How do I Choose my Seat on Delta Airlines?


With two simple steps, online & offline, passengers can make Delta Airlines Seat Selection Policy. Besides, choosing a seat is the option most passengers miss while reserving a seat Online. So it would be best if you learned everything regarding seat allocation of Delta. You must visit here, and you will find the answers to your questions on seat selection.

What is Delta Airlines Seat Selection Policy?

If you wish to reserve your preferred seat on Delta Airlines, you should know the policy for Delta Seat Selection. This policy will help you in making seat selection easy and affordable. Further, check the below points to learn more:

  • According to the seat selection policy of Delta, customers can reserve their preferred seat with the help of an official site and customer helpline.
  • Customers do not need to pay any charges for seat selection if they select their preferred seat while booking.
  • Moreover, you must pay the airline seat selection charges if you make a seat selection after booking.
  • Further, Delta Airlines charges the seat selection fee based on your travel class and destination.

Book your Preferred Seat with Delta Airlines Seat Selection Policy

With Delta Airlines, you can find different seats to reserve for anyone according to your desire. The detail of Delta’s select seats is as follows:

Can you pick your seats on Delta?

Delta Premium Select Seating

This seat falls somewhere between economy and business regarding facilities, fares, and services. Passengers with Delta premium select seats can enjoy multiple perks like fine dining, extra recline, legroom, and SkyPriority access for baggage, check-in, and boarding.

Delta Basic Economy Select seats

With Delta Basic Economy seat selection, passengers can enjoy numerous facilities such as Wi-Fi, in-seat power, and free headsets. Moreover, you will obtain the facility of music, TV, and movies that Delta Studio offers.

Delta Main Cabin Seats Selection

The main cabin experience is a setup from the Basic economy. Further, it allows you to sit wherever you want by paying a small fee. Besides, this seat is located near the front of the aircraft or in an emergency exit, providing extra legroom.

Delta Comfort+ Select Seats

Reserving tickets for delta comfort premium select provides you with complimentary priority boarding. Moreover, it offers up to 4 inches more legroom. Furthermore, Delta Comfort+ passengers are assigned an overhead bin space amenity kit which contains earplugs, a toothbrush, toothpaste, and eye shades.

Domestic First Class Select Seats

Using Delta Airlines seat selection, first-class travelers will get accelerated check-in, baggage security, and security. Besides, you can enjoy a comfortable seat with extra legroom, a pillow set, an in-seat power port, and an entertainment screen. Also, you will leverage complimentary drinks, good fresh deals, and snacks on all flights.

Delta One Seat Selection

It is a top-tier service available for international and domestic flights. Similarly, passengers can access the Delta Sky Club lounge before boarding. Moreover, you can stretch out on the 180-degree bed seat and enjoy the luxury pillow.

What Is the Preferred Seat on Delta?

In the seat selection on Delta Airlines, the preferred seat on Delta is the “Delta Comfort Plus.” It is placed at the front and row of exits in the aircraft. Most people prefer this seat to get top-class services while flying. Similarly, this seat provides more legroom space and a wider overhead bin. Moreover, customers can enjoy more comfort while getting more space near their seats.

Does Delta Charge for Seat Selection?

Delta Airlines is the most famous airline in terms of flight ticket fares. Customers can find affordable options to board a flight. Delta offers an additional service of seat selection to its passengers. Therefore, the airline takes some charges for seat selection, & customers have to pay costs to get their desired seat on the plane. The seat selection fee starts from USD 10 and can drastically go up according to the flight nears departure.

How to Choose My Seat on Delta AIrlines?

Customers can select their preferred seat on Delta Airlines by using its official website or can dial customer service for Delta Airlines seat selection. To use Online methods, follow the below step and make a seat selection easily:

  • First, visit the official website of Delta Airlines.
  • Next, move to the “My Trip” section.
  • Then, enter your booking details in the given space.
  • Now, choose the flight on which you select your seat.
  • Click on the “seat selection” option.
  • Then, check the availability of seats.
  • Further, it will lend you to the payment page if a fee is required.
  • At last, once payment is made, your seat is automatically confirmed with Delta Airlines.

