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If you know Aeromexico Booking- Head Over to Your Dream Destinations

Aeromexico booking believes in providing the members with uninterrupted flight booking services for their respective destinations with a safe & amazing travel experience.

Aeromexico is a Mexican airline established in 1934 & provides active services to over 80 destinations, including four continents that cover Mexico, the US, Latin America, Europe, Canada & Asia.

The airline has its headquarters in Mexico city at Monterrey airport. Aeromexico & its subsidiary Airmexico connect a part of Group Aeromexico with a holding company whose subsidiaries provide commercial air services in Mexico.

Plan Your Excursions- Make Aeromexico Booking; Now!

If you wish to experience something new while traveling to your destination or feeling disinterested from your usual travel experience with the other airways. Aeromexico flight booking is the right choice for you, but you need to book your seats before that.

Ways to book your seats :

  1. Visit the Aeromexico website.
  2. Select the trip you want to book for, such as one way, round trip, or multi-city followed by no adults.
  3. Mention all the mandatory details required for all three options & find your flights
  4. You can also visit to “manage your trips” if you are not a frequent flyer, select reservation or ticket number, enter the required details & find your reservation.
  5. If you are a frequent flyer, just select the regular flyer program to enter the required details. Also, choose your frequent flyer program & enter the frequent flyer number.

Managing Flight Tickets with Aeromexico

As a loyal customer of airlines, you can make important changes to your trips through Aeromexico manage my booking.

You can easily make changes to your flight dates & routes at your convenience. It’s a user-friendly process & can track your trips.

Here are steps to help you manage your trips :

  1. Visit the official Aeromexico website & click manage your trips.
  2. You can easily find an existing one by providing some basic information such as your confirmation number & last name of the passenger.
  3. Just click my trip button & choose your booking to manage.
  4. As you get the details of the ticket, just start with the different options like cancel or change your ticket, Request a refund, reserve extra seats, extra meal or drinks, help, increase no of travelers, check-in for flights, check flight status.
  5. Follow the on-screen instruction for the other changes
  6. If there is any change related to cost, then clear the payment to complete the process.

Aeromexico Flight Change Policy- Conditions to make Flight Change

You can make the desired changes to your trip if you follow the steps below:

  1. If you have made the flight booking through MXN or USD or a credit card, debit card, or UATP.
  2. To  book the flight on is mandatory, can be booked through one travel story, app, or via call center
  3. Tickets purchased after 18th march, 2020.

Find the Best deals to minimize expenses with Aeromexico!

The Mexican airline always tries to take care of the passengers & provides them with all comforts and also helps the members with an easy Aeromexico book flight process as well as with the best deals for round trips. 

Here are some deals for you :

Mexico City to London: GBP 594 round trip (30-03-22 to 12-04-22)

Cancun to London  : GBP 513 round trip (30-04-22 to 11-04-22)

London to Mexico City: GBP 574 round trip (30-03 -22 to 14-04 -22)

Aeromexico Vacations To Popular Tourists Destinations


You can also visit Argentina through AeroMexico & enjoy the delightful view of attractive landscapes, mountains, glaciers, lakes, salt flats, beaches, parched desserts & amazing waterfalls that mesmerize you with their incomparable beauty. Take a sip of wine that makes you feel refreshed & enjoy the ultimate soccer, which will be a memorable experience.

Costa Rica

Visit Costa Rica at cheap fares on Aeromexico flights, also with the last minute offers for a hassle-free flight reservation without spending a single penny on food & beverages, including tequila after 11 am.

The country offers you a fantastic dream vacation, along with appealing landscapes & a great ecosystem.


Is Panama on your travel wishlist? So here are some interesting deals for the members if you visit Panama. 

Can avail exciting services such as free food, drinks, superb entertainment while traveling. You can also visit the Panama Canal, one of the great attractions for tourists.


An exciting destination for travelers from multiple origins, enriched with an inland safari, table mountains, attractive beaches.

Apart from these, the Apartheid museum embarks the great historical era with Kruger national park.


Probably known for its creativity & artistic culture and a great atmosphere, it makes itself worthy for a visit. 

