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Spirit Airlines Group Travel

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Spirit Airlines Group Travel

Spirit Airlines Group Travel- Vacations in Groups Made Easy!!

Do you have a troupe and you want to take them sightseeing abroad? Or are you simply looking for the cheapest company gathering someplace else than your work city? You can book Spirit Airlines Group Travel and find flight tickets for your whole group at the lowest fares.

People who like to travel sometimes deserve a break with all the people they love too, and Spirit Airlines makes sure they do that. You can just bring out the best person inside of you and plan group travel while staying within budget.

The Spirit Airlines group travel benefit allows you to get good fare rates for traveling with their group.

What does Spirit Airlines offer for Groups?

When you wish to plan a considerable vacation according to budget with all your friends, and you are more than 9 in number, book Group travel Spirit Airlines. The airline allows the passengers to get fare tickets with great deals on flights. However, this is not a 100% guaranteed low-cost fare.

Usually, the airline’s quoted fare has a guarantee for 24 hours and holds some advantages. Take a closer look at the Benefits of Spirit Airlines Group travel ahead:

  • You can pay the full amount and book travel for over ten passengers almost 60 days before the flight.
  • The group bookings allow free name changes at least 30 days before the scheduled flight’s take-off.
  • You can plan totally ticketless air travel.
  • Passengers will get a specialist for air travel who guides them throughout the process and also answers their concerns and questions.

You can dial the Spirit customer service number and ask the experts for more details. Let’s make group bookings now!

How do I book Spirit Airlines Group Travel for everyone?

Booking Group travel on Spirit is the easiest. You get this form on the website, which allows you to get group fares and rates from the airline. And, if you like the quote, you can get it easily within 24 hours of receiving it. Read on to find out the steps to make a  group booking with Spirit Airlines.

Filling out the Group travel requests

  • Find the Spirit Airlines group travel request form on the official website.
  • Enter the Complaint/Compliments page.
  • Here you need to choose “Group Reservations” from the available options.
  • Fill in the necessary information in the fields on the form.
    • Group Name
    • Type of Group
    • Email Address
    • First and Last name for the Group Leader
  • Provide the Subject of the booking and also provide a brief description to that.
  • Enter the contact number after that and choose the number of guests.
  • Now, you have to enter the following under trip information:
    • Departure
    • Destination
    • Travel dates
    • Travel Class
  • Add any necessary attachments and click on the “Submit” button.

Once you send the request, you will soon receive a quote from the airline, and you can book your group Travel. If the form option does not suit you, dial the Spirit Airlines group travel phone number and connect with the experts.

Spirit Airlines group Travel Policy 

  • Spirit airlines ask for a 5 US dollar fee which is non-refundable, to confirm the group travel with the airline.
  • The airline also asks for a non-refundable 45 US dollar charge which is a deposit you need to make within seven days of the booking. But only for departures after 60 days.
  • The airline will accept cheques or credit cards and also not accept any multiple payment forms.
  • For name change less than 30 days before the departure, there is an additional 50 dollars fee.

Get more details on group bookings and policies via Spirit Airlines group travel phone number or access to the official website of Spirit. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Spirit airlines offer discounts for group travel?

Spirit Airlines allows groups of ten or more to get a quote for group travel rates for major destinations. Passengers can request a group travel service for their work groups, vacation plans, or meetings. The airline will even guarantee the lowest price for their air travel which means you have the best flight offers than any other passenger or airline.

Does Spirit seat groups together?

If you want a guaranteed seat together with your friends’ group on a Spirit flight, you have to purchase it separately. It happens because the airline only assigns you a random seat for free during check-in. The airline usually charges you 5 USD per passenger seat selection fee for each way on specific locations or routes. You can take that to guarantee that your whole group sits together.

Can you change one person’s flight on a group booking on Spirit Airlines?

If you wish to change the name in a Spirit Airlines travel booking, you have less than 30 days of departure. But you need to pay a 50 USD fee for each change of name. However, you can not cancel individual persons on a group booking.

Can I cancel just one ticket on Spirit?

Spirit Airlines flight cancellations are allowed for free if you do it within 60 days or more before the departure. However, if you simply want to cancel a single ticket in a group booking, the airline will not at all allow that you. You can still request a cancellation by going to the “My trips” section. The console will need your booking reference and last name to locate the trips, and you can cancel that accordingly.

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