Turkish Airlines Group Travel Booking


How to Book a Turkish Airlines Group Flight?

Do you wish to book up to 10 or more passengers on Turkish Airlines at an affordable rate? If yes, you can Turkish Airlines group travel booking for at least 9 people through the online reservation. Besides, you need to contact the travel agencies when you wish to book larger groups with Turkish Airlines and enjoy your journey. Besides group booking, one can also ask for help when canceling or upgrading group flight tickets before departure. Further, learn the group booking process in detail in the below section.

What Is Turkish Air Group Travel?

Turkish Airlines enables its passengers to make group bookings with the passengers they wish to travel with to their desired destinations. Besides, if your group has 10 or more passengers, you need to connect with the specified travel agencies to book your group travel.

Besides, you can use the online group booking process when your group has less than 10 passengers in number. Moreover, online group booking on Turkish Airlines allows you to book group travel for up to 9 or fewer passengers altogether for the domestic route and 7 or fewer passengers for the international route.

Rules for Turkish Airlines Group Travel Policy

Flyers need to learn the policy designed by Turkish Airlines when booking group tickets. Below is the highlight of the group booking policy.

  • The group must have at least 10 passengers in your group to be eligible for the group booking.
  • One can use our online channels to purchase tickets for up to 7 passengers on international flights and 9 passengers on domestic routes. If you wish to purchase the tickets for larger groups, please contact your preferred travel agencies.
  • On the other hand, you cannot take advantage of group booking on Turkish Airlines when your group has less than 10 passengers.
  • Travelers need to confirm their group tickets up to 72 hours prior to the departure of their flight.
  • Therefore, you cannot make a last-minute group reservation in Turkish. So, plan your group travel early to get the best fares and the availability of the flight toward your desired places.
    Passengers can change their name at least 24 hours before the flight departure depending on the availability.
  • The airline allows the replacement of the name of the passenger with another passenger 24 hours prior to the scheduled departure of the flight when one of the group members does not wish to travel.
  • Name changes will be subject to availability, and you may need to pay an additional airfare to modify the name on your group ticket.
  • In addition, the group reservations are also subject to the same Turkish Airlines cancellation and refund policy as the individual person.
  • Similarly, you may need to pay a cancellation fee when you wish to cancel your flight reservation. The cancellation amount depends on the fare rules chosen by the passenger.
  • Also, the baggage allowance for the group passengers is the same as the single passenger reservation. But, it is advised to check the baggage allowance when you are booking a group trip.
  • Travelers will acquire various flexible payment options to pay the payment for their Turkish Airlines group travel ticket booking.
  • It is necessary to make the complete payment before the planned departure time of the flight to confirm your group reservation.
  • The airline also allows you group seating arrangements, which means you can sit together wherever you want on the flight. It is also subject to seat availability.

How do I Book a Group Flight with Turkish Airlines?

There are multiple ways available for booking group travel Turkish Airlines. Below are the instructions that will enable you to book your group without facing hassle:

Identify the Size of Your Group

Turkish Airlines allows a group of 10 more passengers to travel as a group under the same reservation. Besides, you can book all of them with the help of a travel agency.

Use Turkish Airlines Group Booking Contact 1 (800) 874-8875

Travelers are able to connect directly with the sales department of the airline by phone or by sending an email. Easily find the contact details of the airline on the official website.

Share Your Group Information

You have to connect with the required details such as preferred travel dates, arrival, and departure airports, number of passengers, and other information if you connect Turkish Airlines by phone.

Get a Quote

The travel agency or group sales team offers you a quote when you book your Turkish Airlines group travel. It includes the full price of the flight, the discount, if available for your booking, and any applicable taxes.

Confirm Your Group Booking

You need to confirm your booking by paying the required charges by the airline if the provided quote is suitable for your budget. Besides, the group ticket amount is based on the terms of your reservation and the size of your group.

Share The Passengers’ Information

You will have to share the complete details of every passenger who comes under the group. The details may include names, passport, date of birth, legal ID, etc.

Make The Complete Payment

The remaining amount for your group travel reservation will be due prior to the departure date. Moreover, you can pay this balance online or by connecting with the Turkish Airlines sales department. Ensure that the group travel policy and the procedure may fluctuate. So, you must check it with the customer service team to get the updated information.

Benefits of Booking Turkish Air Group Travel Booking

Passengers can enjoy varios perks when booking a group ticket with Turkish Airlines. To know, read all the below points carefully.

  • When booking a group flight, you will be able to get the special fares, a dedicated customer service team, and the personalized assistance.
  • Besides, the most significant benefit of Turkish Airlines group travel booking is that you will acquire the special fares.
  • Besides, the airline provides special fares for a group of 10 or more passengers who come under the group.
  • Similarly, these fares are lower than an individual fare and even help you to save your money.
  • Turkish Airlines offers a dedicated group reservation desk to assist passengers regarding group booking.
  • Additionally, the desk is staffed by experienced agents who are always available to help you and help you to complete your booking.
  • Consequently, booking a Turkish Airlines group travel enables you to enjoy personalized services. Also, you will be able to get a variety of services such as group seating, check-in, meals, and more that make your travel more enjoyable.

In Conclusion!

It is important to read the above information before making a Turkish Airlines group travel reservation. Turkish Airlines provides multiple perks, including personalized services, discounted fares, and the convenience of group reservations. Besides, you need to navigate to the official website of the airline to acquire the group travel form with all the required information. The minimum number of passengers should be ten, and group booking must be completed 72 hours prior to the planned departure of the flight.

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