Divine nature with exploring high-quality life makes it unique for others. The opera house in Sydney, along with the artistic significance, museums & royal gardens, helps to add a different vibe to your travel.

Contact Aeromexico Customer Service for a reservation:

There are multiple possibilities that one can find very complicated to book flights in Aeromexico. 

While looking out for the right process, the basic problem could be the language that a member would find challenging. 

So no need to worry, it’s quite easy through the search bar for customers to search for their flights & other details. 

The members can also connect to customer service for the English language at +52(55) 5133 4000 or 900- 995-282 for Spanish.

Aeromexico Travel Classes- Wide Range of Affordable Fare Options

If you wish to travel via Aeromexico book a flight in a class of your choice & with an affordable fare that precisely suits you.

The class with fares are divided into 6 categories such as :

  1. Basic fare: If you have booked your flight with Aeromexico, you can select your seat & avail of the minimum baggage allowance by moving on further. The flight changes are restricted in an unavoidable situation.
  2. Premier fare: The premium economy seats are bigger as compared to the standard seats, including one extra legroom, increased by 4 inches along with the leather headrests.
  3. Classic fare: Customers traveling in the classic economy get benefits as advanced seats in Aeromexico book a free flight, food & drinks complimentary while boarding 
  4. Flexible fare: Here, the passengers can change the date & origin of the trip without paying an additional fare. Also, you are liable to choose the preferred or standard seat.
  5. AM plus fare: The passengers can grab the benefit of sky priority & advantage for priority ticketing, baggage check-in including boarding, deplaning in the main cabin with an extremely comfortable seat.
  6. Comfort fare: Members traveling in comfort or class premier travel are offered seats with wider spaces along with extra legroom followed by an exclusive menu with food & drinks.

Aeromexico Credit Card- Become a CardHolder and Enjoy Utter Benefits

As being a credit cardholder, there are multiple advantages you can avail yourself of as an Aeromexico credit card customer. 

You can get several offers as a frequent traveler or boarding most of the flights. 

The airlines provide travel credits to the passengers that are quite useful for various events. 

Apart from three types of credit cards, the passengers who have American Express, Visa, and Mastercard can also avail the benefits of free flight tickets.

Now let’s know about the different advantages of being a credit card customer.

If you have an Aeromexico credit card & fly frequently, then you can avail your travel rewards with other membership benefits.

As a Visa card is a partner with the airline’s credit card, on every payment from the card, you can be eligible for one club premier mile after the expenditure of $1. 

But  applying for the Visa Signature card, you receive 15000 first  bonus miles with other exclusive benefits as

  1.  You get a complimentary ticket for a companion.
  2. Get a 10% discount on airfare purchases from Aeromexico airlines.
  3. On Credit card renewal, the cardholders can earn 2000 annual bonus miles with a companion ticket of $99.
  4. Can get one club premier mile per spending $1.
  5. The cardholders don’t have to pay an annual fee of $45 for the first year.
  6. No limit on earning miles through the Visa card, the earned miles can not be expired till the account is active within 2 years.

Buy three flight tickets & grab the fourth ticket free.

Registration for Aeromexico Visa card :

Want to apply for the Aeromexico Visa card? Below are the steps to follow:

1 You should be above 18 years.

2 US legal resident proof

3 Must have an SSN (Social security number)

Baggage policy by Aeromexico- Luggage Allowance onboard

However, Aeromexico airline provides an extra facility for travelers to carry a single bag of luggage, considered to be added with other small belongings or properties.

These include small handbags and electronic accessories such as laptops & tab purses.

It totally depends on the departure of your destination, So the travels must be able to understand this.

For Travel Within Mexico

Below are some points; if you are traveling within Mexico, then these rules will be applicable:

  1. No need to pay the basic checked baggage fare.
  2. If you travel in the main cabin of the flight you can travel with two carry-on & personal objects with a 10 kg weight for both combined pieces.
  3.  Each piece has dimensions of 55x40x25 cm.
  4. checked baggage with a maximum weight of 25kg & each piece dimension of 158 cm.
  5. Being a member of Clase premier, you can move with 2 checked bags & maximum weight of 32kg with a maximum linear size of 158cm  
  6. Traveling with infants, you can carry any 2 articles as a baby stroller, diaper bag & bassinet with no weight, size & age limit.

