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Southwest Airlines Group Travel: Full Guide

It can be stressful when traveling with a large group. Travelers will be able to acquire exciting benefits and facilities when they travel in a group. Like this, Southwest Airlines Group Travel service also enables travelers to book their group travel for any kind of group. With this, you can save your time and a large amount of money.

Southwest knows the requirements of the travelers regarding group booking, so it allows a variety of groups to be booked. You can book your group tickets in many ways, as mentioned in the below information. In this article, we will discuss everything associated with Southwest group travel.

What Does Group Travel Mean On Southwest?

Suppose you are traveling under a group of ten or more passengers, then your booking will be considered a group reservation as per Southwest. Moreover, you will be able to enjoy the various kinds of Southwest Airlines Group Travel Discounts and even add the various services to your booking under the group travel program. There are no restrictions for the group passengers, but many groups are involved under the program as mentioned below:

  • School Groups
  • Religious Groups
  • Family Groups
  • Sports Groups
  • Friends Group

Note: You can go to the group reservation desk to book your group travel. Simply dial 1 (800) 435-9792 for the domestic route and 1-888-978-0366 for the international route. You will connect with the live representative when you dial the number, who will assist you in booking your group travel.

Terms & Conditions of the Southwest Airlines Group Travel Policy

Flyers need to understand the guidelines designed by Southwest for passengers wishing to travel with a group. Besides, it will enable you to avoid any hassle with the lowest Southwest Airlines group travel rates.

  • Make sure that the group tickets offered by the airline are totally non-refundable.
  • However, these tickets cannot be eligible for upgrades, changes, exchanges, standby, or downgrades.
  • Besides, the airline does not provide any paper documents for the group reservation as the booking details will be provided electronically.
  • You can use PayPal, UATP, credit cards, and wire transfers to make the payment for your group travel.
  • However, you can only use credit cards when you opt for deposit payments.
  • Similarly, you cannot use gift cards, flight credits, LUV vouchers, and eChecks to pay for your group reservation.
  • Additionally, passengers with group bookings are able to modify their names unlimited times. However, the name change process should be done up to 72 hours prior to the departure.
  • Southwest does not apply your deposits toward your flight ticket. Likewise, the airline will refund the amount of the deposit within five working days once you make the complete payment.
  • Similarly, the tickets bought as group reservations do not qualify for the Early Southwest group travel check-in.
  • It is advisable to reserve the boarding position in advance with the group travel reservation. To do this, navigate to the main website of Southwest and make your check-in up to 24 hours prior to the planned take-off time of the flight.
  • The Group Travel Program provides extra flexibility and discounted airfare to help make your experience when you’re traveling with a group of ten or more people.
  • The airline will not provide any boarding passes to the group passengers at that time.
  • In case of international travel, you need to show your passport to the gate agent to verify your details. You can get your boarding pass and move to the security check-in.

How to Book Group Travel with Southwest Airlines?

Southwest Group Travel

Southwest Airlines Group Program offers discount airfare for groups of ten or more people who are traveling on the same itinerary. It is not a big deal to book a Southwest Airlines group travel as the airline makes it easy for the passenger to book a group ticket. Ensure that you cannot make your group reservation through the official website.

You are free to dial the Southwest group travel phone number 1 (800) 435-9792 to book your group on Southwest hassle-free. Suppose you wish to book your group travel for the international route, you can contact 1 (800) 435-9792 to contact the airline.

Further, make a call to this number, and you will connect with one of Southwest’s representatives who will assist you. However, you must share your preference regarding your group reservation with them and complete the booking hassle-free.

How does Southwest Airlines Group Travel Work?

Do you wish to book your group travel on Southwest? Booking a group travel can benefit you in many ways, and you can even go through the Southwest group Travel Reviews on the site. Well, the airline delivers the two options to make the payment. The first option is to submit a deposit fee and hold your booking, and the second option is to confirm your group reservation by paying the complete amount.

Pay a Deposit

Suppose you wish to hold your Southwest group reservation before confirming it. It is possible by paying a fixed deposit fee, which is $50 per passenger, to hold your tickets. Besides, the travelers can use only the credit cards to pay this deposit fee. You can call the airline directly to pay the amount.

