Spirit Airlines Missed Flight Policy


What happens if you miss your flight Spirit? 

Any airline that faces multiple No-Shows is because some unpredicted situations make people miss their flights. Getting past traffic and today’s crowd already takes a toll on the people. Passengers who fly with Spirit Airlines also face situations like a spirit missed flight and failing to travel according to the plans.

How do I rebook or reschedule flight, what happens after missing the Spirit Flight? All these questions mainly arise in such situations. Let’s take in complete details about Spirit Airlines missed flight policy in the coming sections! Whether you booked online on Spirit’s website or offline, Spirit Airlines has set up some terms to help you.

When you miss your flight with Spirit Airlines, immediately provide the details to an airport staff over the phone to ensure you get on an alternate flight just fine.

Spirit Airlines Missed Flight Policy & Fee

Let’s say you were supposed to take a Spirit Airlines Reservations flight and missed it by a few minutes. Or, assume that you are caught up in a traffic jam while your flight take-off time arrives near. In these cases, spirit airlines missed flight policy ensures that you either get a refund from the airline or get arranged on the next flight with your corresponding route.

There arise two situations when missing a Spirit Flight:-

  • You had a refundable ticket
  • Be a non-refundable one

In both situations, you miss your flight and informed the airline about it, but the Spirit Missed flight policy would be different.

For refundable tickets, if you missed spirit flight, the airline will provide you a refund or make you change to another one for no extra cost. You can also reschedule your flight as per your liking.

Does Spirit Airlines charge if you miss your flight?

However, a Spirit Airlines non-refundable ticket does not guarantee any such thing. You will not get any refunds, changes, or rescheduled flights. If luck is on your side, you can also get some Free Spirit points to your account, which will help you book a new flight.

Spirit Airlines missed flight policy will only apply if you inform the Spirit Airlines customer service team as soon as possible. Otherwise, you will be a NO-SHOW.

How to Rebook or Reschedule Spirit Airlines Missed Flight?

If you have missed a flight Spirit Airlines, you want to full refund from Spirit Airlines or a rebook other flight on the same day. You can contact the Spirit Customer Service department to find reschedule or rebooking your flight. You can booking or cancel online or call the spirit airline.

Have you Missed a Spirit Flight?

According to the Spirit flight rules, when a passenger misses his flights, he can fly standby on the next by complying with the airline’s policy. Below you may find some major key points that emphasize the Spirit Airlines policy and what you must do to make sure your plans do not go to waste.

  • If you have a particular and valid reason for missing your flight, you can reach the airport within two hours of the departure and get a new flight. However, you will fly as a standby passenger.
  • To reschedule a flight for another day or time, you need to pay the spirit airlines missed flight fee of USD 200 or more. This will be in addition to the difference in fare of your new flight.
  • But, missing connection flights is not a thing to be pondering about. You missed your connection! Don’t fret; you can always get on the next available flight as long as you inform the airline in advance.
  • When you miss your Spirit flights, tell the proper reason to the airline and fill out the refund form.
  • Then send this notification to the airline and receive immediate refunds. You can also dial Spirit airline’s official team’s contact number for more help.
  • Passengers also get a spirit missed flight refund as a credit for missing the standard flight schedule not currently under use.

Always make sure to show up even when you miss your flight. This will make you eligible for a refund. If you are a no-show, the airline will not offer any refund for your reservation.

Call the Spirit Missed Flight Phone Number

Suppose you missed a flight or are going to miss it, and you realize it before the flight’s departure. In that case, it would be great to give the airline a heads up. You need to dial the Spirit Airlines phone number 855-728-3555 and get in touch with an airline expert to inform them about it.

This way, your rebooking process will be smoother, and there won’t be any denials when you reach the airport later. But, ensure to reach there at most within 2 hours after the departure.

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