Baggage policy from Mexico to the US:

Traveling from Mexico to the US, below are the baggage rules you need to follow:

  1. If you travel in the main cabin of the flight you can travel with 2 carry-on & personal objects with a 10 kg weight for both combined pieces.
  2. Each piece has dimensions of 55x40x25 cm.
  3. Traveling in the main cabin, you can carry checked bags with a maximum weight of 23kg & dimension of 158 cm
  4. Being a member of Clase premier, you can move with 2 checked bags & maximum weight of 32kg with a maximum linear size of 158cm  
  5. Traveling with infants, you can carry 1 baggage, including any of the two items from baby stroller, diaper bag, bassinet weighing max 23kg & dimension up to 115 cm.

Restricted items in Aeromexico:

Liquid items :

  • Alcohol Beverages 
  • Personal. Beauty & sanitation or medical products that contain alcohol along with aerosols,
  • Gel, sprays, or liquids.
  • Perfumes & Colognes
  • Firestarter

Solid items:

  • Lighter & matches
  • Shockproof weapons
  • Batteries
  • Hoverboard

Gases & aerosols:

  • Diving gear 
  • Disabling devices
  • Oxygen Contractor
  • Gas-powered hair curlers

Change of plans? Learn About Aeromexico flight cancellation!

The airlines always provide safety with comfort for the travelers while traveling to the desired destination, but sometimes there can be a certain change of plans due to some or other reasons.

Here are the steps to cancel your flight :

  1. Passengers need to visit the official website & sign in to the account.
  2. Select the booking option & fill up the mandatory details.
  3. At last, you need to click the cancel flight ticket option for the flight ticket cancellation or connect to the Aeromexico reservations on +1-800-237-6639

What is Aeromexico Flight Cancellation Policy?

Aeromexico provides a 27×7 air cancellation policy for the members to make several changes to the scheduled departure.

Below are some types of fares on which the refund will not be provided. It’s better to know about them before cancellation.

  1. Traveler flying with the basic fare will not refund the flight cancellation refund as the fare is not refundable.
  2. The same rule applies to those traveling with the classic fare, as this fare is non-refundable.
  3. Passengers traveling with AM+ fare will not be eligible for the refund as the fare is non-refundable.
  4. Cancellation of flight under comfort fare will be considered non-refundable as the fare is non-refundable.

How to Check-in for Aeromexico Flights?

The Mexican airline has three check-in processes web check-in, Mobile check-in & Kiosk check-in.

Web check-in : 

You can start with check-in 48 hrs prior to the flight departure & for international check-in, it’s 24 hrs before the departure.

For online check, the steps are:

  1. Visit the official website
  2. Click the check-in tap on the home page
  3. Fill up the mandatory details
  4. Reservation or ticket no
  5. Last name 
  6. Click for your reservation & continue.
  7. Receive a boarding pass via mail and bring the hard copy on departure.

Mobile Check-in:

To check-in with your phone, you need to down the official app of the airlines and access the app with the required details. 

You receive an e-boarding pass, or if you received a QR code, either take the hardcopy or directly show it to the airport security checks.

If you check-in via mobile phone within Mexico, you can check 24hrs before the departure, or traveling through international flights, you need to check in 48 hrs before the scheduled departure.

Kiosk check-in:

This process is applicable for those who find it challenging or facing difficulties for online check-in. 

You just need to reach the airport & find the kiosks; the airport officials will provide you with the necessary help.

When using the Kiosk, need to follow the steps:

  1. Check-in & print your boarding pass for international & domestic flights.
  2. Grab the seat of your choice & can also get the seat if you haven’t been assigned one.

Within Mexico, the Kiosk starts 2 hrs before the flight departure & for the international flight’s check-in, it starts 24-48 hrs before the departure.

Aeromexico Bookings- Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is it necessary to do the covid test for Aeromexico?

You don’t need a negative covid test if you are flying within Mexico, but if you have a connecting flight from Mexico to other countries where necessary, you need it.

  • What is a +52 phone number?

It’s the Mexicos international dialing code. There are 385 area codes, so if you need to dial any code, you must first dial the international dialing code.