How do I Use My Alaska Airlines Voucher?


Alaska  Travel Voucher

What are Vouchers? You get a travel voucher when you terminate your airline bookings; in other words, you cancel flights. Sometimes, you purchase a voucher from a third-party website as well. An Alaska Airlines voucher is of the same significance. The airline offers vouchers to its customers for their cancellation of services and more. In this article. You will find basic information on using Alaska Vouchers for traveling purposes.

Passengers can use their Alaska Airlines Booking Vouchers to book flights for anyone, not only private/individual airfare bookings.

How to Use an Alaska Airlines Voucher?

Firstly, an Alaska Airlines voucher can be anything from a travel balance after cancellation to a companion voucher for credit card holders. So, usage totally depends on the passengers and how they want to use it. But a travel voucher can be used to book air travel for anyone, whereas a companion voucher only applies when a passenger books tickets for himself and his travel partner using the card.

You get a voucher code in your email when you cancel your flights with Alaska Airlines. This code will be applied to the payments page when you choose your payment methods as Travel vouchers.

Using an Alaska Airlines Voucher For Future Travel

  • Log in to the Alaska Airlines official website and open your wallet.
  • You can log in using the correct details like your username and password.
  • If you do not have an account, you can continue to the book flight section directly.
  • Here you can provide your preferred travel details and proceed to the payment section once you have double-checked everything.
  • Now, go to the payment method and use the Gift Vouchers/Travel Vouchers by selecting them.
  • For multiple vouchers, you must add them to your corresponding wallet.
  • Now, enter the Voucher Code and a Pin number if you received it in the email.
  • Confirm your flight bookings after finalising the payments.

Necessary Guidelines for Using an Alaska Voucher

  • Your Alaska Airlines Flight Voucher value is usually in the US Dollar currency format.
  • These vouchers can only be applicable for flights servicing on Alaska Airlines.
  • The credit redemption is possible by buying a new flight ticket before the voucher’s expiration date.
  • Passengers can also redeem these vouchers for fares with respect to the government-added taxes and fees, etc., on flight tickets.
  • You can not cash your vouchers, bring a check, or gift them to anyone. Neither do the airline allows you to add them to your card.

If you follow these rules, you can easily redeem an Alaska Airlines voucher. However, the overall terms and conditions are subject to change as per the airline’s decisions.

Will my Alaska Vouchers Expire?

When you change or cancel an Alaska Airlines nonrefundable flight booking, you get to choose what to do with your remaining ticket balance, which is unused. Usually, customers request a voucher to be applied towards future air travel. These vouchers have a specific amount of time for validity after their date of purchase or cancellation, whichever comes later.

Suppose you canceled your flight ticket right after ten days of booking, and it has a one-year validity period. However, your cancellation date is simply 20 days after booking. In this case, your vouchers should be valid for 30 days after the cancellation. But the more prominent approach is the ticket’s expiry date after booking. Passengers can easily find the Alaska Airlines voucher expiration date in their email or wallet account.

Is it Possible to Use my Travel Voucher For Someone Else?

Vouchers can not be transferred and will not be applicable to any other person who makes the booking if you sell them. However, you can use the vouchers for someone else. The airline gives the passengers complete rights to make bookings for anyone in their contact list using their account, and they can apply this voucher for payments.

In Conclusion

An Alaska Airlines voucher is redeemable for flights only, and you can book them for anyone through your own account. To get more information on Alaska Airline voucher redemption or the travel date, call Alaska Airlines Customer service number.

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