Southwest Airlines Seat Selection Policy

Southwest Airlines seat selection Policy

Can You Pick Your Seats On Southwest Airlines?

Have you booked your flights with Spirit Airlines and are worried about your seats? If so, there is no need to worry as the airline gives you the right to choose your desired seat as per your requirements. Southwest Airlines seat selection policy has been designed to fulfill the needs of the passengers about the seats.

With this policy, every passenger is able to choose their seat while or after a reservation. Besides, Southwest Airlines flights have open seating and thus you can simply choose any available seat on board. In the article below, we will cover the basic aspects of seat selection on Southwest and enable you to choose the right seat for your travel. So, continue reading and move to further information.

Highlights of Southwest Airlines Seat Selection Policy

You are free to sit wherever you’d like, thanks to Southwest’s open seating policy. Even in the front of the plane, there are no reserved seats. Here are the guidelines regarding the seat assignment policy of the airline.

  • The seats are not pre-assigned, and passengers get the seats based on the boarding groups, such as A, B, and C, and the boarding positions 1-60 due to its free seat policy.
  • Moreover, the boarding position and the groups will indicate the seats that a traveler can choose from since the people who board early can even choose among the vacant seats.
  • The availability of the exit row seats will determine which ones are chosen. However, the airline has a list of standards that must be met before the passenger can take a seat.
  • Moreover, passengers can pick their desired seat when booking a flight by giving the Southwest Airlines seat selection fee of $30-$40 based on the flight information and also depending on the availability.
  • Besides, the airline gathers passengers in multiple boarding groups as per the time they do their check-in.
  • Similarly, the boarding group and the location decide when you board the plane and the sets of seats chosen by you.

How Much Does it Cost /(Charges) to Select a Seat on Southwest Airlines?

Passengers who have the membership of Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards A-list hold the desirable status. Moreover, these passengers are automatically allocated a shipping position before general shipping. The board is in front of the Early Bird Flyer. Besides, the payable charges for the seats are approx. $30 or $40 per passenger and per flight.

The passenger can decide not to choose the seat while making a flight booking and wait until check-in and to get into the plane, thanks to Southwest Airlines’ seat selection policy, as they will still be able to select a seat in accordance with their preferences, but with fewer seats to choose from. As soon as possible after boarding, passengers have a greater selection of seats to choose from, but as available seats continue to fill up, there are fewer possibilities available.

How to Select Seats on Southwest Airlines?

Passengers can choose their seats once they board the plane. Check out the following steps since there are no allocated seats on Southwest Airlines.

Travelers are allowed to check in online or offline to obtain the boarding classes. Besides, you can check in for your flight 24 hours before the planned departure by the official website of Southwest Airlines. Moreover, passengers can also complete their check-in process at the airport via self-service kiosk, ticket counter, etc.

Further, the Southwest boarding passes will be provided to the listed boarding group. The airline person will announce the boarding group to gather in the assigned column presenting in the boarding position. Likewise, you can board the plane when your group name is called by the agent.

Moreover, the airline will assign your boarding position automatically 36 hours before the departure when you have bought the Southwest Airlines business select seating, or you are a rapid reward member. Also, you must check in physically 24 hours before the departure to acquire the Southwest boarding pass. You can easily pick your seat based on the availability on Southwest once you board the plane.

What are the Guidelines for Get a Preferred Seat on Southwest Airlines?

Southwest assigns boarding orders based on check-in. They are placed in one of three zones (A, B, and C) and are numbered from 1 to 60 within each zone (for example, the A1 board is first, and the C60 board is last). The airline offers the widest selection to the first passengers on board on a first-come, first-served basis.

Here are three southwestern seating strategies that can help.

Pay For Better Boarding Order

Customers should pay to improve their order for boarding. Instead of selecting Southwest’s lowest wanna-get away fare, you can choose the more expensive Business Select fare option, which provides you a spot of A1 and A15.

Check-in Exactly 24 hours Ahead

Another option is to check in as soon as the airline allows to shell out the additional cash to get the desired seat. Southwest Airlines provides check-in before 24 hours of departure time. It helps you to improve order and Southwest seat selection.

Select Your Seat Wisely

When you have boarded the plane, selecting the right seat is essential if you want to sit next to someone specific. Finding the headquarters for two people is easy, and you can nearly get the two seats together at the back of the plane.

What is the Southwest Business Select Seat Policy?

