How to Book Multi-City Flights on Southwest Airlines?


Passengers who wish to enjoy multiple destination visits in a single itinerary can book Multi City Flight with Southwest Airlines. The airline provides this benefit for passengers who want a full destination-packed vacation with a staycation at each stop in their itinerary.

Are you always so confused about planning a vacation to your checklist locations? Well, multi-city flights can be your best solution. Now, take all your destination into one and fly to your favorite spots altogether. Wondering what are multi-city flights and how to book them? Let’s find out about them below!

Does Southwest Airlines Multi-City Offer?

Yes, you can go for southwest multi city flights and find your most desirable destination holiday as a package. Also, booking a vacation with multi-city options can help you save a lot.

Not only do you experience multiple cultures on your vacation, but you also have the travel comfort of Southwest airlines with supreme quality benefits. You can book your multi-city flights on the airline and make the most amazing travel dreams come true.

How to Book Southwest Airlines Multi City Flights?

When you’re ready to turn your travel plans into truth, you’ll want to know how to find multi-city bookings. So, here are the simple steps to book multi-city for your next vacation.

To Book a Southwest Multi City Option,

  • Go to the official Southwest Airlines website on your preferred web browser.
  • Then, click on the “log in” button you see on the page.
  • Now, provide your user name and password to access your account details.
  • Further, select the booking tab and click on the “Advanced Search” option.
  • Here, you need to start putting your trip details starting from the Trip Type as “Multi-City.”
  • Next, you will see multiple options to choose your Departure and destination.
  • Now, you need to select the departure airport, then the date of departure and time of departure.
  • Provide the number of passengers in the next step and continue.
  • Here you have to provide the destination details along with the departure and time of the day.
  • After that, select a second destination and continue to provide the promo code.
  • Next, click on the Search button to view the available flight fares and timings.
  • You can also choose the Southwest Airlines low fare calendar tool to view the airline fares.
  • Here you can be flexible with your schedule and choose the cheapest flight to both your destinations.
  • Then again, click search to select the flight timings as per your choice under the selected fare type.
  • Finally, you can move forward to provide the passenger’s details and then add the contact information.

Concluding everything, you can continue to the payments section and pay the fare for your multi city flights on southwest. This way, you can enjoy exciting vacations with ease.

Some Important Points Related to Southwest Multi City Bookings:

  • Passengers can book multi-city flights Southwest for the best holidays.
  • Southwest Airlines allows you to book flights using the multi-city option.
  • However, in this case, you must find the right time and flight.
  • Southwest Airlines allows you to travel to certain destinations at certain times and days.
  • You can book your flight quickly and easily. In addition, it is also important to open the official website of the airline and easily book multiple cities.

Henceforth, are you ready to book a Southwest Airlines multi-city flight for your next vacation? Read on as you can explore the process in detail.

How do I Book Round Trip Multi City on Southwest?

Usually, the most confusing part for a passenger while booking multi-city flights is their return flight bookings. With a little extra knowledge of the airline’s service, passengers can make under multi-city as a return flight too.

In other words, you can find so many round-trip flight options. Below in the coming section, you shall find complete details about their round trip services under the multi-city trip type. Let’s find out!

Can I find Southwest Multi City Flights Over the Call?

Passengers can also book multi-city flights southwest through offline methods. If you are also one of them, then read on and find out your options.

  • In order to book multi-city flights on Southwest online, you need to make a call on 1-800-I-FLY-SWA(435-9792) and connect with a live representative at the airline.
  • The call will connect to an automated AI-based Voice command. You need to carefully follow its instructions to connect to the live experts immediately.
  • Once the call connects, share the destination details of your multi-city booking plans.
  • Next, provide all the details the airline expert asks you for and list them.
  • Finally, you can choose a preferred payment method and complete the multi-city flights booking process.

In Conclusion

You can book your multi-city flights Southwest and enjoy a vacation you only dreamt of before. With an excellent choice of destinations and exceptional fares, you have a chance at the perfect vacation with the airline.

Moreover, the airline also offers you options to connect to their expert agents in case you have a query. However due to extended wait times, the customers do not bother calling. However, with our slight help, you can clear your doubts and enjoy vacations with ease. So, feel free to call on our given phone numbers.

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