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If you are worried about acquiring a random seat on Spirit Airlines, then you need to Know Spirit Airlines’ seat selection policy. Moreover, Spirit Airlines allowed passengers to pick their preferred seat for a few additional charges.

If travelers do not choose seats, Spirit Airlines will assign them a random seat without charging any seat. Therefore, more specific information about Spirit Airlines picking a seat and the process to apply for the same is mentioned below.

Spirit Airlines Seat Selection Policy

Spirit Airlines has a different seat assignment policy as it provides passengers with the facility of Spirit seat assignment. The policy has set down some terms & conditions that you have to follow to get your desired seat. More information about pick seat of Spirit is mentioned below:

  • According to the Spirit seat selection policy, travelers are randomly allowed for free seat allocation during check-in.
  • Similarly, Spirit Airlines’s seat selection for a guaranteed preferred seat can happen by paying the Spirit seat selection fee of 5 US dollars.
  • However, you must visit Spirit’s official website to acquire advanced aircraft seat selection.
  • Further, passengers can pick their seats online 24 hours before departure.

Type Seat Selection of Spirit Airlines

Spirit Airlines delivers a facility of select seats as passengers can pick their preferred seat any time before the flight’s departure. Moreover, the passengers can choose a seat from the following options.

  • Standard Seat Selection:- Travellers can choose from all seats available in this class. This class of seats provides you with extra legroom and seats with reduced legroom.
  • Preferred Seat Selection:- You can choose from all available seats for booking if it provides extra and reduced legroom.
  • Preferred Plus Seat Selection:– Passengers can select seats left for booking. But only if they have extra and reduced legroom and are placed near an exit row.

How to Select Seats on Spirit Airlines?

After understanding the Spirit Airlines seat selection policy, you need to learn the steps to pick your favorite seat on the aircraft. To do this, you may have various Online and Offline. Further, let’s discuss the steps for both modes:

Visit the Official Website

  • First, go to the official website of Spirit.
  • Second, select the “My Trip” option.
  • Confirm your details and select the “Pick my seat” option.
  • After that, choose your preferred seat.
  • Next, you will see the Spirit Airlines seat prices on the screen.
  • Now, you must pay the Spirit Airlines seat selection fee using miles, credit, or debit cards.
  • Moreover, if you have 24 hours before the departure, travelers can go to the “Check-in” option.
  • Further, input your booking information, such as reference ID, last name of the passengers, and others.
  • While processing, you will see the option of buying or choosing the seat.
  • Select your desired seat by paying the charges shown on your screen.
  • Lastly, complete the payment process and reserve your preferred seat on Spirit Airlines.
  • Passengers can dial Spirit Airlines customer service (855 – 728 – 3555).

How Much Does Spirit Airlines Charge For Seat Selection?

As we discussed, Spirit Airlines charges a seat selection fee to choose a preferred seat on the flight. You may pick a seat if you can pay an extra cost. Other essential details associated with Spirit Airlines seat prices are given below:

  • Under Spirit Airlines’ seat selection policy, travelers must pay 5 US dollars as the Spirit Airlines seat prices from its passengers.
  • However, it is better than waiting for the random seat allocation.
  • The Spirit seat selection fee increases around the specified value based on the flight distance.
  • On the other hand, if the airlines randomly assign you a seat, you do not have to pay the seat selection charges.
  • Moreover, it is advisable to choose a Spirit seat Online instead of at the airport so that you may pay the lower fee.

Spirit Airlines Seating Chart

Spirit Airlines provides ways to access the Spirit seating chart on the web. Besides, you need to take a sneak peek before selecting a flight by choosing a seat map on an itinerary you consider. With this, you can see the types of seats and the availability of the plane. Moreover, the seat map also shows the Spirit Airlines Seat Selection cost while you choose the seat at the time of reservation. After that, when you choose a seat, a pop-up box will show you the price with the image and additional information, whether an aisle or window seat.

Spirit Saver$ Club

Travelers with a subscription to the Saver$ club can get discounts on seat selection for themselves and approximately eight travel companions with other benefits such as early boarding, flexibility of ticket, and expedited security access. Besides, the program costs $69 for your membership, along with 18-month and two-year memberships.

Spirit Airlines Seat Selection for Elite Members

One of the most exciting benefits of the Spirit Airlines Elite Status is that a passenger can select a Spirit Airlines seat for free. Various perks come under the Elite Status, which are as follows:

Free Spirit Silver members can enjoy complimentary seat selection at the time of check-in and can even move to an exit row seat before departure for free.
Moreover, free Spirit Gold members are facilitated with complimentary seat selection while booking, including exit row seats.

Moreover, you may acquire the free Spirit elite status by flying and everyday expenses using the Free Spirit Travel More World Elite MasterCard when you are a frequent Spirit flyer. It may take 2,000 SQO to obtain free Spirit Silver, and you can earn a complimentary Spirit Airlines seat selection during check-in. Similarly, the Gold Status is earned at a time when you reach 5,000 SQPs.

