Korean Air Upgrade – How to Upgrade Seat?


Guidance on Korean Air Upgrade, Policy, Process, Fee, & More

Have you booked your tickets with Korean Air and now want to upgrade your seat to a higher class? Sit & relax! The airline has a provision that permits travelers to upgrade their existing seats to upper class as per Korean Air upgrade rules. Moreover, passengers can make a request to modify their seats using cash or miles. Korean Air is one of the top airlines in South Korea and offers better service to its passengers for a comfortable journey. Further, you will find the information that will be useful to you when upgrading your flight on Korean Air in this blog.

Terms & Conditions For Korean Air Upgrade Policy

Moreover, here are the rules you must follow when you wish to change your seat to the upward class. Further, read all the points carefully:

  • As per the seat change, the policy seat upgrade is accessible only when you buy an e-ticket via SkyTeam partner airline and travel at a regular flight fare.
  • Besides, you cannot perform the process for seat upgrade if you reserve a codeshare flight on Korean Air.
  • Moreover, you need to book a flight for Economy Flex fare for domestic flights and Prestige/Economy Flex fare for international flights to be qualified to modify your seat.
  • Further, you can upgrade by redeeming mileage while ticket purchase.
  • Also, the upgrade Awards can be booked and reissued at the website, mobile app, branch offices, or airport offices.
  • In addition, the airline allows, in some cases, Korean Air upgrade seats when you alter your seats after check-in. You can go to the “My Trip” option on the official website or directly connect with the airline to get help.
  • Similarly, the airline allows you to upgrade your current seat only from Economy to business class when you have bought the non-discounted normal flight tickets on Korean Air.
  • Additionally, travelers are able to upgrade seats for the unused ticket on business class booking, and it will qualify for only international routes.
  • However, you will not upgrade your flight when you have made a domestic flight booking.

Note:- Therefore, this is how the policy for booking upgrades works. Additionally, all you need to do is follow the rules when you are going to do the same.

Process To Upgrade Seats on Korean Air

Well, travelers can change their seats in two phases, as mentioned below. Furthermore, follow the given steps carefully:

Upgrade Korean Air Seats During Purchase

  • First, head to the main site of the airline.
  • Then, select the “Book Flight” tab.
  • However, choose the purchase and upgrade option when you are a SkyPass member.
  • Then, enter the required details to log in to your account and click on the flight for which you wish to upgrade your seat.
  • Moreover, remember that you are eligible to make a seat upgrade for the domestic and international flights which fly to and from Incheon.
  • After that, use the information on seat change to choose your flight.
  • Similarly, it is advisable to use your mileage to select an upgradable segment of your reservation.
  • Now, add the required details of the passengers to see the seat upgrade.
  • Here, you must make the payment using your credit card and the mileage points.
  • Finally, you will acquire an e-ticket to your provided email address.

Note:- One can easily perform the Korean Air first-class upgrade using the above steps. Moreover, you can connect with the airline to gather more information.

Upgrade Korean Air Seats After Purchase

  • Navigate to the “My Trip” section and add the information to get your flight reservation page.
  • Log in to your airline account and then select the trip you are willing to upgrade to.
  • Select the passengers for which you need to change the seats.
  • Further, pay the charges as shown on the screen using your preferred payment option.
  • At last, follow the ahead instructions to upgrade your flight booking. How Much Cost To Upgrade Seat On Korean Air?

Passengers are free to upgrade their seats at any time and pay for them through multiple payment gateways such as points, cash, miles, etc. However, the Korean Air upgrade cost may differ as it is based on some specified factors such as the cabin class, route, destination, etc. Besides, ensure that it will be costlier when you change your seat for an international flight. Korean Air seat upgrade fee from around $ 400 to $ 600.

Furthermore, you have to check the payable cost for an upgrade once you complete the process for the same. Likewise, the first-class seat upgrade to business class on Korean Air price is up to $29- $199. Besides, you can also connect with the customer service department of the airline to learn the accurate cost for your seat upgrade. But, if you purchased your flight tickets through any third party site. Then, you must connect with them only to know about the Korean seat upgrade cost.

Korean Air Upgrade With Miles

The airline offers the best SkyPass mileage criteria of its partners. Besides, it will be best to upgrade to a business class cabin. Additionally, you have to keep a few points in your brain when booking a Korean Air SkyPass flight. Similarly, all you need to understand is the following aspects before upgrading your seat via Korean Air business class upgrade miles.

