How do I Book Frontier Airlines Group Travel?


When you make group bookings, you can fly with ten or more people; they can be anyone from friends to family members or business partners. Frontier Airlines Group Travel offers a suitable price for your group. Just fill out a group travel form and confirm the bookings.

Frontier Airlines group bookings always depend on the passengers; if the number is less than 9, you can find a booking online using the Book a Flight section. However, for passengers more in numbers, like over ten or a whole team, you need a form. Let’s find out more about the service!

What to Know about Frontier Airlines Group Travel Fares?

To book your group on the flights, you can fill out a Frontier Group Travel Form. But before you fill out a form, you need to know some basic things about traveling in a group.

Frontier Airlines Group Travel Policy

  • The airline has group travel fares for every individual.
  • Group booking means the airline books you on the standard fare.
  • They also allow name changes on the booking.
  • Your first name change is free on group booking, and for the rest bookings, there is a certain fee.
  • You can hold your reservation on a deposit until you make a ticket booking. This applies 60 days prior to air travel in most situations.
  • Group passengers can only book direct or non-stop flights.
  • When the booking acceptance is complete, the airline charges a booking fee for each passenger. This fee is usually non-refundable.

Note:– Passengers are always eligible to earn FRONTIER Miles with their group travel bookings. Every individual in the booking can earn individual flight miles to his account. You just need to provide the Frontier Miles number of that person’s account while booking or check-in.

How do I Book Group Travel on Frontier Airlines?

If you want to book travel for ten or more people on Frontier Airlines, you can submit a Frontier Airlines group travel form. This form will need certain details about your flight and will need acceptance from the airline.

But before you submit the form, make sure to check whether the airline offers a flight to and from your provided locations. Let’s check the Frontier Airlines Group Travel booking process!

To book Frontier Group Travel

Frontier Airlines Group Travel

  • You need to log on to the official website of Frontier Airlines and enter the Book a Flight section.
  • After that, fill in the origin and destination information along with preferred travel dates to view if the airline offers flights.
  • Also, make a note of the desired flight timings to add in your form comments.
  • Next, find the “Group Travel” page of the airline.
  • Here you will find the general group booking details and a link to the “Group Travel Form.” Click on it.
  • Once the form opens, start filling in the details.
  • Specify whether you are a travel agency or an individual booking Frontier Group flights.
  • Provide a valid email address and continue to provide the travel information.
  • Enter your trip type and Preferred Travel dates with the expected time of travel.
  • Also, provide the arrival and departure city information.
  • Name the event and enter the total number of passengers in the group.
  • You must also specify whether you will have checked luggage or not.
  • Now provide the best time you’d like to connect and add comments.
  • Finally, provide the contact information and continue to submit the form.

Frontier only allows one individual to submit one request at a time. After submission, the group travel department replies within two business days via email. You can find a valid response with a group booking quote and easily confirm your flights with this process.

In Conclusion

Passengers can easily book group travel by submitting the group travel form. If you need more information on group bookings, dial +1-888-978-0366 Frontier Airlines group travel phone number. The agents at the department are available from Monday to Friday between 8 AM to 4:30 PM as per MST.

For more details, or when you are unable to connect with Frontier Airlines experts, you can also connect to our team of professionals for extra guidance on the service.

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