How to Change Name on Spirit Airlines Ticket?


How do I Can Change Name on Spirit Airlines?

Did you mistakenly put your name wrong on the Spirit booking? Or did you just change your name because of legal matters, and the flight was booked before that? You can request Spirit airlines change name on ticket and make the necessary changes. The airline lets you change the name if you adhere to the rules set by them.

If you are looking up name changes, you need to use Spirit Airlines name change policy and make the changes either online or offline based on your preference. You can also call Spirit Airlines customer service at 1-855-728-3555 and make a name change request.

How to Change your Name on Spirit Airlines Ticket?

  • Open the official website of Spirit airlines or call toll free number.
  • Now, log in to your account, or if on call, follow the automated IVR instructions.
  • You can find the “manage booking” option once you are in.
  • Next, locate the complete flight details and reach the bottom of the page to see the “Edit” button.
  • Here, you can select Spirit Airlines change name on ticket option and provide the necessary attachments.
  • Finally, make the name changes and request the airline for a new confirmation.

After everything is complete, the airline sends you the updated e-ticket on your registered email ID.

What is Spirit Name Change Policy

Spirit Airlines allows the passengers to change the minor misspelled names or make legal changes free of cost. The Spirit change name on ticket service assists you in making name corrections, ensuring they can get past the airport procedures easily.

So, if you have a Spirit flight coming up, and you have put the nome incorrectly in your booking, fret not! You can request a name change through Spirit Airlines official website or the airline’s customer service agents. You can chat with the Spirit agents online and enjoy the flights without any hustle.

  • The middle name, suffix, prefix, or name in your booking should match at least one of them in your ID issued by the Government.
  • You can only make name change requests for a particular flight segment. So, passengers with multiple flights need multiple name change requests according to the segments.
  • Spirit Airlines name change is possible for free under the 24 hours risk-free ticket cancellation and change period. The airline will not charge any fee even if there are major name changes.
  • The flight you are on should be solely operated by Spirit Airlines for you to be eligible for the name changes.

For making any Spirit Airlines name changes other than the general free causes, you need to pay about 120 USD or more as a Spirit Name Change Fee. This may vary depending on the nature of the change you wish to request.

What Type of Name Changes does Spirit Allows?

The Spirit name change policy allows the customers to make changes due to the following reasons:

Legal Changes in Name

Passengers who wish to make name changes due to legal reasons can also change the name on the tickets. You need to provide the supporting documents in this case. So, if you want a name change, just make a request using the methods below.

Misspell names

Do you need to make a little correction to a name that you put incorrectly? You can use the Spirit Name Correction process and check whether you are eligible for a name change or not!

You can also request changes for other passenger information

If you want to change the additional information about the passengers, you can do it. The basic information changes include DOB, contact details, passport information, or when a passenger needs a redress number.

The basic supporting documents that you may need for name change are as follows:

  • A Marriage License for the marriage name change
  • Court order for other legal name changes
  • Divorce Decree details for a divorce name change
  • Any other legal name change document set by the airline.

What is Spirit Airlines Name Change Process?

Do you plan on changing the name on your Spirit Airlines flight ticket? You can get all the information about changing names through any of the available mediums below.

In addition, Spirit Allows changing the name if

  • There is any name misspelled or incorrect by some characters on Your Spirit Airlines Booking.
  • Name changes can also be possible for your Date of Birth, contact options, address details, etc.
  • But for such changes, there is a certain fee.
  • You can easily make legal name changes by submitting the information by legal documentation supporting the name change.
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