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Delta group travel Policy and Process [2022]

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Delta group travel Policy and Process [2022]

How do I book travel for a group with Delta Airlines?

Traveling in a group does not mean bringing together three-four friends or family members and booking a flight. Considering several US airlines, when there are ten or more people in the same itinerary, only then is it a group. Delta group travel also accepts a group of more than ten individuals under its group travel program.

So, if you are planning to travel as a group with Delta Airlines, you must be ten or more in numbers, then you can book under the Delta Group Travel program. But before that, you should be aware of the airline’s important guidelines for traveling in a group.

Delta Group Specialists help the passengers book flight tickets for their travel group on the same flight with exceptional fares.

What do you mean by Delta Group Travel?

Delta always believes in offering premium facilities and benefits to its passengers. So, when you are planning a group travel booking, you can totally rely on Delta Airlines.

With the help of delta airlines group travelpassengers(10 or more) can plan a general vacation or arrange a meeting overseas for their whole team. The group travel option makes it quite easier for the passengers.

  1. You get to book flights together rather than individual bookings.
  2. Passengers sit together with the group most of the time.
  3. You get a combined booking with extra amenities.

Passengers can plan group travel on Delta Airlines with their family, friends, or colleagues if they are ten or more in numbers and want a combined booking.

How do I book Group Travel with Delta Airlines?

If you want to book delta airline group travel, you have plenty of options. While some options are totally free of charge, there may be a service fee on others. For instance, you can book Delta group travel via,

  • Online website
  • Group Travel phone number
  • Ticketing office

Or you can follow the guidelines on the Skycoair website for a better booking option. Let’s have a look!

To book Delta Group Travel Online,

  • Visit the official website of Delta Airlines and find the Delta Airlines group Travel request form.
  • The form will complete in five simple steps:
    • Group Travel Information
    • Customer Information
    • Travel Details 
    • Special Requests
    • Request Submission
  • Provide the details of who you are booking, which can be anyone like a Group leader, Company/organization, or Travel Agency.
  • Select your option and continue to enter other details with a SkyMiles number if you have any.
  • Continue to choose your personal details and contact information.
  • Then, select your preferred travel details and each traveler’s information.
  • Provide details if you have any special requests. (Choose seats, add meals, etc.)
  • Submit your request and wait for the airline’s confirmation.

Finally, you can look forward to the confirmation email with Delta Airlines Booking details for your group on the registered ID.

Booking group tickets offline

Passnegers can also make group booking requests with Delta Ailrines over the phone. To make a booking for your group on the phone, dial delta airlines group travel phone number 800-532-4777(Mon-Fri 8 AM to 8 PM toll-free). The on-call managers will assist you in booking your group travel flights with the airline.

Suppose you can not book through Delta Airlines Espanol contact; you can also choose to request a Delta callback or fill out the online group travel request form.

What is Delta Group Travel Policy?

Now, you have a clear idea about how you can book delta Airlines group travel, but there are a few conditions that you must understand before making your bookings. Below are some important key points that may help you book group flights on Delta Airlines.

As per Delta Group Travel Policy,

  • Only a group with ten or more passengers is eligible for Delta Group Travel with at least one segment of the flight on the same itinerary.
  • Delta will cancel the booking if there are not at least ten people in the group, and any deposit amount will become forfeit.
  • Passengers who make Skymiles upgrades can not make group travel bookings for the same itinerary.
  • There will be an additional cost for making individual changes to group bookings, and only a group leader can make the changes.
  • No other passenger in the booking has the eligibility for making the group change requests.
  • The main group cost and any additions can probably differ from each other.
  • If your booking request is accepted and you do not ticket your flight, there will be a penalty.
  • Group fares can vary as per travel dates and destinations as there will not be any senior citizen or children travel discounts.

All these conditions will also be mentioned on your group ticket, so you can take a look at it before proceeding with the change or other requests.

Passengers traveling for business reasons can choose Delta Meeting Network and make corporate group bookings with meeting rooms in the itinerary. Call Delta Airlines group travel phone number for more information on the service.

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