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Make An Air France Booking & Get Exciting Deals

Travelers can fly to from France with the perfect travel partner who is Air France. The airline offers exciting deals & discounts to its customers for flight booking to their desired destination. Further, you may avail flight tickets at reasonable cost by making a reservation with Air France Booking.

Established in 1993, Air France is the French carrier and the alternative to the Air France KLM group. Besides, it is also one of the founding members of the Sky team Alliance. The airline operates more than 160 destinations in about 93 countries globally.

Further, the airline is classified as one of the best airlines in terms of its services and facilities. In this blog, we will discuss everything related to Air France booking. Travelers can easily make Air France Airlines reservations with a simple process.

How To Make Air France Booking Online?

Moreover, the airline offers multiple ways to book flights at affordable costs. If you are the one who wants to consider an online flight booking to your desired destination with Air France, you can simply follow the given steps:

  • Firstly, you must visit the Air France Airlines official website and click on the “Book Flight” section.
  • Then, make a simple booking process or choose the “Book with Miles” option if you have a frequent flyer facility.
  • Now, you need to choose the booking type, for example, one-way or round-trip.
  • Further, confirm your location for arrival and departure at the airport.
  • Next, choose your preferred dates and enter the number of passengers.
  • Afterward, select the cabin class, and click on the “Search flight button.”
  • Lastly, you can pick a flight schedule per your requirements from the list of available flights and confirm your booking by considering the on-screen instructions.
  • Once your Air France flight booking has been confirmed, you will get a confirmation email from the airline to your registered email address. You will get all your booking details in that email.

Other Ways To Book Air France Flight Ticket

If you do not consider an online method to book flights, you can do it with an Offline method. It is also the easiest way to reserve flight tickets with Air France. Follow the mentioned below steps:

  • To start an offline flight booking procedure, dial Air France customer service
  • 1 (800) 237-2747 anytime to connect with live representatives.
  • Then, you have to listen & follow the automated on-call IVR menu carefully.
  • Now, press an ideal button as per the automated voice instructions.
  • Next, you will be able to speak with a live person at Air France Airlines.
  • Further, provide the required details to its representative.
  • Afterward, You can also share add-on services you want to add to your booking.
  • At last, choose the ideal payment option and pay for your flight booking along with the add-on facilities.

Air France Airlines Cancellation Policy

After that, you may have a desire to know the cancellation policy of Air France. Yes, the airline has introduced an easy to use flight cancellation policy. But, the airline has set down some specified situations to cancel the reservation. Passengers who cancels their flight booking with Air France need to follow the terms & conditions that are as follow:

  • Passengers who make Air France reservations online can rescind their flight booking within a day of departure.
  • Furthermore, the airline will not apply the cancellation fee if you revoke your flight reservation within 24 hours of ticket purchasing.
  • Besides, If you wish to rescind your flight booking in advance, you can do it by canceling your Air France ticket up to a week before the planned departure of your flight.
  • The passenger is responsible for paying a flight cancellation fee if they do not follow the Air France flight cancellation policy rules.
  • However, the charges for flight cancellation depend on the fare type, time of cancellation, etc.
  • According to the Air France Cancellation Policy, passengers are allowed to cancel their flight reservation only by visiting the official website or call customer service phone number.

How to Cancel An Air France Flight Booking?

If you wish to cancel your flight booking with Air France, you should do it 24 hours after the flight ticket purchase. Take a look at the given below steps to easily cancel your booking. However, you may have other options for flight cancellation that will be discussed next to this step.

Online Air France Flight Ticket Cancellation

  • First, you must visit the official website of Air France.
  • Second, enter the required details of your flight booking and choose the option of “Search .” Then, once you fill in the details, you must verify whether the flight is correct or not.
  • Now, you need to choose the “Edit Reservation” option.
  • Next, you should also check whether the flight you want to cancel is available or not.