Due to the Southwest seat selection policy chart, these seats are the most expensive in the order tier. They are considered the most convenient option for long trips. Passengers can check in first and reserve their seats.

  • In this cabin class, passengers can enjoy free entertainment such as live TV, movies, and messaging service.
  • They can also be facilitated with spacious legroom and complimentary drinks.
  • Additionally, there might be no charges applied for last-minute flight changes. Business select seats on
  • Southwest Airlines will be refunded in case of refunds and cancellations.

How can I Get a Better Boarding Position on Southwest?

Travlers can consider the following ways to acquire the best boarding position on Southwest in order to get the desired seat for their flight.

Download the Southwest Airlines Mobile App

You can use the Southwest mobile application to perform your check-in on time by getting timely notifications. Moreover, early boarding can impact the Southwest seat selection process.

Buy Southwest Premium Ticket

Southwest Airlines business select seats is worth it as it ensures the automatic check-in 36 hours before the departure and provides boarding under A1-A15, which means you board the plane first. In addition, it also helps to improve the Southwest business seat selection process. You can upgrade your boarding position 24 hours prior to the departure time.

Early Check-in

This feature enables the passenger to make the automatic check-in prior to the traditional check-in. However, the airline does not assure listing on the A Boarding group. However, the airline boards you earlier on the aircraft first.

How Can I Get the Best Seats on Southwest Airlines?

Passengers have a variety of requirements when flying. The best option to fly on the best seat is to obtain the boarding position of group A1-A15. Besides, your chances of getting the desired seat become higher since it is early boarding. Below are some tips to get the same.

Earn An Elite Status

Passengers who have the A-list preferred Elite Stats are able to get the best seats for their travel. You can connect with the airline to get additional information regarding Elite Status on Southwest.

Advance Check-in

You must complete your check-in early, up to 24 hours prior to the departure when you are traveling with Wanna Get Away fares. Likewise, it is the cheapest way to acquire early boarding.

Purchase An A1-A15 Boarding

Southwest Airlines allows for upgraded boarding at the airport. Moreover, you can even purchase it on the departure day at $30 to $50 one-way. The price is on a per-person basis based on the availability of A1-A15 boarding groups.

Select Early Check-in

Southwest Airlines automatically permits you to check in 36 hours prior to the planned departure. You must pay $15-$25 for a one-way ticket for each person. It ensures the confirmed and better boarding position than the check-in before 24 hours.

Automatic A1-A15 Boarding For Business Select Fares

You may miss obtaining Group A and Group B when you check in much in time. Irrespective of the time, if you have checked in with Southwest Airlines Business, select seats to get A1-A15.

Does Southwest Airlines Have a Family Boarding Family?

Need to travel with family? An adult traveling with a kid or younger may travel during family boarding after A group has boarded and before B group starts boarding. Passengers should board in the allocated boarding position when the child and the adult have A boarding pass. Besides, it is the shortcut to sit the families together.

Can You Select Seat on Southwest Wanna Get Away?

You may need to know whether you are eligible to make a seat selection or not. Besides, the passengers who acquire the Southwest Wanna Get Away are able to choose their preferred seat on the flight. You can directly get in touch with Southwest customer service to know whether you can select your seat or not.


Southwest Airlines is a popular airline that offers flexibility and personalization through its Southwest Airlines seat selection policy. Its open seating policy allows passengers to secure the best seat when check-in in advance or early, buying early bird check-in through family boarding or Business Select Southwest Seat. This policy ensures a comfortable and enjoyable flying journey that meets passenger’s satisfaction.

People Asked Questions(FAQ)

Q. Why does Southwest not assign seats?
Southwest Airlines offers an open seating policy and it is based on the open boarding process and is, hence, popular among passengers.
Q. Does checking in early get you a better seat on Southwest?
Passengers are able to be seated first on the plane through the advance check-ins and listening on A group. You can also buy the Business Select seats to ensure you are on the A1-A15 boarding.
Q. Is it hard to get a seat on Southwest?
No. Passengers can choose any available vacant seat due to the Southwest Airlines open seating policy.
Q. Are all seats on Southwest the same?
Almost every airline fares provide the same seat on the plane. Besides, the seats placed at the exit row have additional legroom.
Q. Who gets priority boarding on Southwest?
Passengers flying with their family on Southwest Business select seats are able to enjoy the priority boarding.

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