Air France Change Flight

How to Change Air France Flight?

If you have purchased flight tickets with Air France and wish to change your flight for an emergency, you should first learn the Air France change flight policy. It helps you to make modifications to your flight reservation smoothly.

In addition to making changes, passengers can transfer tickets and get reimbursement for unused seats. However, you cannot modify your name with Air France and pay a nominal flight change fee if they do not cancel their flight within 24 hours. Let’s start! Further, we will cover all the important points you need to know.

What is Air France Change Flight Policy?

Under the flight change policy of Air France, passengers are allowed to modify their booking without paying any cost. However, the changes must be done within a day of ticket purchasing.

  • The flight change can be done as you have booked your reservation.
  • Besides, if you purchase your flight ticket online Air France Booking, you can change the flight ticket online method via visiting the official website.
  • If you fail to make a change to your flight booking within 24 hours, you must pay a flight change fee.
  • Additionally, if the value of your new flight is higher than your old flight booking, you have to pay the supplement amount to the airline.
  • On the other hand, if the value of your new flight is lower than your previous flight, the airline is responsible for reimbursing you that money.
  • According to the Air France flight change policy, you are allowed to change your name, flight, destination, date, meals, itinerary, etc., for free.
  • If a passenger buys round-trip flight tickets and wants to modify their booking in one way, the airline may charge you the flight change fee only for one way, not the round flight ticket.

Air France 24 Hours Flight Change Policy

  • The 24 hours flight change policy of Air France permits its customers to perform changes in their itinerary for free within 24 hours.
  • Moreover, passengers who have successfully made flight changes up to 24 hours of flight booking do not need to pay any charges.
  • Additionally, the 24-hour flight change is applicable equally on all types of fares, regardless of the class of your flight ticket.
  • However, if you have non-refundable flight tickets, you cannot modify your booking to make certain changes.

How to Change Air France Flight Ticket?

Air France always takes care of the needs & requirements of its customers. Also, it provides the best services to its passengers for their convenience. Using multiple methods, you can change your itinerary according to your suitability.

Take a look at the ways for the same:-

Flight Change Via Online Method

  • Firstly, head to the official website of Air France.
  • Secondly, enter your flight booking details in the “Manage Booking” section.
  • Now, you will see numerous deals to change your flight.
  • Next, you can see the “Review or Modify” option. Click on that option.
  • Then, enter your details in the given space and choose the “Continue” tab.
  • Click on the given link, which redirects you to the Air France flight change option.
  • Before confirming your changes, ensure that you have rechecked your details and changes.
  • Further, click again on the “Continue” button.
  • Once your changes complete successfully, you will receive a confirmation email in your email inbox section.

Change Flight Via Offline Method

  • To perform an offline method, you need to call Air France customer service at 1 (800) 237-2747.
  • Then, an agent will assign to you who will help you make changes to your itinerary.
  • Further, ensure that you have elaborate on the changes you want to make to your itinerary.
  • Afterward, the agent will check your eligibility based on your ticket type and travel date.
  • Next, they will tell you about the prevailing situation and flight change fee.
  • At last, you must make payment to confirm and approve your flight changes.

Make Flight Changes Via Visiting Airport

  • To use this method, you must go to your nearby airport.
  • Then, go to the help desk, and ask for assistance from the customer representative.
  • Now, elaborate on your flight changes while talking to the agent.
  • Next, they will tell you if your changes can be performed or not.
  • If there is a flight change fee, the agent will notify you.
  • The representative will proceed with your changes when you make the payment for the charges.

Air France Change Date Policy

  • This policy allows passengers to change the flight date as per their suitability. On the other hand, you need to be sure that the airline is operating the flight on the day you have changed.
  • You must pay the difference amount to confirm your changes if the ticket amount is higher than your previous ticket.
  • If you book a group trip and want to make changes to one ticket, the airline will apply the charges for the change date on the particular flight ticket.
  • If you want to modify your date online, you must visit the official website and click on the “Time to Think” tab. Then, move to the “Manage your booking” section and change the travel date per your requirements.
  • If the passenger makes all the changes under 24 hours of booking, they do not have to pay the Air France change flight date fee.

Air France Time Change Policy

  • You can change the time in your itinerary using both offline and online modes.
  • If you made changes on the same day, you do not need to pay any charges.
  • You can change the time in your flight booking if the fare rule permits you to do so.
  • However, some of the tickets are not permitted for any changes.
  • You must pay $20 for modification time if you make it to the airport.

What Is The Air France Seat Change Policy?

  • The airline provides a standard seat service in which you can reserve your preferred seat in advance.
  • You can book your standard seat for free if you check in online.
  • The seat change must be done up to 30 hours prior to the planned departure.
  • The charges for seat change depend on the destination, travel date, and fare type.
  • Moreover, you can use this service via an app.
  • Children traveling alone or travelers with the flex fare ticket can also request a seat change for free.

Air France Name Change Policy

  • According to the Air France flight change policy, passengers are not allowed to change the name of their flight reservations.
  • In case of any issue, the passenger can not change the name in their itinerary and sell their flight ticket.
  • If passengers make a typo, they can contact the retailer to change it.
  • A small service charge may apply when changes are made through a service center.
  • The name correction should be made up to three days prior to the departure.

What Is The Air France Ticket Change Fee?

  • If a passenger wishes to make changes at any airport or city ticket counter, they will ask to pay USD 20 to make the changes.
  • Passengers can purchase tickets from a third-party agent, local ticket counters, or directly at the airport, and they have to pay USD 50.
Final Thoughts!

Thus, if you are facing any issues while doing the flight changing process, you must dial the Air France phone number to get instant help 24*7.

People Also Asked Questions(FAQ)

Q. How much does it cost to change a flight on Air France?
Flight changes are subject to a fee of USD 20-25. If a travel agency issues your ticket, you must pay $30-$35.
Q. Can I change my Air France flights?
Yes, you can change your itinerary as you want without paying charges.
Q. How long before a flight can you change it to Air France?
The flight changes should make up to 24 hours after booking.
Q. Can you change a flight you already booked?
Yes, travelers can reschedule or rescind a flight ticket.
Q. Why can’t I change my Air France flight?
Moreover, if you purchased your ticket online, you can change your flight reservation through the official website only.