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How to make an American Airlines Seat Selection?

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How to make an American Airlines Seat Selection?

What is the American Airlines Seat Selection service?

The American Airlines Seat Selection service permits travelers to find their perfect seat onboard American Airlines using the online portal. Passengers can also call American Airlines customer service number and request a specific seat on the plane. The agent on the call will book that seat under the passenger’s name if it is available.

In short, it is the process that allows you to choose your flight seats at the time of booking or before or during check-in. You can use this process to have comfortable flights and enjoy better flights.

Basic key points related to American Airlines Seat Selection

  • Sometimes when the passengers have American Airlines Basic Economy cabin booking, there may not be more seats available.
  • In that case, there is no seat selection option, and the airline assigns a seat to the passnegers automatically,
  • However, American Airlines still offers the option to choose a seat by paying a fee.
  • AA allows passengers to manage their bookings starting seven days before the departure date. 
  • This means that American airlines select seats option will be available in this span of time if they manage their flights.
  • For the aisle seat selection, passengers must clear a fee of $13. The same fee is also applicable for the window seat
  • However, Middle seats on American Airlines flights are $12.
  • You’ll also need to check if your American Airlines flight is a non-stop direct flight? If the flight isn’t a non-stop flight, there are consequences. In other words, you’ll have to pay for each seat segment separately.

The above information on choosing an American Airlines economy seat will give you an idea of how to make seat selection American airlines. If you need further assistance, you can contact American Airlines phone number and book flights.

How do I choose my seats on American Airlines flights?

To choose your preferred seats on an AA flight, you need to visit the American Airlines website and search the seat map to secure your preferred seat. You can also easily reserve a seat using the official mobile app or by calling an American Airlines phone number 800-433-7300.

American Airlines seats selection process allows you to select your seat at the time of booking and after your ticket is confirmed. You decide when to book and follow the booking steps.

In order to make American Airlines seat Selection,

  • You need to first find your eligibility
  • Go to the American Airlines website and log in to your account.
  • Now, you need to look up the “My Trips” section of the website.
  • Further, enter your ticket reservation number and last name.
  • Next, click on the Manage Booking button to open different options.
  • Select the Select Seat option and continue.
  • Afterward, review the seat map to select available seats with or without fees based on your eligibility.
  • You will now see four colors as per the seat availability scenario. Here, you can choose once as per your ticket type and fare.
  • The colors are Blue, green, orange, and White, wherein,
    • The blue color represents the seats that are available for purchase right now.
    • However, Orange represents your main cabin seats.
    • The green Color depicts the priority seats based on each cabin level.
    • And, the White Color means seats which are unavailable at the moment.
  • Here, you will choose a seat, and the new page will allow you to view the related American airlines seat selection fee. You can continue.
  • Now, provide the phone number as you did while making the flight ticket reservations.

Finally, you can complete it, but do not forget to pay for the seats if there is a fee. The seats will not be confirmed unless you pay the described fee and complete the booking.

Note: Always remember that if you ever cancel your seats, even if you have a refundable ticket, it does not mean your seat selection will be refundable. All the amount associated with the seat will forfeit on cancellation of seats. You can not get the American Airlines seat selection cost back.

What if I do not select any seat onboard?

Suppose that you forget to choose a seat, or you didn’t get the chance unless you checked in, and now you do not see your favorite seats available. In this case, you can rest assured of one thing; you will definitely get a seat, as long as you have a booking.

However, it is now unsure where you will be sitting on board. When a passenger misses the seat selection on American Airlines, the airline randomly decides on a seat for them. This seat can also make you sit far away from your travel partners, So it’s better to choose. But still, you get a seat.

Note: if you do not select a seat at the time of booking, you can choose while checking in for flights. If that is also not possible, you can get a seat assigned to you at check-in by the airline.

Can I avoid paying the American Airlines Seat Selection fee?

No, it is not possible to avoid paying the seat selection cost on American Airlines booking. You want a seat of your choice; you need to pay!

However, when you have a high status under the AAdvantage membership, there are chances of free advance seat selection.

This complimentary advantage is only available for frequent flyer members, thus, you can only choose a seat in these two instances. If you do not wish to pay the fee, which is estimated within a 9 USD to 13 USD range, you can leave it to the airline. It aligns you with a seat at check-in randomly; else, you have to pay this fee.

Moreover, always be mindful of the fare class you are traveling in to avoid any extra money spent. Call the American Airlines team for more details on the same.

In conclusion,

When the passengers want to enjoy extreme comfort and relax onboard without any hustle, they can choose a seat selection service on American flights. If they do not find a suitable seat, no worries, they can always call the American Airlines Español team for more information, and the team will assist them without worries.

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