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Jetblue Airlines Seat Selection

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Jetblue Airlines Seat Selection

JetBlue Seat Selection- How to pick my JetBlue flight seats?

Do you have a JetBlue flight with the departure date arriving soon? Or do you plan to make a new reservation with JetBlue and pick a seat? Use the Jetblue seat selection option to choose your desired seats on the plane in advance for a fee or for free.

Jetblue allows you to select seats:

  1. At the time of booking
  2. After booking
  3. During check-in

Suppose you do not choose a seat at all; no need to stress out. The airline will assign you a random seat under the policy for JetBlue select seats service. If you are unfamiliar with the exact process of choosing seats on JetBlue, read the subsections below!

How can I pick my seats for a JetBlue Flight?

For passengers with JetBlue flights, the Jetblue seat selection process is simple. They need to log in to the official site of JetBlue and choose a seat available as per the seat selection guidelines. Or, they can confirm a seat while checking in for their flights 24 hours before the departure.

However, those without a booking need to book a flight first and add a seat under the “Seats and Extras” option.  The rest of the process is given below; let’s find out.

To choose a seat on JetBlue while booking,

  • Go to the Jetblue official site and continue to the booking section.
  • Choose the trip type of your choice and select all the preferred flight details such as departure, destination, and dates.
  • Now, move on to select the flight fare and a travel class.
  • Add the traveler’s details in the next step.
  • Continue to the “Seats and Extras” and view the seat map.
  • Select the seat from the available options, and see if there is an incurring JetBlue seat selection fee for your seat.
  • Complete your booking process by paying for the flights.

You will have a seat on your new flight to your preferred destination, and you can look forward to the vacation. Generally, the Core seats cost less, and Even More Space seats have more charges because they have extra perks.

The Blue Basic fare class is subject to a JetBlue blue basic seat selection fee varying from $10 to $30 or more for one-way, depending on your route. 

To Select a seat through manage booking,

  • Log in to the JetBlue official site using your credentials.
  • Find the JetBlue My Trips section and locate the flight you wish to select a seat for.
  • Open the seat map by clicking on the JetBlue airways seat selection option.
  • Choose your preferred seat and continue to the payments section to pay for the seats.
  • Confirm your selection and make other changes if you want.

Finally, look forward to a comfortable flight with JetBlue Airways and enjoy your vacations.

Passengers can also call Jetblue en Español contact number and get in touch with a JetBlue expert to select their seats on the flight in advance. To choose Even More Space seats, call JetBlue at 1-800-JETBLUE or access the seat map using the process above.

What is JetBlue Seat Selection Policy?

JetBlue Airways has set up some specific rules and terms for you that you need to follow to process the advance seat selection option. From the super budget-friendly fares to luxury amenities, each seat has its own requirements that you must fulfill. Let’s read through the points about the JetBlue seat selection policy below!

Blue Basic Seats

As discussed earlier, Blue Basic seats have the lowest cost for selecting a seat, but you can not make a seat selection JetBlue for free. Still, it’s the in-budget seat that many customers vouch for.

Note: If you don’t select a seat in advance, JetBlue will offer you an available seat by randomly picking it out at no extra cost.

Blue Seats

Your Blue seats come with one free carry-on bag, a personal item, and your seat selection. Making a JetBlue Booking under this section cost a bit higher than the Blue Basic.

Blue Extra 

It is like a premium economy section with the highest benefits. You can select the core seats free of cost and enjoy comfort throughout the flight.

Mint Seats/Suites

To fly with sheer luxury, select JetBlue Mint seats, you will get 100% convenient facilities and private space of your own on the flight. The fare already covers the seat selection and other costs, so the fee for seat selection JetBlue will not be applicable for MINT fares.

If you thoroughly follow the JetBlue seat selection policy, you will enjoy exceptional benefits with the airline. However, the fare and charges are subject to change based on the changing airline rules. Always check with an on-site expert before you confirm your seats.

In Conclusion,

Choosing seats on JetBlue is possible online via the website, during or after the booking, or at check-in. If these methods do not work, you can also connect through a phone call. To make a JetBlue Seat Selection in advance, dial JetBlue customer service (1-800-538-2583) and speak to an expert round the clock.

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