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When the festivals come around, people wish to travel and explore the places by traveling to their dream destinations to have some adventure. Festivals and the holidays are a memorable part of life. We can see that there is an increase in the deals and the discounts during this time. Moreover, we all are aware of the American Airlines Black Friday Sale which is very popular among flyers. This sale enables you to acquire the lowest flight tickets.

Besides, AA has a tradition of providing the cheapest deals on Black Friday. So, travelers can fulfil their wishes regarding exploring their desired destinations within their budget. So, if you are looking to book a vacation package, holiday trip, or tropical adventure, the black friday deal of American Airlines has got you covered.

Furthermore, let’s look forward to understanding more regarding this amazing sale that the airline is offering to its passengers.

Does American Airlines Have A Black Friday Sale?

Of course. American Airlines has attractive Black Friday travel deals that can help make a trip more affordable. Besides, Passengers can use the black Friday offers to fly to popular international destinations in Europe & Asia and domestic cities in the South. American Airlines working coupon and American Airlines Black Friday Promo Code active and valid for November 2023. So, check out the unbeatable Black Friday sale for 2023. Additionally, the airline offers hefty discounts on hotels, cruises, flights, and holiday packages. American Airlines is offering lots of Black Friday sales via a web page it set up for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Note: Call 800-433-7300 or 1-888-978-0366 (OTA Number No waiting Time)to acquire real-time help regarding the black Friday sale to make your travel cheaper.

At What Time Black Friday Deal 2023 start on American Airlines?

As we know, AA offers the Black Friday deals every year, it will be started on 24th Nov 2023. In 2023, travelers can see the lower Black Friday costs for flights within the U.S. Begining in the month of July or August, this deal ends on Black Friday. During the sale, American Airlines lowered its prices on holiday packages and flight tickets.

Additionally, Travelers who booked a flight for travel through March 31st, 2021, between November 27th and December 1st received a discount of up to 20% for a future trip. American Airlines Black Friday 2023 deals start now, shop and save on this year’s biggest sales event.

  • Black Friday Sale start, Expected date: Thursday, November 23rd, 2023.
  • Black Friday Sale end, Expecteddate: Monday, November 27th, 2023.

How to Get Black Friday Deals Offered By AA?

Every traveler wishes to travel cheaply. With the help of American Airlines Black Friday deals, you can cut your price on traveling. Booking your AA flights or packages using the black friday sale. Below is the process to avail it:

Online Mode

  • Visit the American Airlines’ official website.
  • Enter the needed information asked by the system under the booking page.
  • Move ahead and consider the on-screen booking steps.
  • Make the applicable payment.

Check out the sale price at the time of booking your trip and then pay the lowest fare.

Offline Mode

  • It is possible to make your AA reservation offline.
  • For this, you need to dial a toll-free number at 800-433-7300 from your phone.
  • Listen to the IVR steps carefully.
  • Once you connect with a live agent, make a request to book your flight with the American Airlines Black Friday 2023.
  • At last, pay the applicable charges.

Note: Visit the official website of American Airlines to get the special deals and offers available on the black friday.

How Much Discount Will I Get With American Airlines Black Friday Deal 2023?

AA has already announced domestic Black Friday sales or deals that begin for less than $100, while Spirit’s sale launched on November 16. Similarly, the airline has mentioned a certain discount that you will acquire with these ongoing deals. Besides, you may get a huge discount of 30% to 50%. Although, the discount percentage depends on the travel route you have selected and your itinerary.

Grab the discount that you can avail this year with the specified date of black friday. That is why you are able to book your flight tickets using the black Friday sale and can enjoy huge discounts on your American Airlines reservations.

  • Round-trip flights under $200
  • One-way flights under $100
  • Up to 50% off when you buy or gift miles

Note: The percentage of discount may fluctuate. So. it is advisable to connect with a customer service agent of AA to know the exact updated discount.

Popular Destinations for American Airlines Black Friday Deals

If you wish to go somewhere but you are yet to decide on a destination and the dates, do not worry. We have listed famous international destinations travelers have visited through the black friday deals and AA low-fare calendar.

Have a look:

  • San José del Cabo – The Mexico
  • Montreal– The Island City- Canada
  • Paris- The Global arts & fashion center- France
  • Cancun- The Beach & Nightlife- Mexico
  • Mexico City- The Capital- Mexico
  • San Juan- The Caribbean Beauty- Puerto Rico
  • Havana- The Spanish architecture- Cuba
  • London- The World’s financial capital- UK
  • Vancouver- The Ethnically diverse- Canada
  • Toronto- The Dynamic Metropolis- Canada

Similarly, some of the above-mentioned international destinations are also available in American Airlines $49 dollar flights and black Friday deals.

Advantages of American Airlines Black Friday Deals 2023

American Airlines offers Black Friday Deals that enable passengers to travel to their desired destination at an affordable cost. Similarly, you can save money that can be spent on your vacation. Besides, the deals also provide more benefits to you as mentioned below:

Below are the more benefits:

  • With AA Black Friday deals, you can enjoy various deals and discounts on multiple destinations.
  • Similarly, AAdvantage members can enjoy top-class services and features while flying at the cheapest cost.
  • This sale helps you to create memorable journeys for your kids with toys and fun goodies.
  • Besides, you can earn extra miles on international and domestic bookings with this loyalty program of the airline during the Black Friday sale.
  • Additionally, you can save big on your upcoming reservation to get the bliss of a variety of drinks onboard and get access to the premium lounges with the American Airlines AAdvantage program.

Useful Tips To Save Big With American Airlines Black Friday Sale

Are you aware that the Black Friday sale of AA can make your travel cheaper? Let’s learn some tips for more savings while booking flight tickets using the sale of black friday 2023.

  • First, you can utilize your AA miles through the AAdvantage program to book discounted tickets for black Friday.
  • Additionally, you can enjoy the premium services and the discounts by using the loyalty points for your American Airlines reservations.
  • Besides, you can even acquire lower prices on your ticket booking with the sale that offers you the extra benefits.
  • Moreover, you have the option to earn more miles to get further discounts on the existing fares.


It is the right time to book your flights using the American Black Friday offers and discounts. Count on the sales or the deals to make your travel more affordable. Similarly, grab your black Friday deal now and enjoy huge savings on your flight bookings.

Flyers can communicate with an AA representative to get instant assistance about black Friday deals or sales. So, what are you waiting for? Hurry up! Call 800-433-7300 or 1-888-978-0366 (OTA) the American Airlines now and book your tickets.

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