Offline Air France Flight Ticket Cancellation

  • To connect with a live person, dial Air France Airline customer service at 1 (800) 237-2747 or 1-888-978-0366.
  • Then, listen & follow the IVR instructions carefully.
  • Now, once you connect with a representative, tell them the reason for your flight cancellation, and provide your required details.
  • Moreover, they will assist you regarding ticket costs, refunds, or cancellation of your Air France Airlines reservation.
  • Lastly, the airline will cancel your booking and send you a confirmation mail for the same.

Visit Nearest Airport For Air France Flight Ticket Cancellation

  • It is one of the best options to cancel your flight reservation.
  • You need to visit your nearest airport immediately to notify the airline regarding your flight cancellation.
  • Then, you will go to the ticket counter at the airport.
  • You will meet an airline representative here who is available to help you.
  • Now, you must make a request to them so that they will start the process of your flight cancellation.
  • If you are eligible for the refund, you will get it within 7 to 14 working days.

How Much Does It Cost to Cancel Air France Flight Booking?

Moreover, the Air France cancellation fees may vary as it depends on various factors such as the type of flight ticket, airline fare rules, time of cancellation, etc. The cancellation charges start from $100 to $500. Passengers can avoid paying flight cancellation fees by considering the Air France 24-hour cancellation policy rules.

Air France Airlines Refund Policy

Further, you need to know the refund policy of Air France Airlines. If you are the one who wants to obtain a refund on a flights cancellation, then read the given below points carefully:

  • According to Air France Airlines’ refund policy, passengers can claim a refund via the official website or by dialing customer service.
  • Besides, if you have purchased a non-refundable flight ticket, then you need to apply for a refund within a day of purchasing to get a refund from Air France.
  • However, if you cancel your non-refundable flight ticket after 24 hours of flight reservation, the airline will not provide you with a refund.
  • Similarly, the airline will transfer your refund value for up to 10 to 14 business days.

Note: You can speak to a live agent to collect more info regarding the refund policy. Call Air France Airlines phone number at 1 (800) 237-2747; you can call them 24/7.

How do I Request For A Refund From Air France Airlines?

If you canceled your Air France flight booking and are willing to know the process to claim a refund from the airline. Then, follow the given below procedure carefully while making a request for a refund.

Make a request For A Refund Via Online Mode

  • To claim a refund, head to the Air France Airlines official website.
  • Now, log in to your Air France account using your login credentials.
  • Then, navigate to the “Manage My Booking” section.
  • Further, you must mention your required booking details in the given area.
  • Afterward, you will find your canceled flight booking page. Open it.
  • Next, find the “Refund” option from the menu bar, and select it.
  • Lastly, you must consider all the needed on-screen instructions to complete the refund request process.

Make a request For A Refund Via Offline Mode

  • To make a request for a refund through an offline mode, you have to dial the Air France helpline number at 1 (800) 237-2747.
  • Then, follow the IVR automated voice menu and choose the ideal option to claim a refund.
  • Now, you will connect to the live representative at Air France Airlines.
  • Next, they will ask for some details from you, and you must provide those details to start your refund process.
  • Lastly, they will start your refund process, and you will acquire your refund within 10 to 12 working days.

What Is Air France Airlines Flight Change Policy?

Air France Airline allows its passengers to make any modification in their flight ticket as per their requirements. But, passengers should follow the rules to change the details in the flight ticket for free. If you wish to change your flight schedule due to any emergency, you need to consider below points that following:

  • Passengers must change their flight reservation within a day of flight purchasing, and it will not require any flight change charges.
  • Besides, the charges for flight change will be applicable when the request for flight reservation is made prior to a week from the flight’s departure arrival time, and passengers need to pay the charges.
  • Moreover, passengers have to pay the Air France Change Flight charges of $25 if they make any changes after 34 hours of purchasing a flight ticket.
  • In addition, if the flight change penalty applies to you, you must pay the fee of $35 to the Air France Airline while changing your flight.
  • Similarly, you are not allowed to share your flight ticket with anyone as it is in opposition to the Air France policies while changing your Air reservation details.
  • If the airline cancels your flight booking due to any reason, you have the option of changing your flight schedule or claim for a full refund.

How Do I Change My Flight On Air France?

