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Spirit Airlines Unaccompanied Minor

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Spirit Airlines Unaccompanied Minor

If you always think not twice but thrice before sending your underage child alone on flights, use Spirit Airlines unaccompanied minor service. The low-cost American carrier will make sure that your child flies safely to the destination.

When your child has to fly solo with Spirit, you do not have to worry about the child’s safety at all. The airline’s unaccompanied minor travel policy is specially designed to ensure that not a single parent has to be scared of sending the child alone.

Let’s find out about the Spirit unaccompanied minor travel.

Children between the age of 5-14 fall under the category of minors and can book Spirit Airlines unaccompanied minor service to fly without a legal guardian or parent.

What are Spirit Airlines unaccompanied minors?

Children between the age of 5 to 14 flying without a parent, guardian, or accompanying adult are unaccompanied minors and fly alone on all domestic Spirit flights. If you still wonder whether you should send your unaccompanied minor to Spirit Airlines, take a look at the age criteria below!

Spirit unaccompanied minor age criteria:

  • Age 4 Years and Younger

Young children of age four years or less can not travel as unaccompanied minors spirit. The airline requires an accompanying guest of age 15 or older in the same booking for them to be eligible to fly.

  • 5 to 14 years

If there is no adult at least 15 years old accompanying the minors, you can book this age group’s children under the unaccompanied minor service. However, the airline will only allow them on direct/non-stop flights where the airplane or flight number does not change.

  • Children over 15

If a child is 15 years old, he will rather fall under the adult’s category and does not require any unaccompanied minor service to fly. But the present photo ID or a birth certificate is mandatory for age verification purposes. The unaccompanied minor service is, however, available upon request and will be subject to the related service charge.

Spirit Airlines does not permit unaccompanied minors to travel on international flights, connecting flights, or domestic flights that need aircraft changes.

How much is the Unaccompanied Minor fee on Spirit?

To book your children’s flight for them to fly alone, you need to pay a 150USD spirit airlines unaccompanied minor fee each way. This charge is an addition to the original ticket price on Spirit Airlines.

Though the airline charges this fee for your minors to travel each way, the prices are still reasonable, being Spirit Airlines is a low-cost carrier. Besides, on paying the unaccompanied minor service fee, the child also gets snacks and drinks on board. 

Spirit Airlines does not allow unaccompanied minors to fly with them when there is a travel advisory by the weather forecast department or flights are supposed to terminate just in case.

How do I Book flights for Unaccompanied Minors?

To book flights for an unaccompanied minor, spirit airlines require you to inform first about the same. In other words, when booking a child’s flight for him to travel alone with Spirit Airlines, you need to specify his age while booking. 

After that, follow the general booking steps and complete the booking procedure. Here are the detailed steps to booking flights.

To book a Spirit Airline unaccompanied minor,

  • Go to the official booking website of Spirit Airlines and enter their booking section.
  • Specify the trip type and select the passenger as children between ages 0 to 17 and provide a date of birth.
  • Accept the Unaccompanied minor fee and charges and continue to choose a flight as per your time and fare preference.
  • Now, you need to select whether you want any add-ons or simply continue to the next page by confirming the current benefits.
  • Continue to provide the complete passenger details with the details of a contact person.
  • Now, you need to provide the details of a person coming to pick up the minor and finish your booking steps by making the complete payment.

You have a flight booking for your child. Now, you only need to know the basic guidelines for sending your child on board with Spirit Airlines.

What are the guidelines for unaccompanied minor travel booking?

If you follow these guidelines, your child can travel without a hassle and you can enjoy your flights with ease. 

  • You need to check-in your child at the ticket counter only and that too is 60 minutes before the flight’s departure.
  • The drop-off parent should complete an unaccompanied minor travel form while check-in with a photo ID proof. This is a mandatory requirement when checking in your child at the airport.
  • The form gets inserted into your child’s lanyard which is necessary to be worn throughout the flight.
  • Your child will get a pre-boarding and needs identification from a Flight attendant who will further take turns to check in on him.
  • If you are too late to board your child, the airline will let your child on board at last.
  • The person at drop-off must remain at the gate until the flight takes off.
  • Also, the minor travel form should have the details about the person who will come to the pickup point.
  • At pickup, the person will be asked for ID proof which the airline will match to the given details and then allow the person to take the child with him.

This way, you can send your unaccompanied minor with Spirit Airlines and ensure their safety. If you need additional details, you can call Spirit Airlines unaccompanied minor booking phone number at 1 (855) 728-3555 and get the answers. For extra help, you can also call our expert team and get the desired solutions.

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