How to Change Passenger Name on Alaska Airlines?


Did you make a mistake while entering your name on booking Alaska Airlines tickets? Well, you can change the name on the ticket without any hassles. And if you wish to know How to Change the Passenger name on Alaska Airlines? You can take a look at their name change policy.

Further, Alaska Airlines permits the passengers to make the desired changes to their names on the tickets. However, they require that passengers must adhere to certain processes and rules as per the Alaska Airlines name correction policy. Let’s read on to find out more about this service!

How Can You Change the passenger name?

If you wish to change the name of the passenger on your Alaska Airlines booking, you can do so via the following three ways:

  • Make Changes to your booking online via their official website.
  • Call the Alaska Airlines booking team at 1 (800) 252-7522.
  • Or, contact the agents at their airport ticket counters for quick help.

Alaska Airlines Name Correction Policy and Rules

If you wish to use the Alaska airlines name change service, you first need to know some basic rules and regulations specified by them. Hence, If you completely abide by these rules, you can change the name on your flight ticket.

  • Firstly, The 24-hour risk-free time to create changes in any reservations should be possible without paying any additional bucks.
  • In this way, in case you have booked your trip as of now, then you can continue to change your name.
  • Furthermore, you can change this name by visiting the “Manage booking/Travel” section on the official Alaska Airlines website.
  • If it has been over 24 hours, then you have to pay a $125 fee to make changes in your name.

For instance, note that Alaska Airlines will only permit you to make name changes due to a mistake in the typing and should be changed to a solitary letter.

However, on the off chance, you really want to change the entire name, then you have to generate the authorized documents. Moreover, these documents may be properly signed and stamped by an approved person.

What type of name changes are allowed on Alaska Airlines?

Alaska Airlines allows the passengers to make name corrections one-time without any charges under the following conditions:

  • Correcting more than three letters on your name.
  • Changing the obvious misspellings like if someone entered Smyth instead of Smith.
  • Changing the inverted names.
  • Completing the first name on the ticket.
  • Finally, if you need to change the name because of marriage or divorce.

The airline allows you to make all the above changes without any big hassle. Furthermore, If you have your Alaska airlines booking through travel agents, then you should get in touch with them for changes. And, you can likewise arrive at the air terminal and contact the client care or travel work area present at the air terminal.

Moreover, Alaska Airlines permits you to transfer the name with a fee which you must clear to change the name to another person. Besides, the airline will also require a difference in fare charge.  And if you need more information, you can contact Alaska airlines Telefono and speak to the airline agents for help.

Furthermore, our experts are also available to offer you unprecedented help. You just need to find our contact numbers below and give us a call to receive the necessary guidance.

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