  • The airline allows upgrades for award tickets which are purchased directly from the customer service, official page, and branch ticket center.
  • Moreover, SkyTeam Upgrade Award can be booked at branch offices, Korean Air Service Center, or at the airport offices & it is subject to a Ticket Handling Charge.
  • Similarly, Korean Air upgrade mileage will not be eligible for a discounted fare.
  • Also, travelers cannot make the First Class Upgrade Korean Air as per the airline rules.
  • On the other hand, you can only change seats from Economy to prestige class and from prestige to first class.

Ability For Korean Air Business Class Seat Upgrade Using Miles

Moreover, you must book your ticket for the following cabins to be eligible for upgrading to Business class using miles.
For Domestic Travel: Y, M
For International Travel: J, C, Y, B, M

Steps For Korean Air seat Upgrade With Miles:

  • Firstly, navigate to the main website of the airline.
  • Next, click on the “Redeem Miles”
  • Now, input your ID and SkyPass number to access your account.
  • Then, select your destination and origin.
  • Next, select the dates for the departure.
  • Here, click on the “Prestige Class.”
  • After that, select the segment for your flight.
  • At last, click on the “Continue” tab to mention your information and complete the booking process.

Note:- Moreover, you can also get in touch with the airline representatives to get help while using the above steps.

How Many Miles Should You Have To Upgrade To Business Class?

Further, below is the table of the required miles to make a seat upgrade for the multiple routes.

In Case Of Domestic Travel

ZoneSeasonEconomy Class To PrestigePrestige Class To First Class
Korean Air Domestic RoutePeak off5,0005,000

In Case Of International Travel

ZoneSeasonEconomy Class To PrestigePrestige Class To First Class
South Korea – Japan & MaldivesPeak-Off10,00010,000
South Korea – Shanghai/Wuhan/Japan/Beijing/OsakaOff12,50012,500
South Korea – Zhangjiajie/Hong Kong/Guangzhou/Guiyang/Irkutsk/Nanning/Xiamen/Xian/Shenzhen/Ulaanbaatar/ChangshaOff15,00015,000
South Korea – Clark/Manila/Kunming/Cebu/HanoiPeak-Off22,50022,500
South Korea – Phnom Penh/Yangon/Delhi/Urumqi/CBangkok/Singapore/Phuket/Kuala Lumpur/hiang Mai/Kathmandu/Ho Chi Minh CityPeak-off30,00030,000
South Korea – Male (Maldives)/Dubai/Moscow/Saint Petersburg/Brisbane/HonoluluPeak-Off45,00045,000
South Korea – Los Angeles/Las Vegas/London/Madrid/Rome/Vancouver/Milan/Vienna/Barcelona/Budapest/Sydney/San Francisco/Auckland/ISeattle/Amsterdam/ stanbul/Zagreb/Zurich/Tel Aviv/Paris/Prague/FrankfurtPeak-Off55,00055,000
South Korea – Washington D.C./New York/Boston/Chicago/Atlanta/Dallas/TorontoPeak-Off62,50062,500
South Korea – All other international routesPeak-Off85,50085,500

Korean Air Seat Upgrade Through Miles and Cash

Passengers are allowed to change their seats with both cash and miles. Moreover, you can use your mileage to make the payment for a ticket upgrade using a mobile app or Korean website.

Rules For Using Miles and Cash To Request Korean Seat Upgrade

Here is some condition which is applied when you use miles and cash to upgrade your seat:

  • Passengers are able to use the Korean Air business upgrade mileage 500 miles and approx. 20% of the base fare.
  • Additionally, you can only use the miles and cash together when you are booking round-trip or one-way tickets.
  • Similarly, the program does not include codeshare flights, multi-segment reservations, or flights run by another airline.
  • Moreover, you must check the availability of Award tickets when using miles and cash as payment options.
  • Besides, you cannot use free e-coupons and promotional coupons.

How To Upgrade a Seat Using Miles and Cash?

Further, follow the below steps to request a seat upgrade using miles and cash:

  • To initiate, go to the official site of Korean Air and log in to your account.
  • Then, select your preferred flight option.
  • Now, choose the “Miles And Cash” option when making a payment.
  • After that, view your available miles in your account, the number of miles to use, and then enter the miles amount you want to use.
  • Likewise, you can only use your own miles to book your flight for your registered family members.
    On the other hand, you have to make the payment once you verify the total amount in both miles and cash.

Can I Get a Free Upgrade on Korean Air?

Yes, it is possible to make a Korean Air free upgrade to your desired seat. Moreover, the airline allows you to upgrade your seat while making a flight reservation or after the purchase.

Besides, passengers can upgrade their seats through mileage after the booking to enjoy a free upgrade. Similarly, you can also use the mileage when you are holding Economy and Prestige Flex Fare flight tickets.

