How to Use JetBlue Travel Bank?


The JetBlue travel bank is an online a/c or called a bank where the customer can easily avail & manage the credits received from jet blue. It’s also used as a payment wallet that you can access via the official jet blue site or app.

How Can I Use a JetBlue Travel Bank?

Let’s know about the jet bank of jet blue airways. Basically, the travel bank is precisely used to keep up the track records of the earned travel credits & to maintain them. The customer does not need to go through a time taking process; just sign in to the jet blue official site.

To access the JetBlue Travel bank, all you need to do is follow these steps:-

  • Firstly, you need to do is visit the JetBlue portal.
  • Secondly, log into the true blue account on the right top corner of the portal.
  • Just click on your initials, and you will find the total credit amount displayed in the drop-down menu.
  • After that, if you want to review the travel bank statement, you can click on the travel bank credit from the
  • drop-down & will be redirected to the travel bank statement.

How to Access the Travel Bank for Non-True Blue Members?

Now, if you are a non-true blue member, you must follow the guidelines issued by the jet blue team.

So, below are some guidelines that you just need to follow:-

  • The non-true blue members can use their username & password that has been provided to them at the time of sign-in by the jet blue team.
  • You can also use the username & password shared with you on two different mails at the first time of log in to your travel bank.
  • After login into the travel account successfully, you can just easily check your balance followed by the date of expiry of each credit point avail by the jet blue team.
  • It’s better to note these credentials.When you try to log in for the next time, you can easily do it.
  • Now, suppose you have a true blue a/c along with a jet blue a/c, as our premium member. In that case, you also get certain privileges such as we offer you with some loyalty reward.
  • So you would be able to log in to the jet blue travel bank with a regular combination of emails & passwords.
  • They also help you navigate the other interesting features of the travel bank; you need to search for the travel bank on the official website.

What Purpose Can You Use the Travel Bank Funds?

As a jet blue member, here are some ways to use the travel bank funds :

  • These funds are used for making Jetblue Flight Booking & taxes on jet-blue-operated flights.
  • You can also use them for the air space of a jet blue vacation package.
  • If there is any sort of cancellation or fee change along with an increase in airfare.

What Purpose Can’t You Use the Travel Bank Funds?

There are some restrictions where you are not eligible to use the travel bank funds:-

  • The members can’t use their funds for ancillary expenses, which include charges for checked bags, same-day interchange, advance seat reservations for blue basics, or other seat reservations.
  • More space, small pets, unescorted minors with a service charge (that includes phones, GDS booking & other changes)
  • Partner airlines bookings.
  • A non-air space of the jet blue vacation package
  • Air booking via sites other than jet or the blue jet app.

Where Can We Use the Jet blue Travel Credits?

You have the permission to use the Jet blue credits in the following ways:-

  • They are applicable for the flights operated by Jet blue or for the flight portion of the JetBlue Vacations package.
  • It can be viewed & managed by the members through their travel banks.
  • The jet blue travel credits are also applied by selecting the travel bank on the payment screen.

How Can the Customers Connect with JetBlue Airways to Resolve the Queries?

JetBlue airways truly believe & assist their customers in the most convenient way to assure customer satisfaction & avoid unnecessary trouble. To know more, just connect with the JetBlue travel bank customer service.

What is the Purpose of the Jetblue Travel Bank Number?

The JetBlue travel bank number provides the members with wide accessibility to check their credits, features & other necessary details that are quite associated with their journey. In short, it always tries to resolve the customer’s different queries and provides them with unbelievable memories.

What is JetBlue Travel Bank Refund Policy?

As every business has a refund policy for its customers, they do not breach their trust & be always loyal to them. JetBlue travel bank refund policy provides distinguished benefits for their members & they need to be fully updated with the same.

Here are Some Important Refund Policy Steps:-

  • In the case of maximum flight booking,  if you file a cancelation within 24 hrs of the reservation process, JetBlue will initiate a refund in the original form of payment.
  • Suppose the customers are unable to change or revoke their flight before boarding the flight or by any chance you missed the flight, no need to worry; JetBlue will convert your values into travel bank credit for one year of issuance.
  • The customers must change or abort their flight prior the departure. If an itinerary is flown, the airline will send a refund equal to the unused portion of the trip.

Is it possible to Use a Travel Bank for Hawaiian Airlines?

If a member has a travel credit with JetBlue, but somehow the route or the flight is not available & then also you want to give it a try. So it’s possible to use the travel bank for Hawaiian airlines, all you have to do is make a reservation via your official contact & you are good to go. For confirmation, if you want to connect with JetBlue customer service, call 1-800-JETBLUE (538-2583) or 1-802–808-8988 & get yourself 24*7 assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions:-

Q. Is JetBlue bank transferable or not?

The credits in JetBlue are not quite transferable, and perhaps it can be used to book air tickets for your close ones as parents, spouses, child & friends. The person who has credit is only eligible to do it.

Q. How is Blue basic different from Blue on JetBlue?

If a member is traveling without any extra baggage, Blue will be the standard fare applicable that permits a carry-on. In addition to this, you can travel with a personal item. However, in Blue basic, the passenger does not need to pay a  cancellation or fee change, including seat selection. In Blue, the passengers also earn 3 Blue points per dollar.

Q. Which bank provides instant credit card service?

The HDFC bank provides the approval for instant credit card facilities for their members. They are not only 100% secured, but rather they also provide instant activation & ownership.

Q. Do JetBlue points ever expire?

The answer is no; TrueBlue points do not expire. However, if a member closes their a/c, the airline will terminate them.

Q. Can a member sell their JetBlue points?

Definitely, it’s possible for a member to sell their points to generate instant cash. But somehow, the JetBlue portal will not be a better idea to do so. You can sell them mile-to-mile brokers online.

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