Volaris Name Change or Correction Policy

Sometimes, travelers may wrongly enter their name or other details while making Volaris Airlines reservations. For this, the airline has introduced a specific Volaris Name Change policy to allow passengers to modify or correct the name on their ticket. The carrier also provides airline services for both domestic & international routes.

On this web page, you will get complete guidance on changing your name with ease. If you are looking for the name change process or rules, do not go anywhere as you will acquire every information in the below section. Further, you will easily change or correct your name by yourself.

Different Kinds of Volaris Change Name

According to the guidelines, you can request a name change for the misspelled or incorrect name. Besides, each name modification has its own foundations and process, as described below:

Married Name Change

Suppose the passengers purchase their flight tickets with a maiden or married name and have a name modification update on the passport between the date of travel and flight booking. Then, they can request a Volaris name change. Moreover, the flight ticket may be re-issued to the same or higher class as per availability. Fare difference will apply.

Legal Name Change

Due to legal considerations, passengers may need to alter their names on their tickets. However, the airline will ask you to submit the needed documents, such as a photo Id with the correct name, legal decree, and so on, for validation. With this service, you can change the name on your ticket until 1:30 hours before your flight.

Spelling Errors

Passengers can also correct the spelling errors made with their names on the ticket. Besides, they can make name corrections for up to four characters.

Minor Name Change

With Volaris, you can correct up to four characters on the primary, middle, or last name in case of minor spelling errors.

Middle or Last Name

You can also request to add or remove the middle name. In addition, you will have two last names they can request for a name change. Similarly, it is suggested to always review your given details before buying a Volaric ticket. Also, check that the details you mention for your reservation should match your legal documents.

Guidelines for the Volaris Change Name Policy

Below are the terms & conditions to change the name on your ticket. So, read all the points carefully to avoid any loss while changing your name.

  • The passenger’s name on the ticket must match the legal documents, such as a government-approved passport or id—for example, a driving license for domestic flights and a passport for international travel.
  • The airport staff can stop you from boarding a flight when your name is wrong or does not match your legal documents Following the policy rules.
  • Passengers can request a name change up to 90 minutes before departure. The flight must be operated by Volaris Airlines.
  • You will have to pay a non-refundable cost of $0 to $400 to change your name If you want to change your name.
  • Remember that the passengers can change their name on the Volaris ticket 4 hours before the departure.
  • In addition, passengers may need to pay a fare difference if applicable.
  • Per Volaris’ name change policy, the airline does not allow you to transfer your ticket to someone else.
  • Also, some flight fares did not allow you to change names. You should cancel your flight reservation and claim a refund for your ticket value.
  • You can make a new flight reservation with the correct name on the ticket for the exact destination.
  • Besides, when you modify your name and airline, the airline will ask you to pay a conversion fee and a type of ticket.
  • Likewise, you must keep your name within 24 hours of the planned departure.
  • Moreover, you can change the passenger name on Volaris by phone, online (if permitted for your country), through a ticket office, your travel agent, or at the airport.
  • On the other hand, a name change request on the ticket is approved on the same plane when more than one airline other than Volaris. Also, all other carriers ask to contact the passengers.

Note:- If you want to know more about the guidelines of the change name policy, you can communicate with the airline professionals and get an instant response.

What Is the Volaris Name Correction Policy?

If you mistakenly entered the misspelled name and wish to correct it, then you can do it as per the name correction rules of the airline. In this case, you need to connect with the airline agents. To correct a name, the airline may ask you to provide related documents, such as a copy of travel documents, photo ID, etc., per Volaris’ name change policy.

Moreover, the airline will not allow for name alterations under the following conditions:

  • You change your flight on the same day as the flight’s planned departure.
  • Moreover, your reservation includes a flight segment from various airlines or code-share/agreement partners.
  • Besides, the scheduled departure is within the next 24 hours.
  • Or, you are already holding an outbound flight at Volaris.

Volaris Name Change After Marriage or Divorce

The airline requires particular paperwork for a name change due to Marriage or Divorce. For example, if you change your name or the marriage purpose, you must provide your marriage certificate to the airline. However, passengers are required to show the divorce decree when they wish to modify their name on the ticket due to Divorce.

Moreover, Volaris Airlines also allows for a legal name change. This regulation restricts name modification for people who are involved in fraud cases. Besides, suppose a person wants to alter their name in this condition; the airline will require court orders to perform the changes officially. Similarly, there are different ways to acquire orders based on the state or nation.

Procedure to Change a Name on Volaris.

When you are familiar with the above information, you wish to know the procedure to change a name on the ticket. Moreover, you must know that you can amend or correct your name through multiple methods, Online and offline.