Pay the Complete Payment

Travelers can also provide the complete names of the passengers to complete your group reservation. Then, you need to dial a number 1 (800) 435-9792 to pay the complete payment over the call and make your booking within a short time. In addition, you are able to make the final payment through UATP and PayPal. And the credit cards.

You need to call or email the airline up to seven days prior to the departure when you wish to pay through wire transfer. You can confirm the payment before the final payment due date so the airline will be able to send you the booking details through email. Additionally, you can even pay through physical checks, eChecks, and money orders.

Note: You can get the relevant information on the Southwest Airlines Group Travel Management page on the official page. It will help to learn additional things about group travel.

What are The Southwest Group Travel Benefits?

Southwest Airlines offers bundles of benefits to the passengers with Group travel. Furthermore, we have discussed some of them in detail in the below section.

Discounted Fare

Southwest Airlines provides exciting discounted airfare for the group passengers. Moreover, the discounted fares are unique in multiple ways but not cheaper than the single ticket in all cases.

Southwest Business

The airline provides a dedicated meeting program for the corporate group passengers called Southwest Business. More than 25 meetings or seminars participants can travel from various parts of the entire world on Southwest flights and go to the same destination to attend the event under this program. Similarly, it permits organizations to arrange flexible and affordable Southwest Airlines group travel booking for their employees.

Southwest Vacations

Southwest Airlines has a special program called GroupEase, which is designed especially for group passengers who wish to go for a reunion with their family or friends. Moreover, you will be able to get two free checked baggage, reward points, EarlyBird check-in, etc.

No Additional Cost

Southwest Airlines considers the no extra fees policy for their group travel program. Besides, the airline does not believe in charging the passengers any change fees, booking, ticketing, etc.

Online Check-in

Passengers with group reservations are able to use the in-advance online check-in facility. Moreover, the airline allows you to choose the seats and reserve the boarding position 24 hours prior to the planned departure. Additionally, you can also perform the Southwest group travel check-in for certain passengers if they want. It enables you to save your time while making check-in at the airport.

Payment Flexibility

Travelers do not need to make any upfront payment for the group bookings according to the group booking policy. With this, you can enjoy payment flexibility by making the initial deposit and making the rest of the payment before the travel date.

Unlimited Name Modification

Southwest Airlines’ group travel policy allows its passengers to modify their name as per their requirements unlimited times at least 72 hours before the scheduled take-off time.

How do I Check-in For a Group Flight on Southwest Airlines?

The process of Southwest Group Travel check-in is quite different from others. Travelers are able to check in through the official site once they buy their group tickets by following the mentioned below steps:

  • First, head to the main website of Southwest Airlines.
  • Then, move to the check-in tab to get your boarding passes.
  • Here, you must enter the complete name of all the passengers who come under the group and the booking confirmation number.
  • After that, you will get the option to make the check-in separately for every passenger or the complete group.
  • Now, the name of the passenger will appear on the screen who has successfully logged in. Similarly, you can see your boarding position on your screen.
  • At last, move to the ticket counter at the airport to receive your boarding passes.

Note: Only one person can check in at a time when you have made a group travel for the international route. Besides, you will not get a Southwest Airlines Group Travel Refund when you miss your flight or cancel your reservation at the last moment.

Bottom Line!

Choosing the Southwest Airlines Group Travel program is the right way to fly with a group as you are able to save your money and acquire the additional facilities along with the name changes. However, you can get assistance from the airline agents whether you book group travel for the domestic or international route.

People Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. Does Southwest offer a group rate?
Yes. The program offers flexibility and discounted airfare when you are traveling with ten or more people to make your travel affordable and enjoyable.
Q. Can you get a group rate on airline tickets?
Yes. Southwest offers special group rates on fares and amenities. Moreover, the airline operates various destinations and provides flexibility that suits your plan and budget as well.
Q. Is it cheaper to buy tickets as a group?
You can avoid the stress and acquire a discount when booking in bulk for a group. However, booking tickets for a group does not mean cheaper airfare. Sometimes, you may need to find the deals, especially when you book a group travel for ten or more passengers.
Q. How many people in a group travel Southwest?
If you are traveling in a group, you can add up to ten passengers to be eligible for the Southwest group travel. You can contact the airline directly when you wish to make a reservation for large groups.

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