How Do I Get A Refund From JetBlue?


Sometimes we face situations that push us to cancel our itinerary. Thus, we require a refund policy from JetBlue Airways. You can claim a refund when the airline delays your flight due to bad weather, technical or non-technical errors, or more. You will be able to learn every piece of information that you need to know for getting a refund.

Steps To Request a Refund from JetBlue

Passengers can revoke their booking and acquire a refund from Jetblue Airlines Cancellation Policy. However, if you cancel a non-refundable fare, you will get a credit voucher for the unused portion of the tickets as per the JetBlue non-refundable policy. Further, consider the below steps to get a full refund:

  • Search
  • Then, visit the website and “Manage My Booking” page.
  • Now, select the “Refund” option.
  • Here, enter the required details, such as the ticket number and last name of the passenger.
  • Next, Click the “Continue” tab.
  • Further, you can see your applicable refund amount with complete details.
  • Here, choose the “Refund” application tab.
  • Again, mention the required details such as an address, email id, complete name, phone number, etc.
  • Then, select the type of trip.
  • After that, you need to pick a reason to acquire a refund.
  • Now, write the reason for requesting a refund and then click on “OK” to the terms & conditions.
  • At last, click on the “submit” tab, & you will get a confirmation email from the airline.
  • Therefore, using the above data, you will surely get your refund from JetBlue, as the online method is the fast and effective way to obtain a JetBlue refund.

What Is JetBlue Current Refund Policy?

Below are the guidelines of the Jet Blue refund policy imposed by the airline to accommodate the specified requirements of the airline.

For Non-refundable Fare

  • When you cancel the flight ticket within a day of ticket purchase, then you can claim a full refund.
  • Besides, if you cross the risk-free window, you will only get travel credits in the form of a refund if you are qualified as per JetBlue’s non-refundable ticket policy.

For Refundable Fare

  • Passengers with refundable flight tickets can cancel their booking online for free when they make it within the specified period of time. Also, you will acquire an eligible refund value.
  • In accordance with the JetBlue Airways refund policy, you can cancel your tickets some hours prior to the scheduled departure.

Basic Fare

  • The Basic fares on JetBlue Airways are also categorized as non-refundable flight reservations.
  • In addition to this, you will also need to pay a flight cancellation cost which is up to $200 for each person when you travel within the US, Mexico, Central America, or the Caribbean.


  • JetBlue Airways forfeit the complete booking amount and cancel your entire journey when you are a no-show, according to the Jet Blue refund policy.
  • If you are a JetBlue Airways No-Show passenger Policy, you will not get any refund for your cancelled flight tickets.
  • Consequently, it is advisable to rebook your flight tickets in the event of a no-show.

Travel Bank Refund

  • Suppose one cancels a non-refundable flight ticket, Spirit Airlines will provide you travel credits as per JetBlue’s non-refundable ticket policy.
  • On the other hand, you are allowed to book new flight tickets using the value of e-credits within one year from the date of issuance.

How do I Contact JetBlue for a Refund?

When you want to reserve your flight tickets and request a refund. Then, you can connect with JetBlue Airways customer service by calling a toll-free number 1-800-538-2583 / +1-888-978-0366. Then, you will connect to a live person who will assist you in getting a refund.

  • First, Dial the given number and choose your desired language.
  • Then, follow the automated IVR menu carefully.
  • Press 9 from the options to talk to a live person at JetBlue.
  • At last, your call will be transferred to a live agent, and you can solve your issues.

How Long Does It Take to Get a Refund from JetBlue?

Passengers can claim a refund through an online platform or from airline representatives. Similarly, you will obtain your refund as per the rules of JetBlue Airlines’ refund policy. Besides, it also depends on the mode of payment used while booking.

Consequently, the airline provides a refund within 7 to 10 working days for the flight ticket payments done online. In addition, when you have purchased your flight tickets through check or cash. Then, you will acquire your refund for up to 20 working days.

How Does JetBlue Airways Refund Work?

If you want to know how the JetBlue refund process works. So, cancel your reservation to obtain a refund. Now, fill out a refund form that can be accessed from the official website as per the policy.

Further, complete the form by entering the complete information and submitting the form to the airlines’ page. After that, the refund process starts once the airline and the airline give your refund in the original form of booking payment.


For additional information regarding JetBlue’s refund policy or if you have any queries or doubts. Then, you can directly connect with your team by dialling our helpline number 24/7.

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