Does American Airlines Give a Student Discount?


American Student Discount

Taking in books and assignment notes is sometimes not enough, and you need extra education and additional options. In that case, you should keep your books aside and travel to each corner of the world for your study. But air travel comes with a huge budget load that students can not handle on their own. The American airlines student discount is a benefit that offers them better fares for traveling as academics.

What is an American Student Discounts?

Questioning “Does American Airlines have student discounts?” If you are an AAdvantage member on American Airlines, you get the chance to grab the best deals on AA flights.

So, if you are still in academics, you will get the best discounts with a little information:-

  • Name of School
  • Student ID

The only requirement is you must be a certified university student from an academic institute or college affiliated or listed under the student discount American airlines on their website.

Interested students can call American Airlines Student discount phone number +1-800-433-7300 and take help sorting out the options of fares.

How do I get American Airlines Student discounts?

Are you enticed by the fact that the American airline student discount offer helps you, students, to fly affordably? You can get yourself a discount too.

To get a discount under this benefit, take a look at the important key points below:-

  • To avail of a student discount on American Airlines, you need your Student ID with the affiliated University.
  • After that, you can choose the name of the University from the drop-down menu on the screen.
  • Now, follow the flight booking process and book the flight using the Student discount you have been approved of.

American Airlines will offer you discounts to every destination, even if you are flying domestic. The major destinations which offer discounts to students on American Airlines Booking, are Canada, Mexico, Europe, Asia, etc.

How to use a Discount Code on American Airlines Flights?

If you are a student and you are looking forward to traveling with AA to any destination, you should know how you can add your discounts to the flights. It is easy to get American airlines discounts for students, but using the discount codes can be quite challenging.

Take a look at the process below and ensure that you can fly with ease under the student discount or any other discount codes.

  • To begin, visit the American Airlines official website and enter the book a flight section.
  • Then, choose the type of trip and the total number of passengers traveling with you.
  • Also, provide the destinations and expected travel class.
  • Choose the destination and return date as per your desire and complete the basic form.
  • Now, you need to click on the “Search Flights” option and choose a ticket from the available list.
  • Furthermore, move to the payments section and click on the discount option available on the page.
  • Next, you need to open your email on the device you received it and find the airline’s email with the discount code.
  • Copy it and paste it to the discount code field on the payments section to apply it.
  • Once you apply, the new fare with the discount will be on the screen.
  • Here, you must pay the remaining balance with the details of your card or any other available payment method by the airline.

The airline will send you an email confirmation after the successful booking of your American Airlines student discount ticket.

AA Student Discounts- Final Verdict!

From the above sections, it must be clear that American Airlines offers special offers for students in the USA. These offers come as American Airlines Student discounts which help the students attending US-based colleges or Universities travel affordably.

For each flight, Students get a discount which they can even club for their hotel and flight bookings to enjoy exciting facilities. Moreover, passengers who book their whole vacayoon packages can also get an extra 5 percent discount on flights.

Keep in mind that,

  • Group booking discounts are totally common among airlines and so as for students the student discounts. Academics in the USA can save extra bucks with these discounts.
  • For a group of ten or more academic students from US universities, American Airlines increases the overall benefits.
  • You can contact the American airlines customer help our team to get a detailed quote on discount options.
  • Passengers can thereby, enjoy exciting flight offers and student discounts if they qualify.

This homecoming, students in the USA can travel with American Airlines student discounts. Simply call American Airlines customer service phone number for bookings.

Frequently Asked Questions:-

Does American have a student discount?

Yes, American Airlines provides discounts of 10 – 20% to the students of some listed universities and colleges.

How to get discounts with American Airlines?

To get discounts with American Airlines, you need to join the loyalty program and reserve basic economy tickets for an affordable cost.

How do I register as a student on American Airlines?

If you wish to avail the benefit of a student discount, you can enter your I.D. number and name on the A.A. website and choose your university from the drop-down menu.

What is the cheapest day to buy American Airlines tickets?

Most airlines, including American Airlines, offer sales on either late Monday or early Tuesday by afternoon. Besides, the airline has lowered their fares on routes, and travelers have more affordable deals for booking.

Do flights get cheaper closer to the date?

To get the cheapest flight tickets, you must know that timing plays an important role. Specifically, plane tickets generally don’t get cheaper than the planned departure date.

Do flight prices go down on Tuesday?

Yes, if you are traveling within the U.S., the cheapest days are midweek, usually on Tuesday and Wednesday. For economy flight tickets, Tuesday is about 24% lower than peak airfare on Sunday.

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