Online (Via Official Website)

You may need to open the airline’s main site When using an online method. After that, you need to follow the following steps:

  • First, open Volaris Airlines’ official website.
  • Then, it would be best to head to the “Manage Booking” tab.
  • Now, you have to choose the “Name Change” option.
  • You must input the required details, such as surname and booking number.
  • After that, select the passenger you need to modify the name.
  • Next, add the correct name in the given box.
  • On the other hand, you need to pay the Volaris name change fee and fare difference if required.
  • Lastly, when the payment is made, you will obtain a confirmation email from the airline.

Offline (Via Customer Service)

If the above name change method is not suitable for you, then you can directly get in touch with Volaris Airlines. However, you may pay for service and fare differences in offline mode. For this, you must have Volaris’ contact number, 1-888-978-0366, and speak to a live agent who will help you with the same.

Time Limit To Modify a Name

You must ensure that the airline permits you to modify a name on the Volaris ticket up to four hours before the planned departure. So, you must follow the deadline when changing your name to avoid loss. You can also get assistance from the airline representatives when you need help to enter your name.

How Much Does Volaris Charge for Name Change?

With Volaris, all name changes are subject to a fee, and then the airline will approve your request. It is advisable to always verify all the details of the passengers before confirming your flight tickets. Passengers have to pay a name change fee of $200 which is non-refundable, along with the fare difference amount. Also, you need to review that the details, including the name given by you, should be matched to your legal Id proofs.

Moreover, if you modify your name within 24 hours of reservation, the airline will not ask you to pay any fee to alter a name. Furthermore, check the below chart to know about the name change cost.

Scheduled Departure TimeOnline (In USD)Over the Phone (In USD)At the Airport (In USD)
Less than 15 days250 + fare difference250 + fare difference300 + fare difference
More than 15 days300 + fare difference300 + fare difference350 + fare difference

What to do When I Find The Misspelled Name on My Boarding Pass on Volaris?

Follow the steps below to get rid of this situation When you find a misspelled name on your boarding.

  • Go to the help desk and ask for help from the agents.
  • Then, inform him regarding your misspelled name on your flight ticket.
  • Now, request a Volaris name change for him.
  • He may provide you with a new boarding pass with the correct name.
  • You must verify all the details on your boarding pass, such as date or flight number and destination, while at the counter.
  • At last, pay the charges if applicable.

Know the Restrictions for Volaris Name Change

Sometimes, the airline, including Volaris, refuses passengers to modify or correct their names on their tickets. For this, passengers must know the following restrictions apply by the airline as per Volaris Airlines’ name change rules.

  • You cannot transfer your ticket to a child or senior citizen.
  • However, the rules for name change do not permit making such changes to the name.
  • Also, the airline will not allow you to change your name if you purchase your Volaris ticket using the Volaris digital credits.
  • You can also contact the airline to know more about the limitations of changing a name.

Bottom Line!

After reading the above data, you can easily change or correct your name on your ticket. Besides, you still have doubts or concerns regarding Volaris Name Change policy. In that case, you can connect with the airline representatives through this website and get desired assistance regarding your query. You can get in touch with them 24/7. Feel free to connect with us.

People Also Asked Questions:-

Q. How much does Volaris charge for the name change?

As per the name change policy, the staff at the airport will stop you when the name on your ticket does not match your government-approved id. Then, passengers must change their name by paying the airline a nominal fee of $0 to $400.

Q. Can I change the passenger name that I booked for the flight?

Changing your name is free of charge within 24 hours of booking the ticket. After missing this period, you must cancel or rebook your flight with the correct name by paying an additional fee.

Q. How do I change my last name on my airline?

To change your last, on your Volaris flight ticket, visit the airline’s official website or connect with the airline by dialing a Volaris name change phone number at +1-888-978-0366 to get assistance modifying your last name.

Q. Why do airlines not allow name changes?

When the flight ticket can be altered from one person to another, it will create another market for airline tickets that will undermine the airline industry’s business model.

Q. How do I edit my profile on Volaris?

If you wish to edit your profile on your Volaris account, go to the “Personal Information” section at the v.pass site. After that, click on “Edit Profile” and input a different card.

Q. Do the name on my plane ticket and passport have to match?

Yes. Passengers’ names submitted on their airline reservation must match the name they provided on their application. The airline will otherwise stop you from boarding your flight. You will therefore have to change your name or re-issue your tickets.

Q. Can I board a plane if my name is spelled wrong?

The airline allows you to continue traveling If it is a minor spelling mistake. You will not be able to get your flight and will need to alter your name if the name on the ticket will not match your id proof.

Q. What is the Volaris name change policy?

As per Volaris’ name change policy, passengers are able to amend or correct the name on their ticket if the name does not match their government-approved id. Also, they have to pay a small fee to complete the name change process.

Q. How long does a name change take?

When you request a name change on Volaris Airlines, it will take 3-8 weeks to update your required changes. So, read the guidelines properly before altering your name on your ticket or getting help from airline professionals.

Q. Can I book a flight with my maiden name?

The passengers’ passport contains first, middle, last, and maiden names. So, your plane ticket should also be purchased in your maiden name. To get additional information, you can connect with the airline’s executives.

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