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spirit airlines group travel

Does Spirit Airlines have Group Travel?

Spirit Airlines offers great facilities & services of Spirit Airlines group travel to simplify travelling options for a group of 10 or more than this. Moreover, You can find the specified value for every passenger.

However, Spirit Airlines doesn’t offer discounts for multiple people flight bookings. For group travel booking, the passengers have to fill up a group request form in which they have to quote a price for their booking.

What is the Spirit Group Travel Program?

When a group of 10 or more passengers having the same destination and origin, travel on a single ticket is called Group Travel. Besides, Group travel is not eligible for discounted travel.

  • Further, the airline offers one guaranteed amount for all customers travelling in group travel.
  • The airline will offer you a specified price when you make a request for group travel.
  • The flight ticket fare will be the same on every passenger travelling in the group. Moreover, they have to make a special group travel package.
  • Similarly, the departure date for group travel will always be at a later date.
  • Additionaly, there are no individual fares for group travelers.
  • Also, when you book a group trip with Spirit, you get value for one ticket.

Benefits of Group Travel Service Spirit Airlines

When you wish to plan a big vacation according to budget with all your friends, and you are more than 9 in number, book Group Travel Spirit Airlines Flight Reservations. The airline allows passengers to get fare tickets with great deals on flights. However, this is not a 100% guaranteed low-cost fare.

  • You can pay the full amount and book travel for over ten passengers almost 60 days before the flight.
  • The Spirit Airlines group travel bookings allow free name changes at least 30 days before the scheduled flight’s take-off.
  • You can plan ticketless air travel.
  • Passengers will get a specialist for air travel who guides them throughout the process and answers their concerns and questions.
  • Once Spirit Airlines accept your request, you can find the best Spirit Airlines group sales and make a booking for group travel hassle-free.

How to Purchase Spirit Airlines Group Travel Tickets?

You can access multiple methods for making reservations for Spirit group travel. Follow the given below procedure to book the Group travel tickets:

Book Group Travel Ticket Via Official Website

  • First, visit the official site.
  • Second, log in to your account.
  • Click on the advanced setting and select the “Group Booking” option.
  • Now, search for a suitable flight to your dream destination per your budget.
  • Enter the required details in the given space.
  • Next, choose the preferred seat for your group.
  • Then, you have to pay for the Spirit Airlines group travel reservation.
  • Lastly, wait for the confirmation email.

Group Travel Booking Ticket Via Customer Service

  • Firstly, visit the Contact Us page of Spirit Airlines.
  • You need to call Spirit Airlines group travel phone number (855) 728-3555.
  • Then, you will connect with a live representative.
  • Now, you have to provide your details to them.
  • After that, once your request is processed, you will receive a confirmation email that your group travel ticket is confirmed.

Book Group Travel Ticket Via Airport

  • You can book your Spirit group travel directly at the airport.
  • To do this, you need to go to the airport.
  • Then, go to the ticket counter to request a group travel ticket.
  • After that, the person will ask you for some essential details.
  • Finally, the flight tickets will be sent to your email ID after confirming the ticket.

What are the Charges for Spirit Airlines Group Travel Reservation?

If you plan to travel in a group with ten or more passengers, group travel is one of the best options for group travel. To know the group travel fee, read the following points:

  • Passengers can obtain seats for ten or more people together without paying full payment for 60 days of travel by paying $ 40 per person within seven days.
  • Besides, for the passengers who make Spirit Airlines Reservations for ten or more passengers at a single fare, you have to pay $ 50 per passenger.
  • If you want Spirit group travel booking within a few days, you must pay the entire reservation amount of all passengers during booking.
  • Travelers must provide the list of passengers with the final payment two months before departure.
  • On the other hand, Spirit Airlines does not accept payment from multiple gateways. However, you can pay from your debit card and credit card. Consequently, the final booking can be made with a single card or check.
  • If you want to change any passenger’s details one month before the flight’s departure, you must pay $ 50 per traveler.

Additional Information on Spirit Airlines Group Travel

A flyer must know more important points before booking their group travel. Further, go through the below points to know them.

  • A traveler can confirm their group reservation by paying a non-refundable booking fee %5.00 per person.
  • However, the airline asks you to make the complete payment when traveling within 60 days of booking flight tickets.
  • Besides, the non-refundable amount will be $40 per person and is due to be paid within a week of the group reservation if you travel outside the 60 days.
  • Moreover, the final payment for Spirit Airlines group travel booking with a list of passengers’ names must be paid 60 days before the departure.
  • Similarly, the passenger can only use the single option to make the payment for their group travel. Likewise, the airline allows the use of credit cards and checks.
  • In addition, you must pay the airline a name change fee of $50 when you wish to modify your name less than 30 days before departure.
  • On the other hand, you cannot cancel an individual flight as per the rules when the group reservation is confirmed.

Why is Spirit Flight Reservation for Group Travel Important?

