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How to Get Seat Upgrades on Alaska Airlines?

Many fly with Alaska, but not all of them always stick to their original plans. It’s not about a change in plans but a shift in travel preferences. When the passenger’s preferences take turns, they look for more stability in air travel. That’s when Alaska Airlines Seat upgrade kicks in. Passengers usually look for upgrades when they are unsatisfied with the number of perks they have with their current flights. If you are also one of those, take a closer look at the below sections and understand them better.

How do I Upgrade my Seats on Alaska Airlines?

If you want to make Alaska airlines upgrade seats, you have many options. The airline allows you to upgrade your seats to a new class with better quality of service through the website and phone calls.

Follow these Steps to Upgrade an Alaska Airlines Booking Online:

  • You can open the official site of Alaska airlines and login to your account.
  • If you do not have an account, simply access the managed booking page and proceed.
  • Now, provide the booking reference number and last name of the passenger to retrieve the booking details.
  • View the flight you wish to upgrade the seat for and choose the “Alaska Airlines Seat upgrade” option.
  • Follow the screen prompts to choose a new seat in the upgraded cabin.
  • The last step is to pay for the seat upgrades.
  • You can easily choose miles or cash to upgrade a booking and confirm the new seats available on the airline.

You will receive a confirmation of the successful submission of your Alaska Airlines Upgrade request once you complete all the details.

What are Alaska Airlines Seat Upgrade Terms and Rules?

  • If you want to be eligible for the Alaska First class upgrade, you must book your tickets with the qualifying Mileage plan benefits.
  • Also, there should be enough flight miles in the same to make you qualify for a complimentary upgrade.
  • You can easily upgrade your Economy bookings to First class with Alaska.
  • If you apply for a first-class upgrade, you won’t be eligible for any children, bereavement, or first-class discounts.
  • According to the Alaska Airlines Seat upgrade policy, passengers can not make Elite upgrades for their Saver fare Bookings in X class.
  • The upgrade fee(if any) will remain non-refundable and can not be reused.
  • Your Seat upgrade will only be possible if there is an available seat in the particular class.

How Much does It Cost to Upgrade an Alaska Airlines Seat?

Per the official website and seat upgrade rules, an Alaska airlines premium seat upgrade will cost you less than 15 USD. But remember that this is only a one-way cost. For a round trip or multi-city booking, you need to pay for each leg separately.

Let’s say you have a flight from Hawaii to San Francisco; you will have to pay an extra 17 USD charge to get a premium airfare with extra legroom. However, the overall cost depends on the route and destination you are flying to/from Alaska Airlines.

How Many Types of Alaska Airlines Upgrades are There?

Alaska Airlines have upgrade options for both Elite and non-elite customers. In other words, there is a type for everyone. The basic classification of Alaska Airlines upgrades is in three parts, Complimentary, Paid, and Miles upgrades. Let’s dig up the details.

Complimentary Upgrades- Upgrade Specific for the Elite Passengers

  • Free Upgrade to First Class – Depending on your elite status level.
  • Fare Class Complimentary upgrade – Instant seat upgrades to premium fares on eligible flights with space.
  • Free 1 Companion upgrade– Eligible Elite status members can upgrade one person with them.
  • Premium Class Complimentary Upgrade – Get unlimited access to Premium class booking upgrade as per Elite level.
  • Upgrade Certificates- exclusive to selected Elite customers who get Guest upgrade certificates when they can upgrade for others even if they are not traveling
  • Paid Upgrades – Open To Anyone Passengers upgrade to first class for a fee as per the available seat situation 24 hours before their flight’s departure time.
  • Miles Upgrade – No-cash seat upgrades Customers who have enough miles in their account can pay the seat upgrade fee using the miles balance and request upgrades.

What is Alaska Airlines First Class Upgrade?

First-class ticket upgrades are either complimentary or available upon request. If you are looking for a complimentary Alaska First class upgrade, you must be a member of the Mileage Plan program to get unlimited access to the services.

How to Get First-Class Seats with Miles?

To avail of a first-class upgrade, under the Alaska Airlines seat upgrade option, you need as much as 15,000 miles in your account. But when you use the cash or credit card option, you can purchase it for as low as 29 dollars or more, depending on the destination and route type.

If you are looking for a one-way trip, the cost chart is below to upgrade to a first-class seat on Alaska Airlines.

  • For 0 to 450 miles travel per one-way booking: 29 US Dollars.
  • 51 to 700 miles per one-way booking: 49 US Dollars
  • 701 to 1400 miles per one-way booking: 99 US Dollars
  • 1401 to 2100 miles per one-way booking: 149 US Dollars
  • 2101 miles or above per one-way booking: 199 US Dollars

You can even purchase Alaska Airlines Seats for upgrades if you are an Elite level member in the Mileage plan.

How to Increase the Chances of Getting an Alaska Air Seat Upgrade?

Follow these easy tips and tricks to increase the chances of getting a seat upgrade on Alaska Airlines.

  • Get to the Top Level on Mileage Plans
  • Always book flights with available seats
  • Buy upgrades 24 hours before the flight
  • Use Miles to get the upgrade benefit
  • Ask your friends with MVP Gold status for Guest Upgrades
  • Utilise the Mileage plan benefits for premium tickets

Are Seat Upgrades Refundable on Alaska Airlines?

Yes, if a passenger has bought a Premium Class paid upgrade on his Alaska Airlines refundable ticket. The airline offers a refund to the original payment form only in the case of cancelling the paid premium class seat upgrades.

Also, for the non-refundable ticket cancellations, customers can only get a refund to their wallet as a future travel credit. In short, your seat upgrades will be refundable, but the form of payment will be based on your ticket type.

Note that a wallet balance is not applicable towards the Premium Class Upgrades again on a new ticket. Passengers who wish to purchase an Alaska Airlines seat upgrade to premium or first class can check their eligibility with the help of the Alaska Airlines customer service team.

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