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Are you a frequent flyer of Frontier Airlines? Are you already getting miles and points benefits in your account? So, you must be thinking of getting a Frontier Airlines credit card, or is it that you already have it? This article contains all the information about a Frontier credit card, so use it wisely to understand your card better!

Important Highlights of a Frontier Airline Credit Card

  • Get 50K bonus miles with a 100USD flights voucher
  • The card comes with an annual 89 USD fee
  • Regular Annual Percentage Rate(APR) of about 16.74% – 25.74%(varied)
  • Maintain good or excellent credit score
  • You earn 5 times more miles on booking flights at Frontier Airlines official website
  • 3 times more miles on restaurant orders
  • 1 times mile on any additional purchases

All frequent flyers based in the hub or focus city of Frontier are familiar with the featured Frontier World Mastercard as it is prominently advertised on the planes.

Is there a Frontier Airlines credit card?

Frontier Airlines owns a Barclays-issued, co-branded CreditCard, and it has amazing benefits for the passengers flying with the airline. It offers a welcome bonus of 50 thousand miles and a flight voucher worth 100 dollars. For this, the airline just demands you to purchase 500 Dollars worth of services and an annual fee within the first 90 days of getting it. 

In short, you get,

  • A Frontier Airline credit card login for your purchase and benefits
  • Welcome bonus with the minimum spending requirement
  • 89 USD annual fee, which is not too much
  • No fee on foreign transactions
  • A late fee applies but no APR penalty for late payments
  • If your card ever gets lost or stolen no fraud liability
  • Accepted at every place which uses Mastercard

If you need additional information on the card, the frontier airlines credit card customer service is available 24/7 at your disposal.

How do I use my Frontier credit card?

Most of the passengers seek a Frontier Airline credit card to earn more rewards and get convenient fare options. So, how do you use and earn rewards on Frontier Airlines World Mastercard? Let’s find out!

Earning Rewards on Frontier Credit Card

Frontier Airlines credit card has a 50,000 bonus miles offer with a flight voucher worth 100 USD if you make any purchases worth 500 USD and also pay the annual fee in full within the first 90 days. Here are the other ways you can earn rewards:

  • On Fly Frontier website bookings, you get 5 times more miles
  • For restaurant purchases, you get 3 times miles
  • You get 1X miles for everything else.

Also, when the passengers earn one qualifying mile on every one dollar spent on Frontier Airlines purchases, you can earn Elite status faster than the others.

With Frontier Airlines World Mastercard, passengers can also unlock the Family Pooling benefits to share their miles with friends and family.

What are the Benefits of Frontier Airlines Credit Card?

There are many benefits of using a Frontier credit card. You can earn more, spend more, and save more, all at once, with the purchase of this card. Let’s find out about these options in detail!

  • There are no blackout dates, which means if you at least use your Frontier Airline credit card once in six months’ time, your miles will not expire.
  • Frontier’s world master card offers you complimentary access to your FICO credit score online to check whether it has changed in the past few months.
  • You also get to use this Mastercard for paying the related taxes and fees of your award tickets which start from 5.60 USD for one-way.
  • All cardmembers with enough miles status can enjoy Priority(Zone 2) boarding.
  • The introductory APR is quite low on balance transfers, where for 15 months, there will be a 0% intro APR. This applies to balance transfers that you make within 45 days of opening an account. Then the variable APR value holds.
  • If your card somehow gets lost or someone steals it, the airline will not hold you responsible for that.

Get a Frontier Airlines card Only when

You live in a Frontier Airlines Hub or focus city where restaurants and other apparel shops/businesses will accept this card. The card has a low spend requirement, and Frontier’s smaller network limits your miles redemption. But, if you are an avid traveler with Frontier, you can go forward with the card purchase.

For additional information on earning and redeeming rewards, dial the frontier airlines credit card phone number 801-401-9000 and connect with the airline experts.

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