To change your flight with Air France, follow the given below steps carefully:

  • Firstly, you need to visit the official website of Air France.
  • Secondly, move to the “My Trips” option in the menu bar.
  • Now, you must input your reservation number and required details in the given space.
  • Next, you will see a list of airlines. Choose the Air France option.
  • Afterward, click on the “Change Flight” option.
  • Further, you must carefully fill in the destination, date, name, etc., to change your flight reservation.
  • Click on the “Save” tab and pay the flight change fee if needed.
  • At last, the airline will send you a confirmation email regarding the same, in which you will get the updated details for your flight reservation.

How Can I Make Customizations on Air France Booking?

If you find any error in your Air France Airlines Reservation and wish to modify your booking, you have two easy procedures to correct it. These methods help you in making your corrections well.

Online Method For Flight Customization
  • First, you need to visit Air France Airlines’ official website in your browser.
  • Then, using your username and password, log into your account.
  • Now, move to the “Manage My Booking” option, and click on it.
  • Next, provide your required booking details to access the recently booked Air France tickets page.
  • Further, you must choose the “Edit” tab.
  • Afterward, you will be able to make changes to your booking as per your requirements.
  • At last, pay the charges to confirm the changes in your flight booking.
Offline Method For Flight Customization
  • To use the offline method, you need to dial Air France Airline phone number (1800 419 2033).
  • Now, just listen & follow the automated IVR menu carefully over the call.
  • Next, you need to press the ideal key to connect with a live representative at Air France.
  • Further, once you connect with an Air France customer service agent, you must provide your reservation details to them.
  • Finally, you must pay the fee to change your details in your booking, if required.

How Can I Use the Manage Booking Feature of Air France?

We have discussed flight changes in the above section. Now, you wish to know about the procedure for managing booking features. If yes, refer to the given below steps:

  • First, head to Air France Airlines’ official website.
  • Second, log in to your account.
  • Then, move to the “Manage My Booking” section, and click on it.
  • Now, enter all the required information regarding your Air France booking.
  • Further, you are able to use this feature for editing, refunding, changes, cancelling, etc.

Note: You may gather more information related to this feature by contacting the live person of Air France.

Air France Seat Selection Policy

The seat selection policy of Air France is designed to fulfil the needs & requirements of its precious passengers. Passengers must know the seat selection policy before the Air France reservation. Read the points given below to sit on your desired seat while flying.

  • Moreover, passengers can select their favorite Air France seat during web check-in.
  • On the other hand, they can also choose their seats at the airport check-in. However, selecting as early as possible is advisable to get your desired seat.
  • Besides, Air France allows seat selection 24 to 4 hours before the flight’s departure.
  • Similarly, you can select your seat at the time of reservation for free with Air France Airlines.
  • If you have made a seat selection process up to a day from the booking, the airline will not apply charges on you.
  • Likewise, if you are physically disabled, then you should mention it at the time of flight reservation.

How to Select a Seat On Air France Airlines?

If you wish to sit on your favourite seat, then you need to implement the following steps carefully to reserve your seat at the time of flight booking.

  • First, you must navigate to the official website of Air France via a web browser.
  • Second, you need to find and select “My Bookings.” option.
  • Then, you will be able to make any updates to your Air France flight booking.
  • Afterward, you need to provide your booking number and last name to start the seat selection process.
  • Now, you have to select the “Search” option.
  • Further, you will see a seat map where you can choose your desired seat.
  • Next, move to the “Change Seat” option and select a seat.
  • Finally, click on the “Confirm” option to reserve your seat successfully.

How do I Speak To A Live Person At Air France?

To speak to a live person at Air France Airlines, you must dial its customer service phone number, or you can use another method mentioned below. Further, you need to follow the steps below carefully to assist you in contacting live representatives.

To Contact With Air France Via A Helpline Number

  • Making a phone call is identified as the simple and fastest way to talk to a live person at Air France.
  • Firstly, you have to dial the Air France Reservation number (1800 419 2033) or 1-888-978-0366 to speak with its agents.
  • Now, listen to the IVR instructions carefully, and choose the right key to get a live human at Air France.
  • Afterward, the agents will connect you and assist you in solving your queries regarding cancellation, refund, booking, etc.

