger details and the exact age of the UM.
  • Now, press the Find Flights tab on the screen.
  • Follow the further instructions and choose a seat using the Alaska seat map.
  • Finally, you must pay the applicable fee to confirm your UMNR reservation.

Note: Alaska Airlines allows you to change or cancel without paying a change fee within 24 hours of booking. Additionally, the customer service of Alaska Air will fill out the guardian consent form for the UMNR travel while booking. It is important to fill out this once you complete the UMNR booking process.

How Much Does Alaska Airlines Charge to Book Unaccompanied Minors Service?

Alaska Airlines unaccompanied Minors fee with Alaska Air is $50 for each route for the direct, nonstop flights and $75 per route for the Alaska connecting flights. However, the children with Alaska reservations with MVP Gold, MVP, and Gold Mileage Plan have been waived from paying unaccompanied minor charges. Besides, you can also pay this fee during the online check-in, at the ticket counter, or while checking at the airport.

Unaccompanied Minor AgeUnaccompanied Minor Cost
5-12 Yrs$50 per direction on direct flight
13-17 Yrs$50 per direction on direct flight
$75 per direction on connecting flight

Alaska Air Unaccompanied Minor Travel Procedure

To ensure a safe journey for your child, you need to follow the Alaska Airlines unaccompanied minor rules. You must become very conscious when you are sending your unaccompanied minor to Alaska for the first time. Similarly, you must know everything associated with Alaska Airlines boarding, check-in, and the ways you need to prepare your child for traveling alone.


You must arrive at the airport at least 90 minutes prior to the scheduled departure in case of domestic flight. Besides, the international flight reaches the airport two hours before the planned departure of your reservation. So, keep an additional 30 minutes for your child’s safety and keep the required documents along with your child to ensure an easy check-in.


You will acquire the escort pass of Alaska to accompany unaccompanied minor to the gate when you complete your check-in, and the Alaska Airlines Unaccompanied Minor charges are paid online. After that, the child will obtain a wristband to make an easy identification that they are traveling alone on the airline.

Moreover, they will acquire the benefits of priority boarding and sit in the Alaska lounge with an adult who is below 13 years old. Likewise, Alaska Airlines executives will assist your child during boarding and during the flight.

During Flight

Moreover, an unaccompanied minor will acquire a tablet for entertainment while flying and a complimentary meal when you buy the main cabin tickets for a journey of a maximum of two hours.

Bottom Line!

Alaska Airlines’ unaccompanied minor program has been made to categorize the children’s protection and the safety of minors traveling alone. Besides, the airline also assists the children during or before traveling to provide a comfortable journey. It is helpful to visit the official website or contact customer service when planning to book an unaccompanied minor program or to acquire updated facts and relevant details.

People Asked Questions(FAQ)

Q. What is Alaska Airlines’ policy for unaccompanied minors?
Children between 5 and 17 years old need to travel as an unaccompanied minors, and they cannot travel on nonstop flight tickets as per the unaccompanied minor program of the airline.
Q. Does Alaska Airlines let minors fly alone?
Yes. Alaska Airlines welcomes unaccompanied child guests and provides special assistance to them during the trip. Besides, the airline takes care of the minor’s safety in the absence of their parents or guardian.
Q. What are the rules for unaccompanied minors on planes?
Alaska Airlines will allow the children, when they reach their fifteenth birthday, to travel unaccompanied. Additionally, the kids ages 5 to 11 who need to traveling alone generally travel in accordance with unaccompanied minor processes.
Q. Can a 14-year-old go to the airport alone?
Alaska Airlines unaccompanied minor procedures are not applicable for children whose age is between 12 and 17. A young passenger must have the maturity and the capability to fly without parents.
Q. What are unaccompanied minor procedures?
Before public boarding starts, the youngster will be led onto the aircraft by an Employee, who will introduce the child to the flight attendant as an unaccompanied minor. We’ll let you know when you can leave the boarding area; until the child’s flight takes off, you must remain in the gate area.

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