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How do I change a British Airways Flight?

Booked a British Airways(BA) flight and want to modify it a bit? Did a sudden emergency strike you, and you can not proceed as you planned your travel? Find the British Airways Change flight option and easily alter your flight schedules. (you can even make name corrections with this option)

In the upcoming sections, you will be able to understand how you can change/alter your flights on British Airways and what are the associated rules. Let’s get more insights into the service!

Important Highlights of British Airways Flight change before September 30, 2022

  • If you have an itinerary due by September 30, 2022, you can use the BA change flight option for changing dates, times, or destinations. The applicable charge will be the difference between old and new fares.
  • If you made a booking before June 7, 2022, there will still not be any flight change fee applicable on your flights.

Passengers with scheduled bookings from October 2022 onwards must follow the British Airways flight change policy for all standard fares.

British Airways 24-hour Change Policy

The US airport transport corporation has set this 24-hour risk-free change period where you can cancel any flight or change the schedule for free. Per this British Airways flight change policy, if your flight departure is at least seven days from the time of booking and it’s not been over 24 hours since the purchase, there will be no flight change fee. 

The BA ticketing and reservations department will not charge you any change flight fee during this period; however, you have to pay the difference in fare. This policy is which applies to each fare type.

How do I modify my British Airways Flight?

If you are looking forward to making a British Airways flight change and choosing a new flight, you can log in to the official website or call BA customer service.

To alter a British Airways Flight online,
  • You must open the official website of British Airways and log in to your account.
  • After that, find the manage booking option and provide the below information,
    • Booking ID
    • Last Name of passenger
  • Click “Search” to find your booking and select the British airways change flight option.
  • Choose a new flight from the available options on your desired schedule and confirm your changes.
  • Pay for the flight change if you see any incurring or simply pay the fare difference.
  • BA will send you a confirmation email with the updated flight details.

Passengers can alter their British Airways flight dates through Manage Booking online or use the British Airways mobile app.

What is British Airways Flight Changing Policy for standard Changes?

According to the British Airways flight changing policy, these are the basic key points a passenger should adhere to before making changes to his flights.

  • One can not change the total number of traveling passengers on a ticket.
  • The option of change flight British airways is only available for making a date or time change requests.
  • You can cancel or change a BA flight within 24 hours of the booking for free and get a refund if the travel date is at least seven days from the booking.
  • The airline does not charge you any extra fee if you choose to call the customer service agent for the flight change process.
  • British Airways does not allow any changes after check-in. So, you have to cancel your flights and rebook when you have checked in for a flight already.
  • Any ticket changes after 24 hours time and the given time period will incur a British airways change flight cost between 25 USD to 125 USD.
  • The fee is calculated as per a global fee calculator to check the estimated flight change costs.

Any BA tickets due before September 30, 2022, will allow passengers a one-time free flight change and, after that, will be subject to a  fee.

What is British Airways Name Change Policy?

Suppose you spelled your name incorrectly on the ticket booking. In that case, you must change it by asking the airline for a name correction. Simply request British airways change name on flight online by following the airline’s name correction policy. Here are the details:

  • You have to pay a name change fee to correct the misspelled names on the booking.
  • The airline charges you less if you do it within 24 hours of the booking.
  • The airline will only allow letter correction or misspelled names for changing the name.
  • You can not change name on flight British airways to another person’s name.
  • The maximum time limit to request a name change is 5 to 6 hours prior to the flight’s departure.
  • The airline will ask for a valid photo ID proof from the passengers to update their names on the e-ticket.

You can request a name change through the British Airways booking website or the airline’s official mobile app.

In Conclusion,

Passengers can easily alter their flight tickets with the BA Change Flight option. The airline also allows same-day changes and much more. To get detailed information, you can dial British Airways change flight phone number and make the possible requests.

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