Suppose you are planning for a group travel for 10 members who are planning for an educational trip or a family trip and wish to book the tickets at an affordable cost. You must choose the Spirit group travel program. Moreover, the airline offers unique facilities to those traveling in a group and provides multiple benefits to group passengers. So, book your group travel today with enjoy these perks at the lowest price.

Further, group booking on Spirit Airlines can be done using the airline’s main site. Apart from this, you can use alternatives for making reservations for a group. It is advisable that travelers need to connect with the Spirit representative to gather important information regarding group travel to avoid any hassle.

How to Utilize Spirit Airlines Group Travel?

The group travel program on Spirit Airlines allows travelers to make a reservation for ten or more passengers. Additionally, it is possible to book low-cost tickets at very low prices. Furthermore, below are some points to understand while booking.

  • The quoted ticket fares are assured for 24 hours of the group booking.
  • Besides, you must fill out a group travel request form to quote an amount to ensure the Spirit booking.
  • In addition, the traveler will acquire an easy reservation for their group once they submit the form to the airline through the main website.
  • Moreover, travelers can make the required modifications 30 days before the flight departure date.
  • Now, a group of 10 or more passengers flying on the same booking can enjoy the benefits of this program.
  • Also, dedicated assistance will be available to help the group passengers with their travel-related queries or concerns.

Note: Passengers can enjoy the assured excellent onboard service for group passengers at low-cost flight tickets. You can contact the customer service team through Spirit Airlines group travel phone number to solve any query or get help.

Who Is Eligible for Spirit Airlines Group Flight Reservation?

Travelers with up to ten or more passengers under the same reservation can book the group travel program on Spirit Airlines. Moreover, the airline makes it too easy to book flight tickets for a group. Besides, the airline does not consider the children or infants in group travel.

Does Spirit Airlines offer a Discounted Group Travel Ticket?

No. Spirit Airlines does not offer discounted group travel to travelers. However, the airline offers equal airfare for each passenger under the same itinerary. Therefore, the fare for all group passengers will be the same and confirmed by the airline.

Spirit Airlines Group Travel Cancellation Policy

  • You must ensure that the final list of all the passengers meets the travelers who will be traveling under the group while traveling in a group on Spirit Airlines.
  • However, it cannot be easy to modify the reservation once the payment is finalized and hand the list of passengers to the airline.
  • Besides, you can make minor changes to your group reservation by paying a nominal fee.
  • On the other hand, it will not be possible with Spirit or other airlines when any passenger under the group travel booking wishes to cancel their reservation.
  • Similarly, Spirit Airlines does not allow passengers to revoke a single-person booking from the group.
  • However, the group tickets can be canceled for all the passengers if the card holders or the primary passenger insists.
  • But. the airline will not provide you any refund to the actual payment Source.
  • The airline will only give a future credit with one-year validity that can be used for upcoming reservations.
  • Consequently, it will be a very big loss for all the passengers.
  • So, it is advisable to avoid flight cancellation when booking your Spirit Airlines group travel.

Bottom Line!

If you have any queries regarding Spirit Airline group travel that you have booked or want to book. Then, you can call our customer helpline to speak with a live representative 24/7.

People Also Asked Questions(FAQ)

Q. Does the Spirit seat group together?
Spirit Airlines randomly allocates you a seat for free. However, they will not guarantee that you will sit together or not.
Q. Is it cheaper to buy group airline tickets?
If a traveler purchases many tickets in a single transaction, the value will be the same for each ticket.
Q. Do Spirit Airlines offer discounts for group travel?
No, Spirit Airlines does not offer discounts on group travel. A group of 10 or above is eligible for group travel.
Q. Does Spirit do group travel?
Spirit Airlines group travel program offers a specified price per passenger traveling in the group. However, Spirit group travel is not discounted travel.
Q. How many flight tickets can be booked at a time?
With Spirit Airlines, you can book around nine passengers per PNR. Through IVR, you could book up to 9 passengers per PNR. You can book through the call center up to 2 hours before flight departure for domestic and 4 hours before international sectors.
Q. Do you get seated together on a plane?
Spirit Airlines has group departments that will provide a code if the group travels together on the same aircraft.
Q. Why does it cost more to book flights together?
This increasing fare is due to a quirk in the Spirit Airlines reservation system. Therefore, it requires identical prices for all the tickets on a single booking.
Q. How do groups work on Spirit Airlines?
Spirit Airlines are put in the group for which they are eligible. However, a passenger who purchased a basic economy ticket will obtain group 4 if they have elite gold status.
Q. What is a group air ticket?
Spirit Airlines reserves ten or more tickets for group travel via a special agreement. All the passengers will travel on the same plane to the same destination, and one form of payment is applicable on every ticket.
Q. Does Spirit Airlines keep families together?
Spirit Airlines allocates seats randomly on flights; if you want to sit with your family, you have to pay seat selection charges of $5 per passenger.

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