Can I pick my seats on Alaska Airlines?


If you wish to get a seat of your choice on board with Alaska Air, you need to make an Alaska Airlines seat selection for your flights. Seat Selection is available at the time of booking up until 24 hours before the flight’s departure.

You can use the Alaska Airlines Seat Selection service while booking or use the manage trips section to access the seat maps later for selection. Read more to know how seat selection aids the airline’s popularity.

How to Change Seat Assignment on Alaska Airlines?

Every passenger seeks sheer comfort when flying with any airline. So, those with flight timings of over an hour always look for comfortable seating to make sure the flight goes smoothly. Alaska Airlines seat assignment guarantees you a seat of your choice on flights with a small fee or no fee as per the airline policy.

Alaska Airlines offers the seat selection option to help you get the most comfortable seat on the plane that you select by yourself. You can make an Alaska Airlines Flight Booking seat selection while booking your flight tickets, checking in for your flights, or even at the airport(if seats are available.)

How do I Select a Seat on Alaska Airlines?

Passengers who want a premium travel experience can select seats on Alaska Airlines and sit where they want to. The seat selection service permits customers to personalize their air travel and enjoy their vacations even while they travel.

If you are also wondering about making an Alaska Airlines seat selection, you can follow the steps given in the section below and choose the preferred seats.

To Select Your Seats at the Time of Booking

  • You need to book your flight with Alaska Airlines.
  • Follow the steps you do for making a flight booking.
  • Start with the details like origin, destination, and travel dates.
  • Complete the information with the number of travelers and your preferred travel class.
  • Continue to select a flight from the list of available flights and head to the next page.
  • Here, you can select a seat of your liking and also add luggage to your flights.
  • To select the seat, you will view an Alaska Airlines seat map from which you can choose your favorite seat.
  • Lastly, enter the payments section and pay for the whole service.

For more information, you can call Alaska Airlines customer service at 1-800-ALASKAAIR or 1-800-252-7522 and learn about the seat selection procedures.

At the Time of Check-in

  • Go to the airlines official website and complete the Alaska Airlines login for your registered account.
  • After that, locate the check-in section on the website and enter the required details.
  • You need to provide the booking number/reservation code and passenger’s full name as per the ticket booking.
  • Once you see the booking details, choose the Alaska Airlines flight seat selection option.
  • Find the available seats using the seat map that just opened and verify the amount for the particular seat.
  • Proceed with the check-in process and complete flight check-in, and finally pay the seat price.

If you have any queries or the process doesn’t go through as suggested, make sure to contact the Alaska Airlines Espanol team for seat selection queries. The airline experts will assist you in completing the selection.

Can I Select Seats in Basic Economy?

Passengers can make either Alaska Airlines basic economy seat selection or choose main cabin seats. Both these fares are the same fare class with slight differences in the seat legroom and have a difference in cost of around 15 to 30 USD.

You can find these seats usually at the end of the airplane with minimal baggage allowances or food options. But you can find very good seats in this section.

Note:- Even when you do not select a seat, the airline assigns you a random seat at the time of gate check-in. But there are chances you will get separated from your travel partners/group.

Alaska Airlines Seat Selection Fee

To select a seat with your Alaska Airlines booking, you must clear a fee that varies depending on your cabin class, from $15 to $89. Passengers in Economy class can select a seat for free. On the other hand, if they choose Premium or main cabin seats, they need to pay a service fee. This fee can vary as per the seat availability, size, and location of the aircraft.

There are also some other related factors that may or may not affect your seat selection process. You need to carefully go through the airline’s seat selection policy rules and follow the step-by-step procedure to complete it.

In Conclusion

Passengers can choose their seats on Alaska Airlines flights and enjoy a comfortable journey. The procedures mentioned above may help you ensure a hassle-free flight with the airline.

You can call Alaska Airlines customer service to learn more about the airline’s seat selection procedures and policies. Our team is also available for your help through the given phone numbers, so feel free to call.

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