Contact With Air France Via Email

It is known as one of the easiest ways to connect with customer service of Air France hassle-free. Moreover, you need to just write an email in which you write your issues or concerns regarding your booking with Air France and mail it to Air France Airlines’ official email address [email protected].

Once the live representative receives your email, they will revert you and connect with you shortly. Consequently, they will assist you in solving your queries with ease.

Contact With Air France Via Live Chat

  • The Live Chat feature is another helpful feature that helps to make a speedy connection with Air France.
  • Firstly, you need to go to the official website of Air France and log in to your account using your username and password.
  • Then, you must find the “Live Chat” option on the home page and click on it.
  • Now, type your contact information, such as your email address, etc.
  • Afterward, a live representative will connect with you shortly after a few minutes.

Contact With Air France Via Social Media

First, you need to go to the social media pages of Air France, such as Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, etc., and follow the airline to get the latest notification or deals regarding cheap flight tickets. Now, you will be able to send your query or issues to a live person at Air France. Moreover, you can share your contact details to make a request for a callback.

Note:- The above methods will help you to connect with a live person at Air France shortly 24/7.

Air France In-Flight Services

Did you recently make an Air France booking and now wish to know about its in-flight services? If yes, then look out for the given below information:

  • If you have purchased flight tickets with Air France, you will obtain various complimentary drinks such as water, alcohol, fruit juice, coffee, and tea.
  • Moreover, you will get preferred snacks and sweet dishes.
  • Besides, if you have bought tickets for the international economy and premium economy class of Air France, you will get facilitated with delicious hot meals and hot or cold drinks.
  • You will also enjoy breakfast service during flying with these classes on Air France Airlines.
  • On the other hand, if you are flying in the Air France business class, you will acquire a gourmet basket that can be used in the bar. You can also choose four other special meals made by experienced chefs.
  • Also, you will get other drinks to enjoy a wonderful trip with Air France Airlines.

Note:- If you want to get more information regarding flight booking, you must call the Air France Reservation Number (800-237-2747) to talk to a live agent. They will assist you in solving your queries.

Air France Fleet Information

The current fleet size of Air France Airlines is 15 Airbus A330-200, 11 Airbus A321-200, 6 Boeing 787-9 aircraft, 6 Airbus A340-300, 36 Airbus A320-200, 25 Boeing 777-200ER, 35 Airbus A319-100, 10 Airbus A380-800, 43 Boeing 777-300ER, 5 Airbus A321-100, and 18 Airbus A318-100.

Air France Check-in Options

Airport Check-in

With Air France Airlines, passengers can check in at the airport via a kiosk that is available 24/7.

Online Check-in

Air France online check-in starts 30 hours prior to the planned departure. Additionally, passengers can check in online using the official website or the mobile app of Air France.

Baggage Allowance Of Air France Booking

When you book a flight ticket with AIr France, you can see the baggage allowance as per your class selection or Blue flying status. If you have purchased a flight ticket and need to know the baggage allowance, you must go to the My Booking section, and view the limit for the baggage.

Carry-on Luggage

The permission for hand luggage items may differ depending on the class fare or the Blue flying status booked by the passenger. However, the luggage dimensions will be 55cm x 35cm x 21.7cm, including pockets, wheels, and handles.

Checked Baggage

Further, the quantity of checked baggage allowance will depend on the ticket type & the status of Blue flying. Besides, checking your flight ticket for baggage allowance for Air France flight booking is advisable. Likewise, the whole dimensions for allowed baggage should be 158cm (62.2 in), including any wheels, pockets, or handles.

What is the Air France Frequent Flyer Program?

If you are willing to understand about the Air France Frequent flyer program, you must go through the given below points carefully:

  • If a passenger has a membership in a frequent flyer program it will be facilitated with extra legroom and a last-minute seat upgrade.
  • Moreover, you can earn reward points using this frequent flyer program. Using these miles, you can avail the benefit of Air France book flight services without paying any amount.
  • Besides, you will get priority check-in and boarding using the frequent flyer program.
  • You will earn miles even if you don’t fly with Air France Airlines.
  • Similarly, you can use these miles to upgrade your seat, class, etc., through this program.

