American Airlines Group Travel

American Airlines Group Travel Booking

Do you have a group of ten or more people supposed to travel to a common destination? If you want to enjoy the same amenities and book air travel together, choose American Airlines Group Travel Booking. This way, you can take your group travel experience to the next level.

This article will provide complete details on the group travel policies. The American Airlines group travel policy clubs passengers more than ten in numbers in a single itinerary. It makes them sit together with the same benefits for each traveler.

What is an American Airlines Group Travel Tickets?

The group travel on American Airlines is a group that contains up to ten passengers, and all of them come under a single reservation. You can enjoy various benefits when booking your group travel on American Airlines. You must go through the complete information in this blog to be eligible to book your group with this airline.

How do I Get a Group on American Airlines?

Are you traveling in a group just for vacations, or do you have a meeting/seminar to attend? American Airlines group travel booking will allow you to enjoy premium air travel for each group category.

Important Points that you should know for traveling with American Airlines in a group

  • You must have Electronic Ticketing
  • You can call American Airlines reservation number
  • Purchase group tickets through a recording agency
  • TSA will require you to provide the Secure Flight passenger data with full name, date of birth, and gender proof.

What are the Different Groups You Can Fly as on American Airlines?

Are you planning to travel in groups with American Airlines Flight booking? You should know that AA classifies groups into three categories based on your varied requirements. Here are the details! American Airlines offers group rates to fit the needs of passengers traveling for a meeting or simply organizing a group trip.

Meetings / Conference

If you want to attend large meetings/conferences or trade shows from different cities, you can book the flights with the American Airlines group travel booking. The airline offers flexible dates to make you book up to three days before the meeting dates. Also, there are not any maximum ticketing requirements.

How Can You Qualify?

  • Book your meetings, trade shows, or conferences up to 330 days before the departure.
  • There should be at least 40 attendees to get the discount, but they are not required to travel.
  • You can apply the discount to fares exempting Basic Economy and non-discounted tickets.

Call American Airlines group travel phone number 800-221-2255 (the USA or Canada) and racquets a fare quote for groups and meeting travel reservations.

Corporate Travel Groups

For any small corporate meetings and conventions, American Airlines offers group fares on both amenities and the booking for over ten people traveling to the same destination. They can also book premium cabin travel up to 11 months before the flight.

American Airlines Group Travel Booking

Such Groups Have Two Categories

  • People with the same departure city and same destination
  • People with different departure cities but the same destination

For both groups, corporate travel benefits include one free name-changing benefit on each ticket. Passengers can email the group and meeting reservations desk at [email protected] and obtain the necessary assistance.

Leisure, Tour. Sports or Incentive Travel

When you travel in a group for leisure, Sports, tours, or as incentive travelers, you get to book flights even 330 days before the travel.

Here’s what you get:-

  • You can have flexible commitment timelines and free name change service.
  • The airline allows you to travel from different cities to the same destination under the group travel option.
  • This option allows you to access destinations by American Airlines and Oneworld destinations.

If you want additional details about traveling in a group, you can send your queries to American Airlines Group Travel customer service at [email protected] for answers.

Procedure to Book American Airlines Group Travel

It is easy to book a group travel with American Airlines through two modes: Online and Offline. Travelers can use one of them as per their suitability to do the same. Move ahead and learn the online methods to book group tickets.

Book a group travel online:

  • Visit the official website of American Airlines.
  • Go to the Booking section to book your AA flight.
  • Select the Group Travel from the menu.
  • Enter the required information in the given space.
  • Select the type of trip: Round Trip/One-Way.
  • Add the number of legs in your group.
  • Here, click on the desired option as per your budget.
  • Make the payment to confirm your group reservation.
  • You will get the confirmation email on your given email address.

Book a group travel offline:

Suppose you will face any trouble when using the online method. Do not worry! There is another way available to confirm group tickets on AA. Follow the below steps to use the offline method and connect directly with the airlines.

  • Dial the American Airlines group travel phone number at +1-888-978-0366.
  • Listen to the IVR instructions and follow them.
  • Share the required documents and details of every leg that comes under your group.
  • Make a request to the agent to book your group travel.
  • The agent will ask you to pay the applicable amount.

Note: American Airlines will send you a confirmation email once you confirm your AA group reservation.

How do we qualify for Group Travel?

To book group travel, you must consider the American Airlines group travel policy in detail. The major points that decide how you qualify for group travel are:-

  • You must be at least ten or more in number to qualify as a group.
  • Passengers can book their flights through the American Airlines en Espanol team or an authorized OTA travel agency.
  • The Advantage members on American Airlines can earn miles.
  • Passengers can upgrade their flights, but you must put them contrary to the advantages and benefits.
  • Ask for help or any more directions from the American Airlines Group Booking team.

How to Request a Group Rate for Your Travel Group?

Requesting Group rates for American Airlines groups is simple. Just open the “Request a Group Rate” link in the American Airlines contact section, and you can proceed with these steps:-

  • Select your topic on the American Airlines contact form.
  • There will be a drop-down menu where you can select the “Group & meetings” option.
  • After that, you can choose “request a quote” as the subject and click next to submit the necessary details.
  • Complete the form you see and provide agency information if booking as an agency.
  • Finally, submit your form and wait for the group rates from the airline.

This is how you can easily book group travel for your vacations and enjoy exciting fares with discounts.

To get additional help in a group booking, dial the American Airlines Group Travel phone number and ask for the quote directly from the airline representatives.

American Airlines Group Travel Discounts

Travelers will surely acquire the group travel discount on American Airlines when booking a group flight. However, the discount rate may vary as it depends on various factors. It helps to make group travel more affordable, and you can use the remaining amount to get other services. The discount ranges from 5% to 10%.

Advantages of American Airlines Group Travel

Group passengers can enjoy the various advantages when booking their group tickets with American Airlines. Go through the points below to learn the specific advantages for better knowledge.

Discounted Airfares

American Airlines offers special fares for groups of ten or more people traveling on the same itinerary. Besides, these prices are usually lower than the individual fares and result in big savings on your reservations.

Multiple Payment Gateways

The airline offers various options to pay the charges for American Airline group travel. It may include various payment options to fulfill your requirements about the group itinerary.

Centralized Billing

Travelers can also set up a single account for billing for their groups. It makes it easy to manage and keep track of expenses.

Get Expert’s Guidance

You can get assistance from American Airlines group travel check-in agents. They will assist you with all your queries about your group travel. You can contact them any time of the day as they are available 24/7 to help you.

Special Accommodations

AA can accommodate special group travel requests, which include special seating/meal requests/ and other preferences.

Note: Flyers can contact group travel agents to book their flights with American Airlines. They will offer important details and guidance on booking group travel with the specified airline.

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