Other Ways to Select Seats on Delta Airlines

At the time of reservation: Passengers can reserve their seats at the time of flight reservation to avoid the fee for a smoother experience. Moreover, the Delta seat selection charges are quite affordable.

Connect with the Customer Service Department

You can dial +1800 123 6645 to talk to a live person. Customers can also discuss Delta Airlines seat selection and its fee for customer service. Moreover, they can get assistance with their flight reservation.

When Can I Select Seats on Delta Airlines Flights?
Delta Airlines enables you to choose your seats while making a reservation/after booking and at the time when check-in starts. However, it is based on seat availability. Look at the below table for additional knowledge.

Type of SeatsDuring BookingAfter BookingWhile Check-inAvailable for Upgrade
Basic EconomyNot available for selectionCan’t chooseOnly after check-inDirect bookings only
Main CabinYesYesAllowed if availableCan upgrade if eligible
Premium SelectYesYesYesFrom Main cabin or basic economy
Delta One or First ClassYesYesAvailableFrom any lower cabin
Preferred seatsWithin US and Canada(not with basic economyYesYes, but at least 4 hours before the departureYou can not upgrade to these seats

Note: They cannot modify their seat once they have selected the seat. Similarly, the preferred seats come with various restrictions. It is good to check with your airline agents/visit the official website for any query.

Why can’t I Select Seats on Delta Airlines Flights?

Passengers with Delta Airlines who purchased the lowest fare flight tickets are eligible for using the Delta seat selection policy. They can obtain complete information from Delta Airlines customer service to know the prohibitions of Delta regarding selecting seats.

Does Delta Assign Seats at the Gate?

The seats are usually assigned at the time of check-in. Passengers can process the Delta Airlines seat selection at the boarding gate when they do not remember to select their seats, and the seat number is not mentioned in their boarding pass. Similarly, there are multiple reasons for the same that are follow:

  • Technical Error
  • Overbooked Flights
  • Change of Aircraft
  • Emergency Exit Row occupied by unqualified passengers

Note: Ensure that you contact the Delta Airlines customer service team before selecting your seat for your flight.

Can I Select My Seats on Delta Airlines for Free?

There are many seat classifications, some of which require payment of Delta Airlines seat selection fees, as was previously discussed. This is relevant if you make a decision based on your personal preferences. However, you have the choice to choose a seat based on your comfort level and price range when you choose to upgrade, first-class or Delta One seat.

Your needs are taken into consideration when choosing a seat on Delta Airlines; however, the cost of booking your ticket may change depending on the flight you are traveling. For prompt flight help, you can also contact +1-888-978-0366 if you have any questions about choosing a seat.

Bottom Line!

If you still can not select seats or need assistance regarding Delta Airlines Seat Selection Policy, call our customer service phone number to connect with a team of professionals. Moreover, you can resolve the other queries regarding Delta’s select seats.

People Asked Questions(FAQ)

Q. Why can I not choose my seat on Delta?
Passengers who booked Basic Economy tickets cannot select seats because Basic Economy tickets have more restrictions than any Delta ticket.
Q. How do I choose my seat after booking a flight?
Once you have made your Delta flight booking, click on View the seat map, and pick your desired seat.
Q. How much does it cost to select a seat on Delta?
Customers can pick their preferred seat by paying $20 per seat a week of departure.
Q. Can you pick your seat in Delta’s main cabin?
Customers who purchase a Main Cabin ticket can select any non-Comfort+ seat in the Main Cabin, including middles, aisles, and windows.
Q. How long before a flight can you select seats?
If a customer booked a Basic ticket, they could choose their seat for free when check-in starts.
Q. Do you get a free carry-on with Delta?
Passengers who fly with Delta can bring one carry-on bag and one personal item for free.
Q. Do preferred Delta seats cost more?
Yes, the preferred seats in the Main Cabin, especially in the first row, complement Medallion level flyers.
Q. Does Delta do assigned seating?
Delta Airlines does not assign your seat until after your check-in. Your seat will be allocated at the check-in gate if your seat number is not mentioned on your boarding pass.
Q. What happens if you don’t reserve seats on a plane?
Suppose you do not reserve your seat on the flight. The airline will automatically assign you a seat.

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