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How do I change my flight on JetBlue?

Do you have an emergency stopping you from taking the scheduled JetBlue Flight? Take a quick look at the JetBlue flight change policy and alter your schedules. The airline allows you to make changes both online and over the phone(service fees apply). This article will cover complete details on How you can change a JetBlue flight and the entire policy.

Key Points related to JetBlue Change Flight for Blue Basic Fare

  • Your JetBlue Blue Basic tickets from 8 JUN 21 to 24 AUG 21, also the tickets booked after 1 NOV 21 incur a 100 USD flight change fee.
    This applies per person on your travel within the USA, Central America, and/or Mexico.
  • For all other air travel routes, you need to pay 200 USD as JetBlue flight change cost.

The difference in fare and flight date change rules will also apply when changing a JetBlue Flight.

What is the JetBlue flight change policy?

To make a JetBlue flight change, you may or may not pay a fee, but some rules always apply. JetBlue has particular criteria for each fare type; depending on that, you can change your flight tickets.

Below you will find the details on JetBlue flight change policy for each of its fare type:

JetBlue’s Blue, Blue Plus, Blue Extra, or JetBlue Mint 

  • Passengers do not have to pay any JetBlue flight change fee for these fares if they change their tickets before departure.
  • The Fare Difference will always apply to switch to a new flight.
  • To make a same-day switch for such fares, you must pay a 75 USD fee.
  • If you are Mosaic members or have Blue Extra fares, you can change on the same day without any fare difference.

JetBlue Vacations or TrueBlue Points Bookings

  • Passengers with TrueBlue Points can not even book Blue Basic Flights, so there are no criteria for change either.
  • You can access the Trueblue section on JetBlue’s official website to check the flight change fee information.
  • If you have JetBlue vacations, you can only call JetBlue vacations customer service at 1-844-JB-VACAY (528-2229).

JetBlue non-refundable fares

Passnegers must pay a fare difference plus a Change fee for making JetBlue change the flight. If there is any remaining balance, the airline issues it as a travel credit for the customers. This travel credit is then usable for future travel bookings with the official JetBlue website.

Refundable JetBlue fares

To change a refundable JetBlue Booking, passengers do not have to pay any fee. However, a flight change is subject to the seat availability on a new flight and the airfare difference. So, even for refundable fares, you need to pay the difference in fare.

Important note:

If you do not change your refundable flight before the date of the scheduled departure, the airline will provide you with a travel credit voucher equivalent to the amount of the ticket. You can easily apply it to future travel bookings on JetBlue.

Passnegers can also request a complete refund if the flight change was not from their end by mentioning JetBlue changed my flight while making ticket cancellations.

How can I change my flight JetBlue?

Passengers can change or modify their flight tickets online or through the JetBlue customer service change flight option. Both these methods allow a hassle-free flight change and are feasible to use. Let’s get into the details!

To make a flight change online,

  • You must open the official JetBlue website and find the Manage Trips section.
  • Locate your trip details using
    • Flight Confirmation number
    • Flight ticket number
    • Travel dates
    • Customer details
  • Once you see your flight, find the JetBlue change flight option and continue.
  • You will see a list of available flights around your initial booking fare. (it can be higher or lower based on the availability of flight seats.)
  • Select a new flight that suits you and continue.
  • Confirm the changes and charges that you see.
  • Complete the flight change by paying the charges and then wait for the airline’s confirmation.

To make changes through JetBlue customer service,

  • You can find the JetBlue customer service change flight number and dial it to connect to a live person. 
  • Then you need to provide basic information about the flight change and your ticket. 
  • The agent will help you make the necessary changes to your ticket.
  • Always remember that to make any changes or reservations with jetBlue over the phone, provide a 25 USD fee that is non-refundable and applies per person.

The service fee of 25 US dollars is an additional amount with the fare difference or flight change fee, which you can avoid through the online method.

What is JetBlue Same Day Flight Change?

JetBlue Airways offer the passengers to even change their flights on the same day of the departure for an earlier or later flight. To make a JetBlue same day flight change, you can open the Jetblue official website or visit an airport ticket counter. The airline’s representatives can also be of some help.

JetBlue Same Day Flight Change Policy

  • You can choose an earlier flight or later for a 75 USD fee on the same day as departure.
  • The process is available starting from midnight on the date of departure.
  • You can only make changes to the flight with the same schedule.
  • If a city has a direct flight a day, you can not use a same-day flight change.
  • The same day changes are possible at the airport 24 hours before the departure of the original flight,
  • There is no other change fee except for the same-day change charges.

Passengers can always call JetBlue en Espanol Telefono to make the requested changes with an expert’s help.

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