At The Time Of Check-In

Travelers can also select a seat at the time of check-in with Spirit Airlines. Follow the below steps to do the same.

  • First, head to the official website and click on the Check-in button.
  • Enter your booking confirmation code or login credentials to access your Spirit account.
  • Then, consider the instructions to choose your desired seat from available options.
  • However, you may need to pay the additional Spirit Airlines seat selection price for some specified seats, such as additional legroom or the front seats on the plane.
  • After that, you must review your booking details and then confirm your check-in when you have selected your seat.
  • At last, the airline will send you a confirmation email regarding your seat selection to your provided email.

Note: You can also directly contact Spirit Airines customer service to acquire assistance when facing any difficulty or having doubts about choosing Spirit seats.

Spirit Airlines Seat Specs

Spirit Airlines flight seat specifications may differ based on the aircraft you travel on. Additionally, the airline offers multiple types of seats, such as Big Front Seats and Standard Economy Seats. Besides, Big Front seats are more spacious and offer extra legroom, as its name indicates.
On the other hand, the Standard Economy seats are the regular seats allocated to the passenger when you do not select your Spirit Airlines seat. Below is the table for the details on the dimensions of the seats offered on a Spirit.

Type of SeatSeat PitchSeat Width
Big Front Seats36 inches18.5 inches
Standard Economy Seats28 inches17.75 inches

Note: The seat counts also differ from aircraft to aircraft. Besides, the airline offers a maximum of 10 Big front seats on the plane. The seat count can fluctuate between 145 to 228 seats. Similarly, Big Front seats are unavailable on Airbus A320-200 (Layout 2).

Do I have to Select a Seat on Spirit Airlines?

No. Spirit Airlines will assign you a random seat at check-in time for free. However, the airline cannot guarantee that you will sit with your family or friends. The gate agent and the flight attendants will provide you with adjacent seats if possible when the guest needs to travel with children aged 13, and they do not select their seats at the time of booking.

Besides, you can select a seat and buy a seat assignment. The Spirit Airlines seat selection cost starts from $5 and may differ depending on the routes and locations in the aircraft. Also, you can view the seat map and prices on the seat page for your flight if you book your ticket online under the My Trip or Online check-in option.

How can I avoid Paying for Spirit Seat Selection?

Sometimes, passengers do not want to pay the Spirit seat selection fee but want to sit on their desired seat. Spirit seating surcharges, baggage fees, and other multiple fares are add-on options.

Therefore, there are various options by which you do have to need to pay extra for Spirit Airlines seat selection.

Purchase the Flight Tickets at the Airport

Travelers should try to buy flight tickets at the airport. The airline charges a usage fee while booking online or over the call. However, you may consider it as a convenience fee. To avoid this, go to the airport and buy the tickets from the counter.

Use the Spirit Award Tickets

You can use award tickets if you want to choose a seat at no or low cost. Using this, you can save yourself by paying high charges for seat allocation. These types of tickets can earn an award from Spirit Airlines. Therefore, it can use for flight booking at pocket-friendly prices.

End Up!

You can leverage the Spirit Airlines seat selection policy by choosing your desired seat. Additionally, you can get assistance from our experts by calling customer service 24/7 if you have any queries or doubts. Feel free to connect with us.

People Asked Questions(FAQ)

Q. Does Spirit let you choose seats?
You can buy seat assignments and choose the seat you like. Seat selection starts at $5 and varies by route and location on board.
Q. How much does it cost to choose your seat on Spirit?
Seat assignments start at just $5 per seat and vary by route and location on board. Or save even more with complimentary random seat assignments at check-in.
Q. What happens if you skip seat selection on Spirit?
Spirit’s dynamic pricing model charges between $1 and $50 to reserve a seat before travel.
Q. What happens if you don’t reserve seats on a plane?
If you do not reserve a seat for your flight, you will be assigned a seat that has not been booked.
Q. Do you have to pay for carry-on with Spirit?
Spirit allows passengers to bring one personal item on board free of charge. This item measures 18″ x 14″ x 8″ and should fit under the seat in front of you.
Q. How do you get free upgrades on Spirit Airlines?
Travelers with Spirit Silver members can upgrade for free if an exit-row seat is available up to three hours before departure.
Q. Do Spirit seat prices go down?
In many circumstances, travelers looking for affordable tickets to book their Spirit Airlines flights have to pay a fee of $29.
Q. Are Spirit seats smaller?
The classic Spirit Airlines seats contain 28 inches of pitch. However, most airlines’ economy class seats have 30 inches of seat pitch to offer a comparison.
Q. How long before the flight can you select seats?
If a traveler has purchased a Basic Economy ticket, they can select their desired seat without paying any charges when check-in starts.
Q. What’s the best seat on a plane?
The best seat on the plane is located near the front. Moreover, it is best for legroom and sleeping.
Q. How do I choose my seat after booking?
Once you finish your flight booking, you must click the view map and reserve your preferred seat.
Q. Can we choose a seat during check-in?
If a traveler wishes to reserve their desired seat, they can select any seat available at the time of check-in at the airport.

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