Traveling is exhausting, especially when you are alone on a 5 hours long flight. But when you have a companion, time passes smoothly. And when the number of companions is as large as to make it a group, you have the best air travel experience. Therefore, the Air France Group Travel Service is the best solution you have to pass the hard traveling time.

Air France allows Group travel for the passengers who wish to take more than 10 people along for air travel. Therefore, no matter if you want to travel for leisure or work, you can get flexible booking options with Air France group travel quotes. You can request a quote right now and get ticket bookings without a delay.

How Can I Book a Air France Group Airfare?

Are you willing to travel by ten people or more with Air France? You can make an Air France group travel quotes request online and find out some great offers. All you have to do is visit the airline’s official website and create a new offer without obligation for your booking requirements.

You need to fill out a Group Travel request form to request a quote and find out the various options Air France can offer you. Now, let’s see how you can make a quote:

Advantages of doing Group Travel Booking with Air France

When a passenger makes an Air France booking for his group, there are several perks that come along with it. You should know about them in detail to ensure that you travel without worrying much. Below you will find major benefits of booking group travel with Air France.

  • You can have better fares, more flexibility, and extra benefits while making a booking.
  • Passengers can have extra facilities while making payments or canceling flights.
  • They can even add more people to the booking at, of course, a fare difference.
  • Choose your seats at no additional cost.
  • Change the name of a passenger before issuing tickets without a charge.
  • You can also manage a simplified contract for your group flights when your flights are from Delta Airlines, Air France, KLM, etc.
  • Passengers can also get assistance from the advisor’s dedicated team.
  • You can also earn Miles under Flying Blue or get company credits for future business travel.

Air France Group Travel Booking Process:-

  • Open The Air France Official website and find the option for “Traveling in a Group.”
  • Now, you need to click on the “Request A Quote” button, and you will see the “Group Travel request” form.
  • Here, you should first provide your travel information.
  • Start with the type of your trip, and enter the origin as well as destination details.
  • Now, provide your travel dates and preferred travel time.
  • Do not forget to enter the cabin class details along.
  • After that, provide the total number of passengers.
  • Now, if you do not really want to strictly follow the air travel schedule, check “My Travel dates are flexible.”
  • Then, click on “Confirm” to submit the travel information.
  • After that, enter personal details like your name, nationality, address, and phone number with an email address for the group leader.
  • Next, you can enter your group information with your name and purpose.
  • If you have any special requests, you can make them in the step after this.
  • Confirm and click on the “Send My Request” button to send your request to Air France.

After all that, you may receive a fair quote and several options from the group travel Air France department. You can choose your favorite option and book your flights with one of the deals.

Terms & Conditions of Air France Group Travel Booking

Suppose you want to go forward and make a group booking now. In that case, you should know the Air France group travel policy in detail. Here are the details of the airline’s group travel policy.

  • The total amount of a custom quote for group travel will depend on the total no. of passengers.
  • Also, the total available seats, as well as your destination, will also majorly affect the quote.
  • Your Average price ticket for a selected cabin puts a major effect on your booking fares.
  • The condition of fare groups also depends on the country, date of booking, days left in your flight’s departure, and the promotional period.

Hence, you can make an Air France Group Travel Booking with ease if you know these few details about your flight’s fare quotes for traveling in groups.

Do you still have more questions about booking group travel or requesting a quote? There’s no need to worry about anything. You can make a call at the Air France phone number & get your answers from the experts. The airline agent at our end will also be able to assist you better. So, feel free to connect with our team and obtain your answers.

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