Below are the steps to make a free seat upgrade on Korean Air:

  • First, head to the main website of the airline.
  • Then, move to the “My Trip” tab.
  • Now, click on the flight segment and passenger you wish to upgrade for.
  • After that, select the mileage you wish to use to make a seat upgrade.
  • Finally, you will get an e-ticket in your provided email from the airline.

How Can I Upgrade From Economy To Prestige Class On Korean Air?

Do you want the Korean Air economy flex seat upgrade to Prestige class? If so, it can be done as per the rules of the Korean Air seat upgrade policy. Besides, you can do it online through the official site of the airline. Also, you can take help from the airline supervisors by calling them.

Korean Air First Class Upgrade

Passengers can upgrade their seats to first class when they want. Besides, this seat option will give approx. 50% more additional space than others. In addition, this class can give you a luxurious and comfortable flight experience when you are traveling to an international destination. Similarly, this seat can be booked at the time of booking and even after booking through the official site of the airline or through customer service.

Steps To Upgrade For A First-Class

  • First, visit the airlines’ official website.
  • Then, log in to your account through your credentials.
  • Now, move to the Korean Air Manage Booking tab.
  • Next, select the flight and passengers to make a seat upgrade.
  • Besides, you can use your miles for upgrades.
  • At last, you will get a confirmation email from the airline regarding your seat change.

How Many Miles Required to Get Korean Air Economy to Business Upgrade?

You can use the Skypass miles to upgrade your seat when you are willing to modify your seat class to Business class on Korean Air. Besides, the miles needed to do the same depending on multiple factors, such as season. For example, you need to use more miles if you upgrade your seat in peak season.

However, you just need to have 62500 miles to reserve a business class between South Korea and the United States. Moreover, you can also dial the Korean Air phone number to get updated information.

Note: Additionally, you can view the above Korean Air upgrade chart to know more about the miles you are required to upgrade your seat by paying a Korean Air business class upgrade cost.

Bottom Line!

Therefore, you can upgrade your seat to your preferred class and enjoy the luxury travel experience through the above data. Moreover, if you find any trouble while upgrading your seat, you can get in touch with the professionals. Additionally, they will help you in solving all your issues regarding Korean Air upgrade to business class, first class, or other.

People Also Asked Questions(FAQ)

Q. Can you upgrade to Korean Air with Delta miles?
Passengers can use Delta upgrade certificates for partner flights. Moreover, the upgrade certificates are useful on any Delta flights, and choose the partner flights such as Air France, AeroMexico, Korean Air, KLM, and Virgin Atlantic.
Q. How much does it cost to upgrade a flight?
The cost to upgrade a flight from Economy or Premium Economy to business class starts from $400 and ends up to $1000. Besides, you can call the airline to know the exact cost of upgrading a flight.
Q. Can I ask for an upgrade in flight?
Yes, you can ask for upgrades from booking till boarding your flight, even when you do not expect a Korean Air free upgrade to business class for your flight. Therefore, you can make your travel more comfortable and enjoyable while traveling by purchasing a Korean Air upgrade.
Q. Does Korean Air offer premium Economy?
No, korean Air does not provide premium Economy on any flight. Also, you can visit the main site to learn about the cabin class offered by the airline and about their booking process.
Q. Is it cheaper to upgrade flights after purchase?
The cheapest and the right option to acquire the business or first-class flight tickets is to purchase an economy ticket and then buy a Korean Air upgrade. Additionally, you can do it right after your booking confirmation. Besides, you can search for the last-minute seat upgrade.
Q. Is it cheaper to upgrade at the gate?
Usually, it is based on the carrier you are traveling with. Similarly, it is cheaper to upgrade to Business class at the airport instead of booking a business class fare from the outset.
Q. Is it worth asking at the airport for an upgrade?
Passengers must book their seats in their desired cabin in advance when they really wish to enjoy luxury and extra legroom. In addition to this, the last-minute flight upgrade is also a good and cheapest option when you want to fly Economy class.
Q. Can you pay for an upgrade at the airport?
It may happen that you may get a massive discount on the airline cash upgrade cost at the airport counter on the day of flight departure depending on the availability.
Q. Can I upgrade if I’ve already checked in?
Yes. You can ask for a flight upgrade at the airport gate even when you have checked in online and selected a seat. Further, you can ask for the available upgrade options when you are at the gate at the airport.
Q. Do seat upgrade prices go down closer to the flight?
Korean Air usually offers the upgrades at a discounted cost online, at the airport, and at the time of check-in. Similarly, the closer to the flight departing, the less the airline provides a cash fare under the upgraded cabin.

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