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Volaris Cancellation Policy and Refund

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What is Volaris Airlines flight cancellation and refund?

Change in plans? Can not take your Volaris flight anymore? Go through the Volaris cancellation policy in detail and know how to obtain your refund amount. It will help you have all the information regarding flight cancellations, changes, and refunds or reimbursements.

Volairs Airlines knows that your flight itineraries can be subject to change or cancelation because of several underlying situations. That’s why the airline tries its best to provide you with flexible options anytime you fly Volaris, including the Volaris cancel flight service. In this article, you will clearly understand the cancellation process and rules by the airline.

The Volaris cancellation policy allows the customers to cancel their flights at will and request a refund for future travel booking flexibility.

Volaris Cancellation Policy -Can I cancel my flight Volaris?

Volaris Airlines serves plenty of destinations from its base, Mexico, and several other locations around the USA and Central America. Having a huge customer base, it is normal that the airline faces booking cancellations by customers. 

That is why the Volaris cancellation policy allows you and any other customer to have up-to-date information before you cancel your flights. So, take a look at these important facts about the Volaris airline’s ticket cancellation policy below!

Volaris Flight Cancellation policy

  • A passenger can not simply cancel Volaris flight as the airline does not permit that.
  • The airline decides to ask for a penalty or cancellation charges as per your flight route, destination, and time of cancellation.
  • Also, the total charges are usually calculated as per the ticket cost on making a cancellation request.
  • If the passengers make cancellations within 24 hours of the booking, the airline will not charge any penalty or fees. However, the flight’s scheduled departure should not be within the next seven days from the booking/cancellation time.
  • Any flight cancellation requested 24 hours prior to the departure will result in a cancellation fee by the airline.
  • Suppose you have not checked in for your flight; you can cancel it by contacting the airline at the airport or at the airport. In any other situation, there are no refunds.
  • On the other hand, eligible passengers can make requests for a refund and get it to their original payment form.
  • The flight cancellation is possible up until 4 hours before departure by informing the airline over the phone.

Cancellation fees: Flights canceled within 24 hours of the scheduled departure incur a 100 USD to 400 USD Volaris cancel flight fee.

Can I get a full refund if I cancel my flight on Volaris Airlines?

You need to make a Volaris flight cancellation within 24 hours of making the initial ticket reservations to get a full refund. 

Volaris 24 hour Cancellation Policy

The Volaris Airlines 24 hours flight cancellation policy states that you can cancel a flight for free if it is scheduled after seven days, and there haven’t been 24 hours after making the reservation yet.  The airline usually offers full refunds to the customers’ original payment form unless stated otherwise.

If you pass this time, you will not be eligible for a full refund. So, take a look at these other options:

  • If the reason for cancellation is involuntary, you can also ask for a rebooking. The airline will not charge you any extra amount for changing flights within 24 hours of the booking. 
  • The next flight booking is also a form of compensation by the airline. However, this option is only when a passenger requests “Volaris cancelled my flight” and asks for a refund.

Suppose the customer is canceling a ticket within 24 hours, but the departure of his volaris flight is in less than seven days. In that case, the airline will ask for a penalty amount as per the Volaris cancellation policy and fare rules.

What is Volaris Airlines Refund Policy?

Volaris Airlines offers customers a full refund on flight cancellations within 24 hours of the purchase. Per the Volaris refund policy, passengers can also ask for refunds after 24 hours of ticket booking. They just need to provide the details of their booking over the phone call or online to do so.

To ask Volaris Airlines for a refund, you need to know the important facts and highlights related to the process.

As per the Volaris airlines refund policy,

  • You can ask for a full refund to your original payment form within 24 hours of the ticket booking if canceling before seven days of teh departure.
  • Keep your flight details, such as the reservation code and the passenger name, with the registered email ID near you. This will make sure you can access the flight information.
  • The refund value is generally the same as you paid to make the ticket booking in the first place.
  • When canceling your round trip, both legs get canceled, resulting in a refund for both segments.

You can get a refund for your Volaris flight tickets, as long as you are eligible for the refund amount.

How do I cancel my Volaris Flight and ask for a refund?

Per the Volaris cancellation policy, passengers can cancel their flights online and offline. In this section, we will discuss the process to cancel Volaris flights and ask for refunds in detail!

Online Ticket Cancellation process –Volaris Airlines

  • To cancel your flight with Volaris Airlines, you must open the official website and log in to your account.
  • After that, find the “Manage Trips” section and provide your flight information.
  • Once you find your flight details click on the “Cancel Flight” button.
  • Provide valid reasons for why you want to cancel and add any attachments if asked.
  • Next, choose the “Cancel” button and confirm your cancellation.
  • In the same section, the onscreen display asks you to confirm the Volaris Cancellation fee.

Finally, you may receive a confirmation email from the airline confirming the cancellation of your Volaris Flight.

How to request a refund from Volaris Airlines?

After canceling tickets, you need to learn of the Volaris ticket refund policy and request a refund from the airline. To request a flight ticket refund, please follow these steps:

  • Go to the official website of Volaris Airlines and log in or call 1(866) 988-3527.
  • Enter the “Manage My Flights” section and fill in the details of the ticket you just canceled.
  • Once you see the canceled flight details, open this section,
  • Now, locate the “refund” option on this page.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to ask for a refund from the airline.

It takes Volaris around 7 to 10 business days to process your refunds. You can call the Volaris Airlines customer service team if you do not receive a refund on time.

In Conclusion,

Passengers can easily make Volaris flight cancellations and ask for a refund by following the process mentioned above. If you need more details, you can call Volaris Cancel Flight Phone Number 1(866) 988-3527 and ask for information.

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