Air France Airlines Class of Travel

Being a famous airline, Air France Airlines offers three types of classes for the convenience of its passengers. The classes are as follows:

Business Class: With Air France, the business class seats are designed to fit the passenger’s body, allowing for utmost comfort and sleep. The improved seat also provides flexible relaxation with power outlets to work on the go.

Premium Economy: The determined comfort for the economy class comes in the Premium class with large seats having an encaged shell which permits you to get a private space to travel with peace of mind.

Economy Class: With the Economy class seats, passengers will have an adjustable headrest that permits upright and inclined positions.

Air France Hub Airport

Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport is the largest airport in France and the hub airport for Air France Airlines. Besides, it contains four runways and can manage more than 65 million passengers. On the other hand, the other airlines that fly to & from Charles de Gaulle Airport are Aegean Airlines, Tunisair, Adria Airways, United Airlines, Ukraine International Airlines, Turkmenistan Airlines, Air China, Aer Lingus, Thai Airways, Turkish Airlines, Air Europa, and TAM Airlines.

Furthermore, Charles de Gaulle Airport is famous for giving luxury airport shopping opportunities to its passengers. However, Paris Charles de Gaulle is the main hub airport for ASL Airlines France, and Joon. If you visit Terminal 2, you may find a huge variety of household names within the fashion industry.

Where do Air France fly?

Here, we will discuss the famous routes of Air France Airlines for which it operates the flight most:

  • Paris To Dubai Flights
  • London To Sao Paulo Flights
  • Lagos To Paris Flights
  • Cairo To London Flights
  • Paris To Singapore Flights
  • Paris To Brasilia Flights

What Is the Air France Group Travel Program?

If you wish to make a group travel with your family or friends, you should opt for the Air France group travel program. But before booking group travel with Air France, you should understand the terms & conditions for the same:

  • As per Air France Airlines group travel policy, the ticket fare amount only depends on the number of passengers who will travel in the group.
  • Moreover, the entire number of seats and your destination will majorly increase the flight ticket fare.
  • Besides, the ticket price for a selected cabin significantly affects your group travel booking fare.
  • However, the condition for group tickets is also based on the promotional period, date of booking, country, and days left in planned departure.

How Can I Book An Air France Group Travel?

Air France has made the group travel booking process customer-friendly for the convenience of its travelers. If you are planning to book a group travel with Air France, and do not know the procedure to book, then you need to follow the given below steps carefully.

  • First, you need to go to the official website of Air France.
  • Second, choose the “Request A Quote” button, and you will see the request form for “group Travel.”
  • Now, you must enter the needed information about your group travel, such as destination, type of trip, enter origin, etc.
  • Then, you need to share your preferred date, cabin class, the total number of passengers, and time for travel.
  • Next, choose the “confirm” option to submit your travel details.
  • Further, provide your personal details such as phone number, name, nationality, address, email address, etc.
  • Afterward, you can put your group travel information along with the purpose.
  • If you want to make any special request, you can make it after the above step.
  • Finally, click on the “Confirm” and “Send My Request” options to successfully send your request to Air France.

Note:- You can dial Air France Airlines customer service (1800 419 2033) to book group travel with the help of live representatives.

What Is Air France Unaccompanied Minor Policy?

Before you make an Air France Reservation for your unaccompanied minor, you should read the terms & conditions, which is mentioned below:

  • A minor who is not accompanied through an adult who is over 18 is known as an Air France minor traveling single.
  • Moreover, when the accompanying passenger is the child’s mother, father, or guardian, they may be under 18.
  • Moreover, if you and your kid are traveling in a different cabin, then your kid will be identified as an unaccompanied minor.
  • Besides, kids who are traveling alone are prohibited in the airport lounge.
  • Children flying alone will be a high priority if the airline delays or cancels the flight.
  • Even if late-night accommodations are needed, your kid will diligently look after the staff and customer service team of Air France.


You can dial our helpline number to connect with our live representatives if you want to collect more info. They will assist in solving your query regarding Air France flight booking hassle-free.

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